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Three Calls to Action to be Unstoppable in 2021

Upon talking with me, you might expect me to talk about eating and exercise, probably sleep, how you’re thinking, among several other aspects of your lifestyle. And if so, you would be, in part, correct. But that level of granularity is not where the conversation starts.

It starts with a discussion about achieving your goals, not necessarily “how-to,” but rather, “how-you,” become unstoppable to achieve even your most ambitious goals.

In this article, I’m going to show you that if you want to be unstoppable in 2021, double your energy, develop extraordinary health, exponentially increase your performance and productivity; it’s not going to happen because of personal development and productivity tactics alone.

For all of that to happen, you’ve got to change, improve, and optimize the way you live. Your lifestyle is very action-oriented, not only towards fulfilling your God-inspired dreams, but it ensures you also take the actions that enable you to sustain the process.

The case I’m making is that Lifestyle Optimization, which includes but is not limited to personal development, is the key to being unstoppable.

And in saying that, I want to address the word unstoppable. Because I assure you, we are all “stoppable.” Just imagine how many people never fulfill their resolutions, lose momentum early in the year, and never achieve the big career or business, sport, or creative pursuits they set.

Think about the times when this has happened in your life. Pandemics notwithstanding, it’s because we respond to stress in ways that create more stress as we succumb to overwhelm, overexertion, and run low on energy.

Before you know it, your eyes are off the ball as you get distracted and held back by hidden lifestyle challenges.

Hidden lifestyle challenges are a concept I talk about often because these are challenges that compromise your capacity to function and perform well as a human being.

They are mostly within your control but only when you commit to three crucial lifestyle changes you need to make to increase your energy, maintain extraordinary health, and live with high-performance capacity.

These changes are essential at all times, not just super challenging times like we find ourselves today. And if you want to become unstoppable, meaning you are like the “water” that Bruce Lee refers to in “Be Water, My Friend,”; then you need to act on the rest of this message.

As we end 2020 and head into 2021, these changes are especially poignant because we are all facing the following calls to action right now.

  1. We’ve got to make sure we manage our energy and maintain a high level of health, not only for everyday function and performance but because we want to come through this pandemic period with a robust immune system. We want to be free of pre-existing conditions and maintain that ongoing. Yes, we are grateful for the vaccine, but as the doctors at St Barnabas said to me, unsolicited back in March when I had COVID-19, health is the only solution.”
  2. We’ve got to make sure our economic engines are back up and running after the shutdown, which to some degree is still in effect. And we need to do so in the face of changes to our usual previous way of life, forcing us to change and adapt not only the way we live (including work); we’ve got to make sure we complete the pivots and upgrades to how we are making a living. 
  3. We’ve got to keep our eyes on the ball that we call or “goal” or the “vision” we have for our lives, even during super challenging periods like we’re all going through. Without a vision, people perish (or less dramatically, they go off course), so you want to maintain yours, even if it’s been a super challenging year, and you’ve suffered severe setbacks. It’s also possible that the past year has been exceptional, and you’ve seen a boom period. If so, pay attention as much or even more to what I share next because success brings challenges too.

Developing a lifestyle that maintains high energy levels, health, and performance is essential in bust periods or boom periods.

So how do I know this, and why should you listen to me?

I learned early on, inspired by athletics, that organizing your goals or “work” around your lifestyle is amazingly useful. But I lost my way after athletics and did the opposite for decades.

I organized my lifestyle around my work, and it sucked the life right out of me, as I got worn down and coped with stress in ways that created even more pressure, despite being an expert in nutrition and fitness!

In a varied career that has spanned 35 years of entrepreneurship, I have been stopped in my tracks at several points. It was not directly because of poor physical health; no, something worse—constant tiredness and fatigue (diminished capacity) which prevented me from fully engaging in anything—which could have gotten much worse.

And it’s that experience and the discovery of three secrets about “lifestyle” that put me on the path I am today, approaching life, my business, and creative pursuits in the way I am.

As I share these secrets, keep in mind the overarching theme that your lifestyle is fundamentally about how you achieve your goals.


  • Are you always on, going, comparing yourself to the pace of others, tiring out, burning out and wearing out, and ultimately trading your health for success?


  • Are you achieving even your most ambitious goals by living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.

Is that even possible?

I’m here to tell you yes; and that if you want to be unstoppable in 2021 and beyond, it’s imperative.

Gone are the days when you can live the typical lifestyle of going all the time, trying to “keep up,” eating and drinking whatever, exercising if ever, and sleeping whenever you get done with everything else.

It doesn’t work. Ever!

Today, we live in a Performance culture with access to more information and opportunity than ever before in human history. We seem to achieve our goals faster than ever before, but there is a dilemma that every driven achiever type is falling prey to— the busier you get, the less time you have to take care of yourself, your body, and your life.

And that must change if you want to be unstoppable.

To solve that problem, it takes more than adopting a fitness lifestyle alone where you start working out and make improvements in your diet but mostly leave everything else as is, though this is a step in the right direction.

Even a “healthy” lifestyle, where you attempt to wedge in healthier eating, exercise, perhaps try to improve your sleep, and maybe even thinking more positively, is too limited. It doesn’t usually sustain, as we can get so caught up in working all the time that it’s a continuous struggle as we deal with overwhelm, overstimulation, and under-recovery.

And that is the truth most of us are contending with; we work all the time these days and take time out for everything else, so instead of letting this reality be, cause for burnout and trading our health for success, we can use it to our advantage.

Instead of wedging in a little healthy living here and there, change, improve, and optimize the way you live, so you can achieve your goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind and become unstoppable.

And that sets the stage for the three crucial changes I’ve been talking about that will help you develop a high-energy, healthy performance lifestyle—a lifestyle that works for you and supports what you are up to in the world.


I’ve created an actionable advice webinar that answers three questions and delivers three secrets about your lifestyle that will change your life for the better forever.

#1: How do you stop chasing shiny objects so you can stay focused on what’s most important to you your family, career, or business).

For the answer, watch an interview with Mike Stanzilis and JAM on Morris Chamber TV, or register for the full presentation here.

#2: How do to establish unstoppable confidence and no longer fall prey to half-baked incomplete lifestyle solutions that don’t solve your whole problem or deal with the real issue that’s distracting and holding you back?

For the answer, watch an interview with Mike Stanzilis and JAM on Morris Chamber TV, or register for the full presentation here.

#3: How do you get your whole lifestyle working for you, not against you?

For the answer, watch an interview with Mike Stanzilis and JAM on Morris Chamber TV, or register for the full presentation here.

To learn more about the performance lifestyle approach to becoming unstoppable in 2021 and beyond, click here. Go all-in on this strategy and watch how unstoppable you become in 2021!

JAM is a Lifestyle Coach and the leading authority on living a Performance Lifestyle®. Located in Florham Park, NJ, he and his team run a performance recovery center. Also, an online training academy teaches people how to manage their energy like the pro’s do to optimize the way they live for health and the high performance they need to flourish.

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