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I started overachieving, from a young age.

From a young age, I was driven to succeed. In a middle-income family, I saw early the value of earning my own money. At nine, I began my entrepreneurial journey, juggling a small business with school and sports.

By 19, as a college freshman, I was not only managing a business but also owned a gym open 19 hours daily. At 21, I co-founded a gym chain, seemingly cementing my entrepreneurial success. However, alongside my peers’ post-college explorations, I encountered my first battle with burnout.

Despite accolades for my ambition, I was plagued by an unrelenting drive and inexplicable exhaustion.

In the ’80s and ’90s, fatigue was often trivialized, but I’ve come to understand its profound significance for well-being.

This led to a self-reflective phase, where I embraced personal development, thinking a psychological revamp was needed. Adopting ‘mental toughness’ from various gurus fit well with my amateur bodybuilding lifestyle, reinforcing a belief in willful enduring to succeed.

But then, the Internet era unfolded, presenting endless information and opportunities leading to over-commitment and leaving little room for self-care and health maintenance.

This was my progress paradox: the more I accomplished, the less attention I paid to my health and wellness.

Hitting my 30s, coinciding with the 2000 market crash, was a wake-up call. I needed to rethink my approach to balancing my health and success. 

In my relentless pursuit, I unknowingly accrued an ‘energy debt’ while believing the problem was within me.

Outwardly, I appeared successful, but internally, I was struggling with stress and fatigue, affecting not only my health and success but also my relationships and overall well-being.

I was constantly battling performance anxiety, a result of my depleted energy from never pausing in my pursuits of learning, working, training, and socializing.

Trapped in a mindset of constant motion, fearing missing out, I overlooked the importance of rest and rejuvenation.

My ambition wasn’t about to wane, nor was I ready to step away from the game.

I had to give rise to a new lifestyle. 


Looking back at that photo, I remember how overwhelmingly tired I felt, struggling to even keep my head up.

Despite a healthy diet and regular training, my energy levels remained low. And that’s when it dawned on me that a basic healthy lifestyle wasn’t enough.

I needed a profound change in my thinking, feeling, and performance. 

That realization led me to explore what is today called “biohacking” and “human or lifestyle optimization” – concepts that promised control over my vitality and health. I was growing to understand that true health isn’t just about relentless effort; it’s about balanced recovery, too.

My journey took that turn after reading “The Power of Full Engagement,” highlighting the crucial role of energy management. This wasn’t just about changing diets or exercise routines but a complete shift in lifestyle mindset and skills.

I committed to understanding the energy fundamentals essential for optimal health and high performance, a path not yet widely recognized.

So, I delved into the lives of thriving high-achievers, seeking to uncover the keys to maintaining energy, health, and success. My aim was clear: to learn and apply the principles that enable sustained high achievement without compromising well-being.

The Curse of The Capable

Discovering Performance Lifestyle

My mission became clear: to unravel the reasons behind the persistent tiredness, fatigue, and declining mental and physical health plaguing many of us driven achiever-types, despite our outward success.

I was determined to find a holistic solution that covered all the crucial lifestyle skills necessary to master energy management like a true professional.

In my exploration of human performance, particularly in professional athletics where lifestyle directly correlates with performance, I encountered “Performance Lifestyle.”

Originally designed to assist athletes in balancing success in their sport and life, this concept deeply resonated with me. It became clear that it wasn’t limited to athletes or fitness enthusiasts; it was pivotal for my own lifestyle evolution, and I suspected, for many others as well.

Our current tech-driven era constantly overwhelms us with demands, affecting everyone from athletes to entrepreneurs, professionals, and students.

The irony is stark: as we become busier, we neglect self-care, leading to fatigue and exhaustion—a root cause of dysfunctions ranging from negative thinking to food and drug addiction and accelerated aging.

Yet, my quest for understanding went further. What propels people to persist in this cycle, neglecting their energy, health, performance, and well-being to different degrees? 

This search led me to “Performance Addiction: The Dangerous New Syndrome and How to Keep It from Ruining Your Life.” This concept was pivotal in shaping my understanding of a Performance Lifestyle.

The book highlighted a societal addiction: the relentless pursuit of achievement as a means to gain love and respect, often exacerbating stress and fatigue rather than freedom.

Intrigued, I reached out to the author, a Harvard psychologist, and together we co-authored “The Curse of the Capable: The Hidden Challenge to a Balanced and Healthy High-Achieving Life.

The profound lesson here: Performance Addiction is essentially an extreme version of “Keeping up with the Joneses,” often celebrated and rewarded.

It’s a subtle yet perilous addiction, where the pursuit of external validation can lead to severe consequences, sometimes at the cost of one’s life.

The Antithesis of the Performance Addicted Life.

My personal journey to overcome performance addiction was a lengthy and costly endeavor, spanning nearly two decades and incurring expenses of over $3,000,000.

That experience, though, helped me realize that numerous success-oriented individuals encounter similar challenges. They struggle to find time for energy recovery and to maintain a healthy body and mind while living life in today’s high performance culture. 

The fundamental problem is the lack of crucial shifts in mindset and lifestyle. Without these transformative changes, upgrading one’s lifestyle from old paradigms remains out of reach or takes a lifetime, which makes no sense. Nobody has that much time. 

Also, traditional health and wellness approaches often fall short of helping people develop comprehensive lifestyles that genuinely support their aspirations and well-being.

Embracing a balanced and healthy “Performance Lifestyle” requires breaking free from the ‘Curse’ affecting many talented and capable individuals.

It’s a profound shift in life that is not just temporary but a lasting transformation. My journey has shown that making this leap leads to living the very antithesis of a life marred by performance addiction.

This significant shift entails overcoming constant overexertion and unending pursuits for accomplishment and achievement. It involves adopting the Performance Lifestyle mindset and skillset, which includes the practices of those who achieve great heights and maintain their health and well-being.

Who Benefits and Why Embrace a New Lifestyle Paradigm?

Since sharing my story and insights, I’ve connected with a growing number of people – men and women in leadership and high-performance roles, parents, professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

They have found resonance in my experiences and are keen to overcome their fatigue and embrace a lifestyle that enables both high achievement and robust health.

This lifestyle shift is about more than just dodging burnout; it’s about redefining what success truly means. It’s designed for those who aim to excel without compromising their health and well-being, for those who strive to harmonize their achievements with a vibrant, healthy existence.

That is the crux of a Performance Lifestyle – thriving in every aspect of your lifestyle and recognizing that true success is a blend of wellness, sustainable achievement, and personal fulfillment.

Ready for a new lifestyle?

It’s time to break free from the old, effortless path that masks physical and mental stress, diminishing joy and longevity. Liberate yourself from the common trap of capable individuals, rejuvenate, and embrace a balanced, high-performance lifestyle.

Many, especially in later career stages of life, crave this change but don’t want years of effort. To address this, I offer practical, step-by-step insights on The Rise of a New Lifestyle, enabling swift, fulfilling transformation towards a more vibrant existence.

Performance Lifestyle [PL]

Start Living a Balanced and Healthy, High Achieving Life



At Performance Lifestyle Inc., we empower individuals to manage energy, avoid lifestyle-related health issues, and achieve high performance with a focus on healthy aging and longevity.

Our premier resource, “The Rise of a New Lifestyle Monthly Digest,” is a comprehensive PDF newsletter guiding readers from traditional lifestyle habits to advanced biohacking for optimal living and longevity.

Each edition offers practical insights, lifestyle fundamentals, and up to three book reviews with resources for quick implementation and enhanced results.

Clients also benefit from REGENUS CENTERS, central to our solutions, focusing on enhancing resilience and aiding recovery from stress, pain, and fatigue.

For those unable to visit our centers, we offer accessible, proactive solutions available for retail, on-site, or home use, designed to accelerate energy recovery and boost health and performance, ensuring our expertise is available to all, regardless of location.

Success without the energy to enjoy it, is Distress. "Live Life in all it's fullness." John 10:10

We believe in understanding the present situation and applying the right solution:

Too often, when it comes to energy, health, and performance, practitioners and coaches are “hammers” for their specialty, and everything else becomes a nail; we don’t operate that way.

We believe in developing a lifestyle

Based on all the known fundamentals of successful living, illuminated by the idea of becoming a healthy high achieving person who thrives, which provides the context for a lifestyle that fully supports the individual and what they are up to in the world.

We do not support living one way and then trying to resolve it with a short-term stint in another.

Your lifestyle must promote your energy and health, performance, and success, and it must be “set up” to do so in stages.

We know that living grounded in your true potential will reveal the best version of you.

And if you live intelligently, in right-relationship with our body/brain, every aspect of our lifestyle and every area of our life can improve with much greater simplicity and ease.

We value grace and humility in what we are

Not who and how we think we should be, so that performance addiction can become a thing of the past and “the zone and flow” can become our new normal

We only go into the past to the extent that it helps us in the present and future.

The past is comprised of memories with feelings and emotions attached with potentially consequences we're still experiencing today, but it does not represent our true, current, or future potential, even if we have to deal with significant consequences. We focus our clients on what is important now with gratitude for everything that got us here here and will help us improve moving forward.

We practice

Aligning life structure and lifestyle with goals so that people can become healthy, high-achieving people who thrive with fewer distractions that hold them back.

We believe in evidence-based science.

We don’t promote status quo answers that cannot withstand intelligent scrutiny. Instead, we reduce every challenge to its root elements. We also believe that once you find the original cause, you resolve problems in a way that works.

We believe that life force energy (which goes by many names) is the key to health, and a high performance life.

Many men and leading women, believe that psychological strength is what's driving their success and that may be true, but it will only last so long, if you don't manage your energy like a pro and develop a performance lifestyle.

Mastering Longevity

A Step-by-Step Guide to High Performance and Healthy Aging

It's the rise of a new lifestyle!



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