A Personal Story About Fatigue

John Allen Mollenhauer

In the late 80’s early 90’s; I went from being a gym owner, trainer, and health seminar speaker, to becoming an Internet entrepreneur. For ten long and relentless years, my lifestyle underwent a radical transformation in the wrong direction and unfortunately so did my body.

Got Energy?

I started the decade fit, vital, and strong; I ended overwhelmed, exhausted, and overweight even though I knew volumes about diet and fitness. The pace of my work life far outpaced my ability to take care of myself. Living out of balance led to overeating, inactivity, an inability to perform well, and health complications.

Despite eating relatively “healthy” and exercising fairly regularly I remained on a “downward trend,” fatigued, and progressively more overweight. Week after week, I contemplated how I would change my life – but I kept moving forward tirelessly – over-engaging and taking on more and more. I had everything going on but was barely hanging on, either far too busy or just too worn out to make a change. I was keeping commitments to everyone, but myself. I felt stuck. I spiraled down and eventually couldn’t take it anymore.

At 30 years old, I was fat, fatigued, and burnt-out and given my prior career experience, that was hard to accept. It wasn’t until the dot-com crash of 2000 eventually lead to my own crash late that same year, when I finally said enough; “it’s time for a better way.” I need to set up a lifestyle that promoted balance and health, as well as the high-achieving life I tended to live.

This was my first real bout with burnout, and the consequences. And it would not be my last.

When I finally began to change my lifestyle after months of figuring a new course and hopping around from one program to the next, I knew I would need to be proactive. It was 2001; I was faced with relentless demands on my time and energy, and working in a new environment that valued caffeine and fast food. Long standing fatigue was consuming me and there was little left over for physical activity. So I took a couple steps back.

The interesting thing is I didn’t go on a diet or start exercising in a regimented way, the way I used to, or deal with the most obvious symptom; overweight. Instead, I began streamlining and simplifying my life to free up as much time, space and energy as possible, something I hadn’t had enough of for a very long time. I started recuperating my energy, getting more sleep, improving the quality of the food I was eating, and increased my physical activity to a point I could handle.

I knew the only way my lifestyle would get better is if I had something to target that inspired me to perform “well.” I then identified bigger goals; goals that required a lot of energy for endurance; goals that were bigger than weight loss or better health alone. I started with two goals -sales success in my job and a mountain biking event. I began to organize many aspects of my lifestyle around these goals. The better I lived, the better I worked, the better results I would get across the board.

In the days, weeks, and months leading up to that bike event making sure I got enough rest became one of my highest priorities and has been ever since. Realizing I would essentially always be preparing for some type of event in my life, taking the time to recuperate my energy to the best of my ability would be influencing every aspect of my life in a positive and effective way. This realization opened the door to eventually understanding balance.

The bike event was amazing. My plan was to ride with a partner for 24 hours straight alternating every couple of hours. It ended up raining torrentially the entire time with 2” inch thick mud. It was crazy and beautiful at the same time. Sharing the experience with a friend and keeping up my end of things made it meaningful. What I learned about endurance was priceless. My lifestyle leading up to that bike event was a defining difference. Because my focus was on performing “well,” it changed the way I achieved my goals. After only 9 months of being a burnt out entrepreneur, I had enough energy and endurance to complete that ride. I also had one of my best years in business, one year after my worst.

Living in balance while achieving my goals, I stopped confusing productivity for performance and ended up being healthier and more productive than ever. I also looked and felt better and was able to perform sustainably. Life was good.

Fast Forward Four Years

Little did I know; I would face a similar situation four years later while developing a new business and then again several years later. Something was happening and I was begininning to see a pattern.

While sharing my ideas with clients, and thinking I had this lifestyle thing licked, once again, I started taking on too much too fast. Not only was I coaching clients all day, I also was creating knowledge products, setting up websites, developing a team, building an infrastructure, and marketing my ideas. I was speaking all over the country, and at times, internationally. It was a highly creative time period, and the risk of driving me into the ground, an experience I knew all to well, was high.

Outside of the business, I was living what was an over-extended personal life, which ultimately ended up in a marriage at a time where I was swimming in change and disruptive forces. It was bearing down on me and I just couldn’t decipher what was happening. It was a confusing time, and very costly, personally and professionally. It was apparent that there was still something’s missing in my thinking and in my approach. I felt incongruent with the healthy lifestyle I was promoting. I was exhausted, despite living an incredibly healthy lifestyle, if good nutrition, fitness and getting an extra hour of sleep anytime I could is the definition of a healthy lifestyle. My ambition was outpacing my ability to maintain the energy levels I needed.

The difference this time, with experience, I had a much better idea of how to handle the situation so that it didn’t linger on forever. And as painful as it was, it was the perfect opportunity to find out what was missing in how I engaged with life. Being fully engaged is one thing, being over engaged is another, and I was determined to learn for the last time that you can’t exceed your energy capacity and ability to recuperate, and not expect it to affect your ability to perform well in more ways than one; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in your relationships, and in business. It happened to me.

Performance Lifestyle

In 2006, I discovered an idea called the “Performance Lifestyle” that provided a context that would finally bring everything together for me. It helped me to understand that health, performance and sustained success all basically started with renewing and managing personal energy. I already knew that there was more to energy management than sleep alone, but still relatively new to the idea, I didn’t understand the depth of the idea or its reach to experience the full potential and benefits it offers.

So I started reading every book I could find on the subject, and it took nearly two years to synthesize missing elements and develop the Performance Lifestyle “formula” so-to-speak, which at the core is about proactively renewing your personal energy, so you can achieve your goals without the tendency to periodically downward spiral in a repeating pattern that I was experiencing. Not one is saying that you won’t get tired and at times experience fatigue, but if you are not living from a position of strength and renewing your personal energy regularly so you stay out of personal energy debt, these downward spirals and get pretty bad. This is what I was experiencing.

Since I began living my life from the standpoint of living from a position of strength, I have become more mindful of these patterns. I would like to say, that I never get super fatigued anymore, as a result of renewing and managing my personal energy; because as  high achiever it happens to me from time to time.

No, it’s not because I don’t value sleep, rest, and recovery… it’s simply due to life factors that get intense and at times they get the best of me for a little too long. The thing is, it just doesn’t happen for long. I know what’s happening and what to do now.

Focusing my lifestyle around performance and learning how the pros achieve their goals, a whole new experience of life has opened up. I continue to incorporate what I’ve learned in my journey, as well as in coaching others through theirs. Add to this the insights from hundreds of healthy high achieving people along the way, and Performance Lifestyle training was born.

Proactive Energy Renewal

Today, with more and more people complaining about loss of drive and performance due to fatigue and exhaustion, especially in our modern workforce that is faced with relentless demand on their time and energy and lacking the performance lifestyle skills to avert the personal energy debt that accumulates when you overspend your energy for far too long; even before performance lifestyle training, we help people understand The Practice of Proactive Energy Renewal.

Fatigue is one of those conditions that people (including most professionals) do not know what the real cause is, but it is estimated that one out of three women, and one out of five men suffer from it.

So today, we after many more years of researching and understanding the science of personal energy and it’s renewal, I am teaching people the course in personal energy renewal. I highly recommend you learn as much as you can about proactive personal energy renewal and the personal energy management skills needed to ensure you stay both balanced and healthy and successful.

I offer a free webinar on how to stop feeling fatigued all the time and regain your vitality in 8 weeks, naturally. I do this every couple of weeks. You can learn more about it here. 

Why You Experience Constant Fatigue

Despite Eating Healthy and Exercising

Have you ever wondered WHY, even though you’re currently on a fitness program and currently eating “healthy” foods for your well-being, maybe even getting that “extra hour” of sleep here and there, you’re still run downtiredfrustrated, and all-out exhausted beyond belief at the end of the day?

Got Energy?

Ever sat down and really thought about all the things you’re doing for your health, that are supposed to make you more productive, have more energy, and enjoy every second life has to offer? Then end up asking yourself, “If I’m doing all of this, then why in the hell am I so overwhelmed and tired all the time?”

Do you sometimes feel like you’re doing everything in your power to stay in motion, to stay healthy, to be successful in your professional and your personal life, and to ultimately be ecstatically happy… But for some reason, a reason you can’t quite put your finger on, you sometimes feel like you’re barely hanging on, with a small sampling of the personal energy you once had?

Do you sometimes dread waking up the next day to have to do it all over again, even if you like what you’re doing?

Ever feel like you don’t know what to do next to change course?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then, I’ve got some bad news for you…

You’re likely steeped in personal energy debt.

Chances are you’ve worked hard to be as successful as you are today. Maybe you’ve achieved more than you thought you ever would, in both your business life AND in your personal life – maybe many times over.

And, chances are, you’ve been worn down, even during some of your strongest hours… only to have to pick yourself up over, and over again to keep going.

You’ve always made a strong comeback, every single time because you’re a winner… even if you haven’t achieved some of the goals you think about…

“Blood, Sweat, and Tears” is your silent but driving mantra…

You live and die by this very phrase. And you’re proud of it, as you should be…

But here’s the bad news…

Even though you make a strong comeback, each time you’re worn down, you become increasingly tired with each successive round. Tiredness becomes ‘distress,’ and this low grade ‘distress’ transforms into what most people think of as “burnout,” because they’ve been overspending your personal energy for far too long, and they’re now in what’s called “personal energy debt.”

In debt, you fall into the never ending cycle of picking yourself up to give it another go – time after time again, but you never solve the real problem.

…and “most people” descend into this downward trend or spiral because of one or more of the following reasons:

  1. They are confused about what gives them energy and what takes it way. There is so much information promising the sun, the moon, and the stars when it comes to increasing personal energy – and most of it is just plain delusional. It keeps you more “caught up” and exhausted, forcing the never-ending downward cycle to repeat itself all because we never learn what proactively creates more energy and how to sustain it.Living in personal energy debt, without an understanding of proactive energy renewal, most of us end up stimulating our way through the day and stay tired all the time.
  2. They believe the marketing (spin)The fact is that we are living in a “Gotta Have It Yesterday” world that moves fast, and marketing is playing into the desperation this causes for all it’s worth, promising energy, weight loss, and success results that just can’t be achieved “sanely” in the time frame promised.The big guys in the self-help industries play on this desperate emotion with their commercials, their ads, and their propaganda promising fast results — when the raw truth is that most of what they promise is impossible to achieve within the time frame, they claim.Even if it was possible, trying to accomplish too much too fast will sidetrack your life as you attempt to divert your life around goals that aren’t true goals.

    “Shiny object syndrome” also kicks in here as we learn what appears to be a new thing but is just another way of rehashing ideas that are old by market standards, that take you away from what’s most important to you.

  1. They get frustrated with the lack of results. Because few market solutions solve the real problem and tend to deal with their symptoms, which is almost always true when a person is experiencing energy debt for example; they end up precisely or not far from where they started.

    Frustrated and confused unable to take the actions prescribed due to their personal energy debt, they end up searching for the next miracle, the next book, the next program that promises to give them what they wanted – to feel good, to look even better, complete, and utter success – and again it just doesn’t pay off.

    It’s perfect for the person who created the products and programs, but crappy for the person searching for help.

So it’s not surprising that people fail to get the results they’re expecting. Caught up in operation “money suck” in the face of personal energy depletion, trying to figure it out, they end up throwing in the towel. Then, they end up living miserable until the next magic bullet arrives that doesn’t address the real issue, each time a little more jaded, leaving many of us almost unwilling to put our faith in another attempt.

And if you think I’m describing the “unmotivated,” you’re in for a surprise. In many cases, it’s the highest achieving people who are the most overwhelmed, exhausted and steeped in Personal Energy Debt. The result is paying for success with their health because they’re living on the slippery slope of poor lifestyle habits that is caused by being in debt, personal energy debt.

Does any of this, sound like you?

Again, if you answered, “Yes,  to any of the questions above, you don’t yet have a proactive energy renewal plan in your life. You are probably living at maybe half your capacity, and it’s likely about time you change course and get one.

Got Energy?

It's Time to Get Smart About Personal Energy

Got Energy?

Got Energy?

Not just the kind of energy you get from food, or that’s generated in your cells as a result of your mitochondria; I’m talking about the source of that currency of life you know is there, but you can’t see or touch or in many cases even measure. It’s vital. And frankly, it’s not 100% explainable. Not, not just by me, but by not even the top scientists in the world can fully explain it.

Heck, even the Chinese, including all the masters, can’t fully explain “Chi,” but their five-thousand-year old culture knows it’s there. Tai Chi, Qi Gong are built on it.

You definitetly have some of it, but do you have enough of it? It’s vital that you do.

If you were to search Wikipedia on “vitalism”—the theory that the origin and phenomena of life are dependent on a vital principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces, you would learn that it’s a discredited scientific hypothesis. You would also learn that despite being widely accepted within the mainstream scientific community, vitalism is no longer considered to be an adequate or complete description of reality.

Well, no one said that vital energy, was a “complete description of reality,” but a rather large part, to-say-the-least, yes.

That said, although rejected by modern science, [2] Vitalism has a long history in medical philosophies: and most traditional healing practices posit that disease results from some imbalance in vital forces.

Again, and I love the healing traditions, but sometimes they take things a bit too far. Energy imbalances are surely a part of the disease equation, but wholly responsible, no. There are food and nutrition, including sun and water, air quality, environmental quality, physical fitness, emotional fitness and psychological strength and so much more that go into disease states and more positively, human performance.

It’s why ISHAR (by Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Foundation) is there to not only explain Integrative Studies but to present the mountains of evidence so that time-tested and proven ideas like the vital principle can be weighted fairly. And that means the evidence that goes beyond purely chemical or physical forces.

Just ask an athlete, if their performance is based only on chemical or physical forces alone. Miss one night or even have one bad night of sleep ahead of a competition, and despite even the most rigorously planned and measured diet and exercise program, she’ll can be rendered relatively powerless compared to the competition.

It’s why Pete Carroll of the Super Bowl Seattle Seahawks said, “Sleep is a weapon, a key pillar to improving health and performance.

What is THAT energy?

It’s vital, and it can only be measured, practically by energy output, via wattage, like when a cyclist measures their power output. There are also some new and unique vital energy imaging tools out there, measuring the biofield, sure, but the word is still out on what’s learned from the results and how you can apply it in your life.

But neither of those measurement tools is needed to dramatically improve your vital power, your personal energy or personal power (the energy that powers your person).

Want to know the difference between something that’s alive and something that isn’t alive or isn’t alive anymore? It’s the vital energy that powers the cells. A dead person has cells, but no more power. And of course, inanimate objects, like rocks, don’t have cells.

This observation above is basic, yet it’s a profound and powerful one.

When you don’t have enough vital energy, everything in your life becomes just a little less alive, less animated until you eventually burn out usually by wearing your body out.

With every overexertion, you cease to function a little bit more and your

  1. Attitude suffers.
  2. Work suffers.
  3. The quality of life suffers.

And your relationships with your partner, your friends, and your family also suffer. Frankly, everything suffers because everything in your life depends on your energy, including your health, let alone your performance.

Life becomes a struggle, when you have to eat and drink your way through the day to keep going, to engage in extreme work ethic and more just to stimulate yourself.

Gone is that naturally occurring energy you once took for granted.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to go through life like that anymore.

The truth is, you have access to unlimited amounts of energy available to you on tap if you know how to access it. And it will give rise to every possible life-enhancing state of mind and high-performing emotion you can imagine from purpose to passion.

I have dedicated the last 13 years of my life to discovering this “vital energy” that a lot of people are talking about but few know how “to talk about” and not as an end in and of itself, which it is not.

I’ve discovered this source of renewable personal power that will enable you to live your life from a position of strength, as part of a fully integrated, balanced (regarding skills) and healthy (a given) “performance lifestyle” that acknowledges where you’re true power originates.

It did so as a sort of a “reluctant hero-type,”  for a variety of reasons. I was so driven and my life as a result, so unmanageable, I was suffering from constant fatigue. So I had to chip away at this over many years to ground myself in what was real. So this has been a quest of mine, since my teens, to understand this at the level that could transform not only my life but others as well.

I wanted to know, not only the physical science-based knowledge about personal energy but the non-physical studies that too often get overlooked because the scientific men can’t measure it. It is arguably more important and far more influential than the physical science itself.

This inquiry has meant years of reviewing countless books, reviewing the scientific literature, working with world-class sleep doctors and athletic coaches. Also, discussions with Ivy League researchers and, with an open-mind an emphasis on direct experience, and searching out the integrative yet non-mainstream studies (now becoming mainstream) such as on consciousness, flow, meditation, relaxation, meditation, Qigong and more.

And if there is anything that I would guarantee that will transform your life, without any question, it is personal (vital) energy renewal. Nothing compares and everything depends on it.

This has all been to provide a model for lifestyle design, based in what will enable you to overcome fatigue and increase your vital energy levels.

Yes, we get into nutrition and fitness and in a way that will help you maximize your energy levels. Sleep too; as this is foundational to any energy management solution; but in PERC, we also take the veil off of what has been one of the unknown subjects in the history of humankind.

Why has energy been so misunderstood? Well, it’s because it’s been too tied up with spirituality, alternative pseudoscience and talked down by scientists simply because it’s an inconvenient truth for their work that they can’t fully qualify.

But no longer is this the case. Science is coming around. The recent Sages and Scientists conference by the Chopra Foundation is proof of that.  The insights you’ll learn will make you respect and want to prioritize your sleep and more like never before.

So what do you need to learn to leave the recent you, who is feeling fatigued and exhausted and now start performing, looking and feeling like the much younger person you once were?

And how can you go from fatigued to filled with the vital energy you need to succeed every day?

That’s what my team and I will show you, and not through an overwhelming dump of information that sucks up even more of your power just to get through.

We will deliver the perfect combination of insight, education and application.

At the end of the day, that’s what’s going to work for you. Not shiny objects and science alone, it’s going to be what will plays out right in your life.

So if you’ve been struggling with fatigue, feeling tired all the time, have been misdiagnosed with adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or a virus

Or, even if you’re already pretty darn healthy and looking for an advanced, cutting-edge, science-backed practice to take your energy, and subsequently your health and performance, not just to the next level but a whole new tier of human experience

Then you need the PERC. 

But first I want you to get connected with a 100% free webinar training from me, John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM,” founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc.

It’s JAM-packed, (literally) with a complete understanding of the points I make above and so much more so that you understand the problem and can implement the solution.

It is 100% free and loaded with powerful strategies that are going to help you overcome fatigue and start building the foundation for a mind, body, and spirit filled with vital energy.

Oh, and one thing I need to you keep in mind; this isn’t the same old, keep-you-stuck type of stuff (what you’ll come to know as Tier 1 solutions) that leave you chasing your tail with information and ideas even the experts teaching them struggle with. Believe me, to borrow a phrase from Jake Steinfeld, “I’ve seen a lot famous people naked and they’ve got nothing on you.” 

Even the experts struggle with the litany of incomplete and tactical diet and exercise ideas devoid of the real juice such as telling you to sleep more, eat more veggies, cut your carbs, eliminate sugar, take supplements, etc. most of which are marketing-based, not science-based, let alone a complete solution.

PERC is based on the powerful and practical new science that meditators, athletes and other high performing people have been using for decades but has never-before-been-assembled for those who may not be into sports, the sciences or what is ultimately the key to it all – grounding in the ultimate source of energy that will blow your mind and dramatically, increase your energy.

What to Do About Nighttime Eating and Insomnia

It's Time to Get Smart About Personal Energy

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s driven business professionals—entrepreneurs, executives, and managers, let alone people in general, is the demand to be “on” all the time. Nighttime eating and insomnia, a seemingly innocuous binge on food and technology to cope with the effects of this daily overexertion at the end of the day is a result, and it’s taking its toll.

Get Smart About Personal Energy

Unexpected deadlines pop up, from the CEO to the Soccer Mom (and sometimes these are the same people). Our interconnected world means working with people all over the world and international client calls have to happen. Presentations have to get finished so the next day’s sales can be made and the only way you can get it all done is to work later into the evening.

Then, just as you wrap up at maybe 10:00 or 11:00, maybe even the stroke of midnight (or later), you finally get a chance to eat and eat you do; making up for all the food you didn’t eat during the day.

You then, collapse into bed with a full stomach, only to lie there wide awake, your body digesting, your mind racing, and unable to fall asleep as you steadily face what feels like an increasing tsunami of fatigue that can make you yawn so intensely, if you didn’t know better, you would think an alien was going to come out of your chest. Or, perhaps you fall right to sleep only to wake up in 2 hours in the same situation.

Stress can be a great performance enhancer. But the stress of working so intensely and too late into the evening to boot comes at a cost and that cost is coping with food, wine, and TV to buffer your oncoming fatigue, which is really intense energy recovery… resulting in insomnia at the end of the day.

Stress now turns into distress.

You would think that because you have tired yourself out and built up a high level of fatigue, you would fall right asleep, but it just doesn’t happen.

Frankly you’re too tired to fall asleep. It happens, and it’s because extreme fatigue (energy recovery) is uncomfortable.

You’re left proverbially counting sheep as you stare at the ceiling, and ironically, feel the urge to turn on Netflix, YouTube or other, maybe resolve even more tasks for tomorrow and it could mean hours of continued insomnia when you really want to be asleep.

All of this is caused by a combination of several factors including the high levels of stress hormones still in your system, the exposure to the blue light emitted from your laptop and the house lights, and your active problem-solving mind being stuck in overdrive.

Trumping all of the above is simply the fact that you have over-exerted during the day and for too long, you need time to buffer and it just doesn’t jive with your schedule. You need to be asleep at this time to wake up at least remotely refreshed and you just can’t.
But it’s just a little nighttime eating and insomnia right?

Well, this seemingly innocuous problem is not as harmless as you think.

Truthfully, it could be one of the biggest performance and productivity killing, health destroying, quality of life annihilating patterns in your life that causes low energy, weight gain and poor health, and gives rise to poor decision making… that can compromise your career, your business etc and debit your longevity

So what do you do about end of day eating and insomnia?

Here are some go-to strategies for when you absolutely need to work late into the evening is critical for optimizing your performance and getting the performance-enhancing sleep you need.

So what do you do about end of day eating and insomnia?

Here are some go-to strategies for when you absolutely need to work late into the evening is critical for optimizing your performance and getting the performance-enhancing sleep you need. Here are a few to try: