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Success in Life, Your Business or Career, is Largely Affected by Your
Lifestyle and This is Where Living a Performance Lifestyle Comes In.

Unleash the full potential of your lifestyle to fulfill your God-inspired dreams


And most of the world is missing it completely.

All of our diets, fitness plans, health-care interventions, and personal-growth/success programs aren’t nailing the core issue.

But the good news is

There’s a vital shift you can make that will connect your energy and health with your highest goals—and feed them both—for a balanced and vibrantly healthy, fully-engaged, and successful life.

This is a mindset shift so radical and powerful, it can transform your spiritual, mental, and physical health and fitness—to resolve every obstacle that stands in the way of achieving your real goals in your life—family, career, business, sport, or art.

The result is a comprehensive, integrated, flourishing lifestyle that thoroughly supports your deepest or biggest aspirations. It’s called Performance Lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide next-level lifestyle, training, coaching, and tools to teach you how to live your full potential so you can achieve your full potential and build a lifestyle that thoroughly serves your game.

Our Vision

Success in life, business, or sport is not dependent on education, skill, or opportunity alone. It’s largely affected by our lifestyle, otherwise known as how we approach the achievement of our goals.

Our Approach

Our signature program, events, and services help you transform your lifestyle from the inside out; and reveal the lifestyle mindset and skillset needed to manage your energy like a pro, for high-level health, and higher performance.


And, if you live your life with that intention, like an athlete—no matter who you are or what you do—watch your energy soar and your success skyrocket. What if you could see yourself as a balanced and healthy, high achieving person who thrives, or the star athlete of your one precious life… and more importantly, live like that, consistently?

It doesn’t matter if you’re into sports or even a fitness enthusiast. What if you truly treated yourself as if the game you’re playing in life as an entrepreneur, business owner, or corporate leader is at least as vital and compelling as any famous athlete’s sport or game?

What if you believed this so absolutely that you resolutely cared for your spirit, your mind, your body, and your whole self in accordance with that truth? What if you were naturally inspired and motivated to rest, fuel, feed, nurture and entrain every part of you to support your biggest game?
AND, what if you were superbly educated to know exactly how to “set yourself up for success” so you do it? You’d be living a Performance Lifestyle®

The Origin of Performance Lifestyle

You must be Coachable. Decisive. Resourceful.

Performance lifestyle was a little-known idea that originally emerged in the world of elite athletics. It began as a personalized support service designed to help athletes’ sustain their training and win in their sport and sync up their sporting and non-sporting lives. By bringing both aspects into alignment, athletes saw improvement in their health, well-being, and athletic performance.

Unlike pro athletes, most of us don’t have the essential inspiration, education, and support – training, or coaching to optimize the way we live. Performance Lifestyle, Inc. was founded to make lifestyle training and support available to everyday achievers in life and business who want to live with optimal energy levels, for optimal health and performance.

The Team and Advisors

We are a group of people committed to living authentically, from the very best part of ourselves that gives rise to flow and living in the zone. We value a balanced and healthy approach to achieving our goals, and we practice what we preach. We fundamentally believe in the value of living a performance lifestyle based on scientific research and in the benefits of this choice that spill over into our families and professional lives.


A performance lifestyle intentionally cultivates habits and behaviors that support optimal physical and mental performance. It’s both a mindset and a skillset that will change your approach to how you achieve your goals and dramatically increase your quality of life in the process. Performance Lifestyle involves making conscious choices to prioritize habits and behaviors that enhance energy levels, focus, and productivity while promoting overall health and well-being. It’s development a lifestyle where what’s good for you, you want to do.

Performance lifestyle can involve a wide range of lifestyle practices, including, but not limited to more than adequate sleep, a whole foods nutrient-rich diet, activating and strengthening the body, stress management strategies, and other lifestyle changes, improvements and optimizations all based on the fundamentals of successful living. A Performance Lifestyle also involves developing an awakened and strong sense of purpose as well as meaning in one’s personal and work life while pursuing activities and interests that provide a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Performance lifestyle can be especially important for individuals seeking to excel in their entrepreneurial, business, professional or athletic pursuits and those who simply want to optimize their daily performance and productivity.

By prioritizing habits and behaviors that support optimal performance, individuals can achieve greater success and satisfaction in all areas of their life. It’s important to note that a performance lifestyle should be pursued in a healthy and sustainable way, not in the performance addicted way most people attempt. And individuals should consult with qualified professionals before undertaking any significant changes to their lifestyle or diet.

Additionally, performance lifestyle is a personal process and can look different for each individual based on their unique needs and circumstances. Why is this important to you? Today, we’re living very fragmented lives, and no aspect of your lifestyle alone, like diet or exercise is enough to ensure you have the energy, health and performance you need to succeed and sustain that success.

If you are living a lifestyle that doesn’t enhance energy levels and doesn’t support optimal mental and physical performance, it likely means you are languishing or burning out and trading your health for success. You need to get your whole lifestyle working for you as one integrated approach to achieving your goals and living with a great quality of life. A Performance Lifestyle delivers that. Learn how healthy high, achieving people who thrive actually live.

Your lifestyle is the primary catalyst in your life, and when it’s based on the right fundamentals, your development and achievement accelerate.

Lifestyle Coach delivers, trains and coaches you along the path from a typical lifestyle to a fitness or healthy lifestyle, and beyond to the Performance Lifestyle (which is our central philosophy the “black belt” level) as well as the High-Performance Lifestyle where you continue to get better and better.

A health coach will usually only help you with nutrition, fitness and maybe sleep and a life coach will focus on your purpose, goals, and success; but a lifestyle coach bridges the gap between your health and success and offers a much wider scope of skill. Get Started.

Get Started.

  1. Subscriber – Email, and social media, leaning.
  2. Customer – Purchase books, courses or special events or products.
  3. Member – Blueprint with year-round group training.
  4. Client – Work with a coach.
  5. MyPL365℠ – All access to member training and specialty events
  6. MyHPL℠ – Everything we offer with a year-round coach.

Become a subscriber and start listening to The Performance Lifestyle Coach Show with JAM—John Allen Mollenhauer—our founder and head coach. Then if you are ready, at the very least get The Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint, ideally with the year-round training that we deliver on The 12 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Know to Live Your Life Like a Pro and just keep getting better. 

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No, is the primary coach for everyone, and part of our mission that everyone has a lifestyle coach because a suboptimal lifestyle is the foundation of struggle of any kind. That said, if you want to hire a coach to help you with your individual situation and circumstances, you can hire Lifestyle Coach JAM or any of our team members to help you in a fractionalized, regular or all in way to help you throughout the year.  Having a coach, who understands your situation and circumstances can help you move forward even faster, and with even greater certainty. 

Get Started.

Yes, sure you can, and for some people this is a good strategy. For others having a structured approach to dialing in more of the lifestyle faster works even better, because you tend not make more out of any aspect of lifestyle than it needs to be when you live into the bigger picture. This is the main reason our primary aim is to help people learn how to live a healthy, performance lifestyle, because it includes but is not limited to optimizing sleep, nutrition, and fitness, which is where it stops for most people.  But when you develop a lifestyle that fully supports you and what you are up to in the world, amazing things happen. 

Get Started.

There is more to your lifestyle than how you eat, move and sleep, way more; and while you need to master the fundamentals of nutrition, fitness, and sleep, alone this is not enough to get the results you are looking for. You need to not only improve all three, but also learn the other aspects of lifestyle that make those three possible at the highest levels and help you achieve your goals.

Get Started.

Each principle and practice of Performance Lifestyle is based on peer-reviewed research and scientific studies and practical sense with sound anecdotal logic when scientific research isn’t available.

The human performance science we draw upon includes evolutionary biology, bioenergetics, personal energy management, mindfulness and meditation, high nutrient density nutrition, functional fitness, lifestyle performance and optimization, positive, narrative psychology, CBT—cognitive behavioral therapy, goal achievement, and more.

A Performance Lifestyle is based on scientific research of the most effective lifestyle strategies. However, skill applications can vary, as each person’s circumstances are different, and those circumstances can change.

Get Started.

Absolutely! The world of elite athletics inspired performance Lifestyle, but it applies to everyone. We are all athletes, I.e., spiritual athlete, parental athlete, entrepreneur athlete corporate athlete, student athlete, sports athlete… in the sense that we must all manage our energy and live our lives like pros if we can’t to achieve our goals, whether on or off the sports field, we are all in the field.

Successful sports athletes are highly visible members of our society. But being a mom or dad, a driven business professional, an entrepreneur, or an executive also requires Performance Lifestyle training if you want to sustain and succeed without constant tiredness, burnout, prematurely wearing yourself out, or trading your health for success.

Get Started.

Addressing constant tiredness, burnout, and how to recover from fatigue is at the heart of living a Performance Lifestyle. It’s the reason why learning how to manage your energy like a pro is a primary objective in the Performance Lifestyle curriculum. There is no aspect of a performance lifestyle that does not rely at least on a basic understanding of the science of energy, the energy principles, and core lifestyle practices. Manage Your Energy Like a Pro—the initial deep-dive course— is included in the Performance Lifestyle® Club Membership. So, we are very sensitive to this condition, as it was this condition in our founder that inspired the development of Performance Lifestyle and Lifestyle Coach.

Get Started.

With the blueprint, you can “get it” in minutes, but it will generally take you 36 months to get to mastery, That’s good news because a lot of people spend 20 year or more and don’t even master how to eat! You’ll be living like a pro in less than 3 years! Here’s the thing, you need to take all these steps in a deliberate, macro sense first and then building them into the micro steps of your day. You have both a mindset to develop and skills set, and it takes some time to sink in, You have a very habituated lifestyle right now, with countless routines that you’ll want to either change, improve or optimize. How much better can you live? There is always “better!”

Get Started.

No, people have all kinds of stories about lifestyle change being hard. It can be challenging, but the less awareness and development you have about your lifestyle the harder it can be. A lifestyle change is not a one and done deal, it’s ongoing for starters. Plus, there are levels of change, followed by improvement and optimization. We take you through all three—the resolve phase, the evolve phase and the achieve phase. This is what living a better life is all about. Add to that the fact that we employ tiny habits and micro step methodology. You’ll see what happens when you also start with a blueprint, so you know where you’re going, and change is not vague and happenstance

Get Started.

It depends on what your lifestyle is like now. Most people stay in the Performance Lifestyle Club membership for up to 3 years. They resolve their hidden challenges in year one, evolve in year two and by year three they are in full blown achievement mode. We stream daily and weekly insights via video, we have weekly trainings, and or Q&A calls (all recorded) so you can implement throughout the Year-In-The-Life, via monthly themes, suggested weekly schedules, and daily habits that are doable by everyone. That cycle is 12 months. During that time, you will also want to take Manage Your Energy Like a Pro©, a deep-dive course included in the Performance Lifestyle Blueprint. Other deep-dive courses will be made available for purchase, so don’t rush; get proficient.

Get Started.

Yes. Frankly, the Blueprint is what you are primarily paying for when you Join the Club membership. It’s the most valuable element as this is the never-before-assembled roadmap for living a balanced and healthy, high-performance lifestyle. To implement it, you will also need inspiration, education, and support, along with time; and that’s why we provide this life training included.

Get Started.

Performance Lifestyle training delivers the most comprehensive lifestyle training available with a commitment to excellence.

You can expect to:

  1. Master the process of managing (sourcing, producing, and harnessing) your energy so that you have at least 2x more power throughout the year, at least 2x.

  2. Dramatically improve your health as every aspect of a Performance Lifestyle is health-promoting and represents the best in root cause wellness.

  3. Reach higher levels of performance and productivity with the lifestyle mindset and skillset that enables you to function and performance at high levels; the better you get at improving and optimizing the way you live, the higher performance you will experience.

You will learn the lifestyle mindset and skillset that all healthy high achieving people who thrive know and live by.

For example, athletes have an entire lifestyle that enables them to perform, look, and feel the way they do. Athletes don’t make goals out of a specific part of their lifestyles, like sleeping more or eating right. Instead, they optimize their entire lifestyle to achieve their life goals.

You will learn how to resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges that are distracting and holding you back. You’ll resolve what’s causing tiredness, poor eating, inactivity, and unsupportive or “negative” thinking. Also, unmanageability, overwhelm motivational issues, and human performance issues. You will also learn how to align your lifestyle with a now clear and supported gameplan for achieving your goals. In addition, you’ll gain competency in the most successful strategies available relative to every lifestyle aspect. You will also understand the interplay between these skills so that you can develop a whole, integrative lifestyle.

Get Started.

You will receive:

  1. The Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint—The Roadmap for Living a Balanced and Healthy High-Performance Lifestyle. The Blueprint is a binder that will be shipped to you, including an organized framework to organize your learning, store your notes, and guide you.

  2. Manage Your Energy Like a Pro—Access to the cornerstone deep- dive course that will help you source, enhance the production of, and harness more energy than you’ve had in a long time. This course will completely step up your game on personal energy management.

  3. MyPL365 Desktop and Mobile Platform—delivers a Year in the Life, with monthly themes, weekly schedules, and daily habits to fulfill your deep purpose. Each month you will have access to a masterclass, lessons of the week, office hours for (Q&A), full access to the platform to communicate with other participants, surveys that you will learn from, and Give / Ask prompts to share your experience or ask for others experience.

Bonus: The Lifestyle Habit Building System©

Get Started.

Yes, every aspect of Performance Lifestyle stands on its own as a fundamental of successful living. You will start with a complete Blueprint of the lifestyle, so it’s unnecessary to wait for a starting point in the year, like January. Wherever you enter the Academy, the facilitation will come full circle for you. Your training membership is also ongoing, so in any given new year, you will be starting right from the start, but we can’t stress enough, you start where you are.

Get Started.

All components of the training are recorded, so you will have access to any events you were not able to attend live.

Get Started.

The Year in the Life is built around The 12 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Know to Live Your Life Like a Pro© but there are other aspects of the lifestyle that will enable you perform those skills well. You want to take these skills from theory to practice to mastery as you go through The 3 Levels of Lifestyle Optimization™. Also, throughout the year, we do low cost, high impact specialty trainings throughout the year, and you will want to be part of these to get better at the year in the life.

For example:

  1. The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance— The Never-Before-Assembled-Formula for Being and Becoming a Healthy High Achieving Person Who Thrives. ©

  2. Manage Your Energy Like a Pro— Source, Produce, and Harness The Energy You Need to Succeed. This course is included in your initial purchase. ©

  3. Sleep Your Way to the Top— Optimize for The 1/3 of Life on Which the Other 2/3 Depend. ©

  4. Performance Living 101— The Secrets to Living with Optimal Energy Levels ©

  5. Optimal Performance State [OPS]— Make the Zone the Flow Your, New Normal ©

  6. The Lifestyle Habit Building System– 12 months 12 Habits, Transform your life! ©

  7. Trans4m!— Brain coherence training.

Get Started.

These deep-dive courses will become available, and you can add them into your performance lifestyle training one at a time as you go through the Year in the Life. Copyright © 2022, 2021, John Allen Mollenhauer, Performance Lifestyle Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Mark Epstein

Past President, Treasurer, National Health Association, Entrepreneur

“As an entrepreneur in the financial markets I don’t have a whole lot of time, I’ve benefited a great deal from the strategies in the Performance Lifestyle guide.”

Ali Brown

ZINE Queen

“Take his advice. You are crazy if you don’t get the Performance Lifestyle system! It is rich with information. It has helped me a lot.”

Jeff Betman

Clinical Psychologist

“I used to keep myself very busy with multiple projects. I tried to “eat healthy,” but I wasn’t doing a great job. I fit in exercise when I could. The end result was more stress, worse health, and increased weight. Today, I’m a healthy high achiever and it’s all because I learned about the Performance Lifestyle system!”

Rosemary Davies-Janes

President, Miboso Personal Branding Consultancy

“I examined and upgraded my lifestyle. The performance lifestyle is realistic and practical for those of us who are up to achieving big dreams. I’m very happy!”

Alex Mandossian

Marketing Online

“John Allen will show you the greatest lifestyle mindset and skillset strategy on earth as you create a performance lifestyle; the one thing. I highly encourage you take his teletraining series. You will not be disappointed.”

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