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Break the curse of the unmet resolution with a lifestyle coach

The Lifestyle Coach Advised 3-Step Action Plan to Break the Unmet Resolution Curse

As we head into 2021, here at Lifestyle Coach, we want to help you take three steps that will completely change the game and help you break the unmet resolution curse.

After years of working with clients, any successful personal trainer will know that even the best fitness evaluations and strength, cardio, and weight management programs aren’t always enough. If they’re one hundred percent truthful, they are never sufficient.

The problem—life gets in the way. From my own experience as a personal trainer years ago, regardless of how great my programming was, it didn’t have much value if my clients had adherence issues.

In other words, if they didn’t have a lifestyle that supported the very changes they wanted to make, whatever differences they made never stuck.

Many of the hundreds I’ve helped over the early years followed a plan for a while and then went back to their old self-sabotaging ways because they never learned the principles, practices, and lifestyle strategies that healthy, high-achieving people know and live.

Heck, at the time, I didn’t even know them, but unlike the way they were living, my life was at least steeped in fitness because I was working in a gym, this was my job, and I had a total environment to support my success; at least, in staying fit. 😉

Plus, there was never enough time in our training sessions to address all the lifestyle issues that pushed fitness to the back burner and left my gym members and clients at the time struggling with the curse of the unmet resolution again and again, whether it was New Years or not.

As an entrepreneur outside the gym environment, the lifestyle solution came when I started peeling the onion on what it would take for me to achieve even my most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.

A tall order indeed, it would take me more than 20 years to piece together what would become known as a Performance Lifestyle.

When I first discovered the idea, I thought, “Wow, this is exactly how I want to help my clients,” unlike the early days of merely helping them work out and improve their diet, usually in unhealthy ways to lose weight and build muscle.

What I needed to be doing all along was delivering Lifestyle Coaching. It was what I’d been trying to coax my clients to do by discussing their lifestyles and schedules during our physical training and later in our life coaching sessions.

Today, as a professional Lifestyle Coach, with 40 years of the “real world” under my belt, I know what it takes to achieve one’s ambitious goals with one’s health and wellbeing intact.

My team and I train our clients on how to “manage your energy” and live like a pro, by aligning with the fundamentals of healthy, performance living—aka “successful living.”

In the process of my heroes journey, always with an eye on knowing that I would leverage every “common humanity” challenge, I faced to help others; I completed several advanced training and coaching programs myself to be able to deliver the absolute best, most comprehensive lifestyle coaching value available in the market. And while I no longer offer personal training to my existing clientele and refer them to associates, I train my clients on how to live a healthy, performance lifestyle in my year-round academy and online community.

Then, I help my clients dial in their lifestyle skills, habits, and routines in 3-month chunks or go all-in to develop a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle when it comes to coaching.

Lifestyle Coaching provides all the tools to help individuals like you live healthy, happier, more satisfying lives. And while physical fitness is an essential component of quality life, it is only one piece of what would traditionally be called the wellness pie, but what is really “the lifestyle.”

And that is how you break the unmet resolution curse. You get trained (inspiration and education) on the outcome you want to accomplish, and you get support on a group basis, with the help of a Lifestyle Coach that will focus you on what’s important now.

So, if you want to break the unmet resolution curse, our suggested and definite chief aim here at the start of 2021 would be to help you develop the lifestyle that gives you the energy, health, and performance you need to succeed.

The 3-Step Action Plan to Manage Your Energy, Live, Organize and Prioritize Time and Get free of the Unmet Resolution Curse

1: Read about the difference between the typical lifestyle, fitness lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle, and the performance lifestyle.

2. Get Started by Joining our Performance Lifestyle® Academy so that you can align your lifestyle with the fundamentals of successful living.

3. Hire Lifestyle Coach JAM on an A La Carte Coaching basis or go ALL IN to help you navigate your present situation and circumstances even faster.

JAM is a Lifestyle Coach and the leading authority on living a Performance Lifestyle®, His company is located in Florham Park, NJ, where he and his team run a health and performance recovery center. Also, an online training academy teaches people how to manage their energy like the pro’s do to optimize the way they live for the health and high-performance they need to flourish.

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