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Why We Talk About Fatigue So Much When Talking About Living Performance Lifestyle

So why do we talk so much about fatigue when talking about living a Performance Lifestyle?

Simply put, there is nothing that will distract and hold you back more than fatigue even when you don’t realize it and or think you are free from it.

Every aspect of your lifestyle is affected by fatigue and fatigue, obviously affects your energy levels, which, in a cyclical sort of way, in turn, affects your lifestyle. It’s why we talk about vicious cycles and downward spirals so often in our messaging. Fatigue is often and ultimately the culprit for when your life starts to go awry. It may not be the original cause, but it is the primary mechanism by which human function and performance wane.
Fatigue is a low level of energy, whether chronic or acute, ongoing or short-term and it shuts you down.

That’s why we talk about it and because most people don’t realize how tired they really are, yet they want to look, feel and perform better. Turning to eating better, and exercising more alone don’t feel like such compelling answers when you’re always tired.

Personally speaking, I was a sufferer of fatigue for nearly 40 years.

So, how old are you John Allen?

Well, I’m 49, so that tells you a bit about how much I suffered from what started as simply teenage exhaustion and turned into a full-blown emotional, pyschological and eventually career-crushing condition, all while I put on a convincing game face that “everything was just fine.”

But down deep, I knew something was wrong, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I got into performance lifestyle training and coaching and actually developed this paradigm for living as a result of trying to find a solution to being constantly tired while living a hard-charging life. I even co-authored a book on the psychological aspects of what gives rise to this condition, called The Curse of the Capable. You can learn more about my story there.
But as I found, there was never a complete solution, at least in terms of it being “one thing.” So I learned, and perhaps you have too, when it comes to energy and how it affects your health and performance, you heard it from here; it’s never one thing.
The answer to beating fatigue, increasing energy and living with optimal energy levels (all of which are directly related but still distinct concepts) so that you have the power to maintain your health, and do while and so you can achieve your goals, requires a whole new understanding of the word “balance.” The reason for this is that the term “balance” does not refer to “one thing” the way it so often implies; as if it were a noun. It’s not, it’s a verb. And with any verb usually, several skills are usually required to be effective at experiencing the outcome.
In the case of living in “balance,” you guessed it, several skills are in fact required.
Basically, balance is not simply the balance between energy expenditure and recuperation, though that is at the heart of the matter, let alone work/life balance, which is a useful concept for part of the conversation, though a definition for balance it is NOT.
The real definition of balance is far bigger than that and the reason why Performance Lifestyle training and coaching exists in the first place. It’s a layering of 12 fundamental skills that you have mastery in performing in your life for both navigating biological needs and external circumstances on the path of achieving your goals.
And when you know these skills, inside and out, the benefits are transformational, not only in terms of your energy, health, and resiliency but your performance as well. Your performance as a parent, business or career professional, creative performer and or athlete will skyrocket in a sustainable way when you get a handle on fatigue, and understand the full performance lifestyle strategy.
When you know what to do, how to do it, and why you’re doing it, you will do it and at the level and consistency you need, based on your present situation and circumstances for the results you want.

Now we’re having a real conversation about balance; not some watered down, conceptual, non-real-life, popular-terminology conversation about the balance that leaves so many people still with no idea of how to grasp this idea and actually living out of balance. Those days are over with inception of Performance Lifestyle training.

People today, like me, need real solutions. They don’t need it to happen in a mere 12 or 21 days. They’ve fallen for all the marketing ploys minimizing reality, and I know they will invest the time to do it right and set themselves up for both health and success for years to come.

We didn’t create Performance Lifestyle for those people are looking for shortcuts to health, success, and sustainability. That said, the way we’ve structured our programming over 20 years, is a close to a shortcut, a direct path to success as you will ever find for getting from where you are to where you want to be.

The development of what we’re offering here at Performance Lifestyle Inc, / .com required a whole new language, a whole new view of what “lifestyle” means so we could take a giant leap over impotent solutions that are great for business but terrible for you. This required us to think about the underpinnings of why people struggle, including ourselves. It required an understanding of the science, the principles and practices and lifestyle strategy that healthy high achieving people employ to achieve their goals. It required a boatload of experience and an understanding of a new context, to illuminate the “next level or second tier,” not just talk about it as marketing hyperbole.

Most of all it required an understanding of fatigue, what gives rise to this all-too-common condition that has made coffee a huge multi-billion dollar industry as stated here in this USA Today article Coffee Grinds Fuel For the Nation. We assure you, coffee grinds are not fueling the nation. Those grinds notwithstanding the occasional warm cup of joe for purposes of enjoyment are keeping us living like chronically fatigued, performance addicts; and a performance lifestyle is the antithesis of the performance-addicted life.

That’s why we talk about fatigue as much as we do. If you want to get a handle on fatigue with a real life solution, one that will change your life in so many positive ways you won’t believe me now until you experience it, then keep reading and soon join us in PL365® which is Performance Lifestyle Training, all year round.

Don’t worry, if you want to start by experiencing a transformational change in just 30 days you can do that too and build on your success.


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