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The 5 Steps to the Miraculous

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

From all of us here at Performance Lifestyle Inc, (PLi) we want to wish you the happiest of holidays and an amazing New Year ahead.

In this holiday message, I want to briefly share with you what our Pastor shared with us on Christmas Eve.

It’s The 5 Steps to the Miraculous.

You don’t need to be Christian for them to work for you in your life. It’s a non-denominational message and I hope you will take every one of these steps in your life, always.

  1. Here what God is telling you
    In prayer, meditation, contemplation, amidst the busyness of your day; what is trying to surface in your life?
  2. Listen.
    Grab a hold of it, let it crowd out all the clutter, and surface into your conscious awareness so that you can clarify it, define it, write it down and consider it fully.
  3. Say Yes.
    If it’s there, and continues to be there, and is not a passing whim, it challenges you, requires you to being your full being, and if achieved will be a miracle for you, say YES.
  4. Be willing to be pregnant with this new idea, action, realization in your life.
    To step into the miraculous be ready for the fullness, the weight, and the intensity of being on the court and in the game of what’s purposeful in your life.
  5. Conceive it.
    Metaphorically, giving birth is no easy task. It’s painful, it takes courage, guts, and strength.

Over this holiday season, pay attention to the:

  • The energy and health you need to restore.
  • That situation you want to resolve,
  • The quality you want and need to develop,
  • The new baby you want to have.(My Wife and I had a new baby this year, and her name is Grace. It was a very challenging process, and the miracle that is her is here!
    Meet Baby Grace.
  • The new business you want to create
  • That big idea you need to clarify
  • The people you need to serve
  • The goal you want to achieve
  • What would feel like a miracle in your life if it was conceived?

Take the 5 steps all the way. It’s often the pregnancy and conception phases of any idea where most of us lose our away and get distracted by what’s easier.

It takes a willingness to endure hardship, inconvenience and more to create a miracle in your life.

It takes supernatural powers – hearing, listening, acknowledging, carrying the burden (even if it’s beautiful) and following through on the conception to make a miracle come true.

I hope these 5 steps to the miraculous are as impactful to you as they have been and continue to be for us.

We wish you Grace and Blessings.

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