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John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM” founded Performance Lifestyle® Inc. as a next-generation human performance training, coaching and consulting company. We create solutions for our modern-day performance culture that is tiring out and burning out the population and creating epidemic health problems due to a hyper-focus on productivity and success, with little time and space to take care of one’s self, body and life.

Our Primary Aim is to solve that by helping people learn how to live a high-performance lifestyle providing a suite of services that help our clients optimize the way they live.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and otherwise, fully-engaged people unleash not just their full potential, but rather, the full potential of their lifestyles to become the healthiest, best performing, most successfully energized, and the most productive person they can possibly imagine.

Our Services:

Keynote, Workshop or Team Events

Crush it, Without Getting Crushed by Excess Stress and Fatigue.

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JAM Sessions

Running a conference and want to take care of your participants, while inspiring them to live like a pro
to achieve their goals? This one of a kind presentation style includes JAM speaking in between other
speakers for about 10 minutes on an essential aspect of energy, health and performance.

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Corporate Training and Consulting

Performance Edge Sleep Training and Tracking

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Professional Year-Round Lifestyle Training

PL365 ™ Year-round training (because lifestyle is year-round) on the 12 Essentials Lifestyle Skills
You Need to Know to Live Your Life, Like a Pro

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Performance Lifestyle and High-Performance Lifestyle Coaching, for executives, entrepreneurs and professionals on a skill or all in basis.

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RegenUs Centers

Now matter what achiever type you are, recharging, restoring and optimizing the way you live to recover from the excess stress of the past, it’s essential if you want to move forward from a position of strength.

Visit JAM at RegenUs Center
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John Allen Mollenhauer

The HPL Podcast High Performance Lifestyle

Lifestyle Coach Jam

Lifestyle Coach JAM will help you live live your true potential by coaching you on how to change, improve, and optimize the way you live.

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