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I started overachieving, from a young age.

Growing up in a modest, middle-income family, I quickly realized the value of having my own money. At just nine years old, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, running a small business alongside my studies, sports activities, and the challenges of growing up.

By the time I turned 19 and entered college, I had already accumulated a decade of experience as a business owner. Not only was I managing my own enterprise, but I had also purchased my first gym, which operated for a staggering 19 hours a day. By age 21, I co-founded a chain of gyms, solidifying my position as a successful entrepreneur, or so I thought. 

While my friends were just beginning their post-college endeavors, I was facing my first encounter with burnout.

Despite being praised for my driven and ambitious nature, I couldn’t understand what was driving me so relentlessly or why I felt so mentally and physically exhausted.


Fatigue was often dismissed as an excuse during the ’80s and ’90s, but it’s a legitimate concern that should not be ignored in today’s society.

During that time, I started questioning myself, wondering if something was wrong with me. So I turned to personal development thinking I needed to improve my psychology; and true to form, I learned to  push through fatigue with “mental toughness” from various gurus.

I was an amateur bodybuilder living the typical fitness lifestyle at the time, so it was a “fitting” mentality. 

Then the Internet came along, and suddenly I had access to an overwhelming amount of information and more than enough opportunity. As a result, I became increasingly engaged and occupied. However, the more responsibilities I took on, the less time I had to prioritize self-care, my physical health, and my overall well-being.

At a certain point, I  lived with constant performance anxiety, which I later discovered resulted from my depleted energy levels; always immersed in various activities such as learning, working, training, and socializing, never allowing myself to take a break and recover.

Resting, restoring, and rejuvenating were completely foreign to me. The prevailing narrative was ‘keep up and keep going,’ else you’ll miss out. And that  mindset became my curse.

As I continued pushing myself and taking on more responsibilities, I accumulated and worsened what’s called “energy debt,” although I didn’t realize it at the time. I still believed that something was wrong with me.

On the surface, it may have appeared that I was thriving and to some extent, I was. However, internally, I was struggling under excessive stress and fatigue; and this began to have a negative impact on my health, success, relationships, and overall well-being.

By the time I turned 31, when the market crashed in 2000, I hit a wall. It was a clear sign that I needed to change my approach and find a new way to achieve my goals without burning out or sacrificing my health for success.

I had to give rise to a new lifestyle. 


I remember when that picture on the left was taken. I was so exhausted that I could barely keep my head up.

Despite my efforts to eat healthy and train, neither of these factors were significantly improving my overall energy level.

So naturally, I realized that developing a generally healthy lifestyle, such as eating better or exercising more, was not enough. I needed to take things to the next level and improve my thinking, feeling, appearance, and performance.

That’s when I started exploring the concept of “biohacking” or “human optimization.”

I wanted to break free from old ways of thinking and take control of my health in a way that would enhance my energy and performance, making one thing ever so clear: constantly pushing myself without allowing enough time for recovery was not truly living a healthy life, regardless of my diet or exercise routine.

Embracing a new lifestyle meant more than just changing my eating habits or workout routine. It required a new lifestyle mindset and skillset.

After reading “The Power of Full Engagement,” for instance; I realized the importance of managing my energy. This insight influenced my lifestyle choices and greatly impacted my health and performance.

If I wanted to achieve my ambitious goals without experiencing constant fatigue or burnout, I needed to master the fundamentals of energy in the context of lifestyle management. 

I also recognized that managing energy for optimal health and high performance required a new lifestyle methodology that was not widely understood or yet embraced. 

To meet the challenge, I began studying the lifestyles of healthy, high-achieving individuals who were thriving. 

Truly successful people, who were achieving ambitious goals with their health and wellbeing intact. 

My goal was to identify the principles, practices, and strategies that would bridge the gaps between staying energetic and disease-free, performing well, and achieving at higher levels.

The Curse of The Capable

Discovering Performance Lifestyle

The mission was to address the underpinnings of why I, and so many driven, achiever-types, experience constant tiredness and fatigue, as well as deteriorating mental and physical health, despite their success.

I aimed to discover a comprehensive solution that truly encompassed all the essential lifestyle skills one would need to know to manage their energy “like a pro.”

While searching the Internet for insights into human performance in professional athletics, I came across the concept of “Performance Lifestyle.” It originated as a support service that helps athletes eliminate distractions holding them back from balancing success both and outside of their sport.

I found the idea intriguing,  inspiring and quickly realized that you didn’t have to be into sports or even a fitness enthusiast to live with that mindset.  It was also the perfect lifestyle concept for what I was attempting to emerge. 

In today’s tech-driven performance culture, we all face endless distractions and relentless demands on our time and energy, as entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, parents, students, or athletes, and it creates a dilemma: 

The busier we get, the less time we have to take care of ourselves and our bodies leading to tiredness and fatigue. 

And that fatigue is one of the primary underlying cause of virtually all human dysfunction, from negative thinking and depression to addiction, to poor habits, premature wear and tear and aging… 

But I didn’t stop there, while seeking the solution, I went even deep on the problem, when I discovered a book called “Performance Addiction: The Dangerous New Syndrome and How to Keep It from Ruining Your Life.”

I realized that if I wanted to learn how to live a performance lifestyle, and share it with others, I had better understand what performance addiction is.

It revealed the cultural addiction that explained why I and so many others, drive ourselves so hard, and cope with stress, in ways that create more stress and fatigue, not more energy and freedom.  

Intrigued by the topic, I reached out to the author, a Harvard Psychologist, and together we co-authored a follow-up book called:

“The Curse of the Capable:” The Hidden Challenge to a Balanced and Healthy High Achieving Life.

The most striking thing I learned was this:
Performance Addiction is in fact a more extreme version of “Keeping up with the Jones’s” and the only “addiction” you will be applauded and rewarded for.

It’s a subtle addiction, and even in it’s extreme, you may not even realize you have a problem, but achieving your goals to secure praise, love and respect… from others, can have serious consequences, and yes, it can cost you your life.

The Antithesis of the Performance Addicted Life.

Not everyone is as performance addicted as I was. It took me nearly twenty years and over $3,000,000 to break free from performance addiction and its consequences. 

But many success-oriented people struggle with finding the time to take care of themselves, their bodies, and their lives.

And the truth is, it’s because they’ve never made the key underlying Shifts, that make changing, improving and optimizing the way they live possible. 

To live a healthy, Performance Lifestyle, you’ve also got to break free from “The Curse” that capable people suffer with. 

Making that shift, changes your life for the better forever, and when you do, like I did, you’ll start living the antithesis of the performance addicted life. 

You’ll stop grinding and over achieving, and instead, embrace the performance lifestyle mindset and skill sets healthy high achieving people who thrive, know and live by. 

Who is this for and why would you want to upgrade your lifestyle? 

As I’ve shared my story and the discoveries I made, more and more men and leading women, have come forward and expressed their desire to overcome their own mounting fatigue… and live the healthy, high achieving life. 

They opted out of the old way, all the default inertia and the path of least resistance, never complaining or explaining, while experiencing physical and psychological pain that diminishes their joy and longevity.

Mostly in the second half of their work life and maybe even life it self, they’ve wanted to learn the new way and they don’t want it to take decades.

So I started to share The Rise of a New Lifestyle insights, and the 5 Shifts, that make lifestyle transformation and life in all it’s fullness possible. 

Performance Lifestyle [PL]

Was Born


Start Living the Healthy, High Achieving Life

Today my company, Performance Lifestyle Inc., is dedicated to helping driven people become proficient at staying energetic and disease-free, performing at full capacity, and achieving at the levels they’re capable of, well into the future.

The Performance Lifestyle community is organized around The Rise of a New Lifestyle Digest, delving into the transition out of old lifestyle paradigms, into next level biohacking and optimal living. We serve men and leading women entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals on how to live the healthy high achieving life, with PL365training and group coaching.

As the founders of REGENUS CENTERS  we also help our clients and customers unlock the body’s resilience to bounce back from stress, pain, and fatigue with proactive retail, on-site, and at-home biotech solutions that accelerate energy recovery and improve health and performance.

Success without the energy to enjoy it, is Distress. "Live Life in all it's fullness." John 10:10

We believe in understanding the present situation and applying the right solution:

Too often, when it comes to energy, health, and performance, practitioners and coaches are “hammers” for their specialty, and everything else becomes a nail; we don’t operate that way.

We believe in developing a lifestyle

Based on all the known fundamentals of successful living, illuminated by the idea of becoming a healthy high achieving person who thrives, which provides the context for a lifestyle that fully supports the individual and what they are up to in the world.

We do not support living one way and then trying to resolve it with a short-term stint in another.

Your lifestyle must promote your energy and health, performance, and success, and it must be “set up” to do so in stages.

We know that living grounded in your true potential will reveal the best version of you.

And if you live intelligently, in right-relationship with our body/brain, every aspect of our lifestyle and every area of our life can improve with much greater simplicity and ease.

We value grace and humility in what we are

Not who and how we think we should be, so that performance addiction can become a thing of the past and “the zone and flow” can become our new normal

We only go into the past to the extent that it helps us in the present and future.

The past is comprised of memories with feelings and emotions attached with potentially consequences we're still experiencing today, but it does not represent our true, current, or future potential, even if we have to deal with significant consequences. We focus our clients on what is important now with gratitude for everything that got us here here and will help us improve moving forward.

We practice

Aligning life structure and lifestyle with goals so that people can become healthy, high-achieving people who thrive with fewer distractions that hold them back.

We believe in evidence-based science.

We don’t promote status quo answers that cannot withstand intelligent scrutiny. Instead, we reduce every challenge to its root elements. We also believe that once you find the original cause, you resolve problems in a way that works.

We believe that life force energy (which goes by many names) is the key to health, and a high performance life.

Many men and leading women, believe that psychological strength is what's driving their success and that may be true, but it will only last so long, if you don't manage your energy like a pro and develop a performance lifestyle.

The Healthy High Achiever

How To Maximize Mid-Life And Achieve Your Ambitious Goals.




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