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Pursue Excellence with a Balanced, Healthy High-Performance Lifestyle—
Strive and Thrive without the hidden lifestyle challenges


MASTER THE fundamentals of energy, health and performance that enable you to develop a lifestyle to thrive, flourish, progress.

So where are you right now?


No established lifestyle or goals “yet” you are searching for an approach, wanting to look, feel, think and perform better and gain or regain life traction

Grinder woman


Only aspects of your lifestyle are established, and no clear goals beyond performing functions and making a living.


Overachieving Underperformer

Your Lifestyle is developing by trials, and you’ve got too many goals, compromising your capacity to achieve them.


High Achiever

Established lifestyle and clear goals and you’re achieving them, but you’re still ambivalent and it’s  compromising your health and wellbeing.

Healthy High-Achiever, Who Thrives3

Healthy High-Achiever

You’re flourishing in your performance lifestyle, and achieving your clear and ambitious goals with your health and well-being intact.

Neither personal nor professional development addresses fatigue nor optimizes your lifestyle for the energy, health, and performance you need to succeed, without the distress that comes from wearing yourself out.

A Performance Lifestyle® Changes that.

We combine the never-before-assembled principles and practices that all healthy, high-achieving people who thrive, know, and live by, into one lifestyle optimization system that will fully support you and what you are up to in the world.

A Performance Lifestyle is a term used to describe a lifestyle optimized for high performance in business, creative pursuits, or sports.

Getting into a Performance Lifestyle involves learning skills, creating and maintaining habits and routines that support and enhance your energy, health, and performance.
Key aspects of a performance lifestyle include:

- The use of advanced rejuvenation and recovery technologies that accelerate energy regeneration.

- Optimal Performance State training so that you are grounded in your true potential in the right relationship with your body/brain.

- Personal Energy Management 2.0 so you can recharge, recover, restore, and manage your energy like a pro.

- Performance Lifestyle development including, but is not limited to, regenerating your life force energy, optimal whole food, nutrient-rich nutrition, regularly activating and strengthening your body, and positive narrative psychology to support mental and physical well-being...

- Alignment Training that gives you the life structure, lifestyle, and goal alignment you need for high performance.

Overall, a performance lifestyle involves adopting a holistic approach to life, balancing a spirit driven way of life with mental and physical health, personal development, and social connections to maintain optimal performance in one's chosen area of expertise.

For perhaps the first time in your life, you'll master the science-backed, practical know-how to achieve even your most ambitious life, business, or career goals, especially in the second half, only now by proactively living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.

women business executive lifestyle coach 2 (1)

Three reasons Why You Should Not work with us


No aspect of your lifestyle is a goal. We improve our lifestyle’s to achieve our goals in life, a career, business or sport...

If your career or business is “not working for you” or is something you “have to do” instead of something you are wanting to do or are deeply passionate about, even if it’s a step to what’s next, with the exception that your passion has dissipated due to fatigue or burnout; that has to change for the transformation you want.

So just know that changing that, is an essential aspect of living a performance lifestyle. Any attempt at changing, improving, or optimizing the way you live disconnected from what you are up to in the world especially in the second half of life, will fall short.

Our clients are driven, and ambitious even if they haven’t yet achieved their ultimate goals. They work because they want to; they often overwork because they love what they do, or at least some key aspect of it. When that’s true for you, you will appreciate the value of the transformation we offer.


We believe everyone should live an extraordinary life and be able to function at full capacity because they know how to manage their energy for healthy performance not the unhealthy attempts at high performance that most achievers engage in only to burn out and trade their health for success.

We are all about helping Men and leading women develop the lifestyle mindset and skillset of healthy, high achieving people who thrive.

If you want to stay stuck in the old ways that have never solved your problem and never will, that distract you from living your true potential, our solution won’t suit you. Our clients want to create a new normal, impact others and play even bigger.


We make one of the most complicated subjects, energy, and lifestyle management, simply because you need to master them to become a healthy, high-achieving person. And while simplicity can sometimes be challenging to implement based on the standard conditioning, we all grow up with, what's simple can become easy. Everything we espouse can be implemented at some level at any given time in even the toughest situations for immediate improvement.

But moving beyond the grinder who's working themselves to death, the over-committed underachiever who's got so much going on they are barely hanging on, or the high achiever who's achieving their goals, even though aspects of their lifestyle are still not working for them and costing them the level of health and wellbeing they want; is not necessarily quick or easy at first.

To become a healthy high achiever who thrives has been simplified, but you've got to make bold decisions and be all in. And when you are, results become quick and easy too, because you understand what you're doing and why… The opposite of all that gets complicated because you haven't yet implemented a solution; you've just had "another energy drink" that compounds your fatigue, for example, and that's a significant part of what needs to change. We will provide the inspiration, education, and support you need, but if you are not willing to learn, apply and live what you learn and come to know to set yourself up for the new kind of success you want, we can't help you at this time.

Every client result and case study on this site is an extraordinary man or leading woman convinced that they no longer needed to follow the path of least resistance, never complain, never explain, and go solo through the physical and psychological pain that debits their joy and longevity.

They showed up as decisive, coachable, and resourceful. They embraced everything we asked them to do, even when it went against their always-be-on mentality. They reframed setbacks, took the right steps to dissipate, overwhelm, doubt, and disbelief, and allowed the results to happen.

who we're for...

Have you achieved a level of success but you’re no longer “feeling” the forward momentum or upward trajectory? Ok

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or professional with the pressures of leadership and being always-on, and the stakes are high? With you.

Are you exceling at what you do and wanting to feel on top of your game, like you used to, or envision, but because of relentless demand on your time and energy, instead you’re feeling exhausted and questioning you’re staying power? We get you.

If you’re on the path, making good money, and have a home, family, and friends, yet you’ve got so much going on, down deep, you feel like you’re barely hanging on, and you don’t just want the next level, but a whole new tier of performance in your life. We can help you.

the bottomline:

You must be Coachable. Decisive. Resourceful.

You must care deeply about the being the best version of yourself for you and your family… and want to fulfill what’s still in you, but not yet achieved, as you head in the second half of your work / life.

If that’s you, click below and check out our latest complimentary training, where we reveal the five shifts entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals in their late 40s, 50s, and 60s are making to achieve their goals and win the second half!


Mark Epstein

Past President, Treasurer, National Health Association, Entrepreneur

“As an entrepreneur in the financial markets I don’t have a whole lot of time, I’ve benefited a great deal from the strategies in the Performance Lifestyle guide.”

Ali Brown

ZINE Queen

“Take his advice. You are crazy if you don’t get the Performance Lifestyle system! It is rich with information. It has helped me a lot.”

Jeff Betman

Clinical Psychologist

“I used to keep myself very busy with multiple projects. I tried to “eat healthy,” but I wasn’t doing a great job. I fit in exercise when I could. The end result was more stress, worse health, and increased weight. Today, I’m a healthy high achiever and it’s all because I learned about the Performance Lifestyle system!”

Rosemary Davies-Janes

President, Miboso Personal Branding Consultancy

“I examined and upgraded my lifestyle. The performance lifestyle is realistic and practical for those of us who are up to achieving big dreams. I’m very happy!”

Alex Mandossian

Marketing Online

“John Allen will show you the greatest lifestyle mindset and skillset strategy on earth as you create a performance lifestyle; the one thing. I highly encourage you take his teletraining series. You will not be disappointed.”


The 5 Shifts Men and Leading Women In Their 40’s, 50’s And 60’s Are Making To Maximize
Mid-Life And Achieve Their Most Ambitious Goals.

(Without tiring out, burning out and feeling worn out.)



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