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You Don’t Need to Be a Sports Athlete to Live Your Life Like a Pro

It does not matter if you are into sports or even a fitness enthusiast; when you directly link your lifestyle to your energy, health, performance, and success results, as athletes do, you will start living and achieving your goals like a pro.

“Like a pro” means performing tasks or activities with the skill and expertise of a professional. It implies high proficiency and mastery of how you achieve your goals to support the how to of achieving ones goals in a particular field or area of industry.

Just like a professional sports athlete; you have to know the game you are playing and how to play it well. Meaning, you have to live in such a way that’s going to yield the energy, health and performance capacities you need to succeed in playing a game that you also know how to play. The better they are at both, most would agree, the more successful you will be.

If you’ve been following along, the whole idea of a Performance Lifestyle (PL) started as a concept in the elite sports and fitness industry and is rapidly becoming a central life concept encompassing all the essential aspects of living to achieve your goals. It’s not necessarily all involved with the how-to side of things; as mentioned, much of that is industry-specific, but a Performance Lifestyle does cover all of the essential aspects of how you live to achieve your goals like a pro.

Your lifestyle is how you achieve your goals. A Performance Lifestyle is how you live to achieve your goals like a pro.

A Performance Lifestyle mindset and skill set can be applied to whatever you’re up to in your life, career or business, creative pursuits, sports, or ministry.

When I first discovered the “idea,” it was undefined, and as I’ve learned, most top athletes don’t even know how to live a performance lifestyle, even though it originated in sports. So don’t for a second think that you are out of your league to learn how. Only a few in the elite do, and they are still learning; as the truth is, this is far less about sports and far more about human performance, regardless of your game and goals, and everyone is learning how to live better.

It starts with an identity, a mindset, as the Washington Post recently reported in their article “Do you think of yourself as an athlete or an exerciser? Here’s why it matters,” when studies showed that those that identified as an athlete exercise way more than those who identified as exercisers. They also advocated that the term “athlete” must be redefined because of the stunning impact this shift in identity can have on performance. The article ends with the following.

While the experts duke it out over the correct definition of an athlete, the easiest way to think of yourself as one is to accept the definition from Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike. Nike’s mission statement is to “bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.” The asterisk leads to a phrase added by Bowerman: “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.”

And that’s probably why I recognized the value in living a performance lifestyle was not for elite or professional athletes alone but for everyday people striving to develop a lifestyle that maximizes their life force energy to acheive their ambitious goals without sacrificing their spirit, their body and their life, the way so many people do.

Are you an athlete?

Calling all athletes… Yes, you. What did you think? Stop laughing — you’ll snort coffee all over the paper.

You may not be able to nickname or call yourself charming, but you can declare yourself an athlete — whatever your waist size, bowling average, or how much you’d rather be sleeping. And maybe you should because establishing an athlete identity — of any ability — makes it more likely that you will sleep, eat, exercise, and live a healthy, say many experts. And that makes you more likely to judge yourself on what you do, not how you look, which some would argue is the road to happiness.

Think of it as the Lifestyle equivalent of “You are what you eat.”

“There is a process of forming an identity as an athlete,” explains Diane Whaley, associate professor of sport and exercise psychology at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.

“Buying the clothes, learning the terminology, hanging out with other participants in the chosen activity which may or may not be a sport; once you form that identity mentally, it is more likely that you will come up with strategies to live better over time.

“Having that identity translates into the behavior of thinking and living better than you ever have before and ensures you’ll live healthy, free of chronic energy and weight issues, look and feel, and perform better than you ever have.

Where do you start to achieve your goals like a pro? 

It starts with getting free of the default lifestyle and even the typical fitness and healthy lifestyles that are basically landing most people in the same set of premature death statistics of 71 for men and 81 for women and start living your life the way pros do.

In the last 10-15 years, the emergence of biohacking, and optimal living, have given rise to the Performance Lifestyle. People have begun waking up to the status quo and realizing that they’re being sold short of the promised land, which is learning what it means to be living a lifestyle that fully supports you and what you are up to in the world vs. the coping strategies that most of us have learned that yield more of the same ole’; keeping them stuck, wrestling with sub-optimal human performance, and suffering from the lifestyle-induced diseases that most people die from.

It doesn’t have to be that way because you can step up the way you are living and begin optimizing aspects of your lifestyle (biohacking) for much better results in your life, and then bring all the essentials of successful living online in a holistic across-the-board support system that enables you to succeed. The people who do this best just happen to be athletes because they are the only population directly linking their lifestyle with their achievements.

They go way beyond the typical fitness and healthy lifestyle. They are implementing lifestyle optimization strategies one by phone to resolve every hidden lifestyle challenge that’s been distracting and holding them back, even if they’re financially successful.

You don’t need to be into sports or even a fitness enthusiast to start incorporating advanced rejuvenation and recovery strategies (biohacking) into your life as you develop a health-promoting, performance lifestyle, which is realy just your lifestyle optimized.

If you want to learn more about how you can get free of the default unhealthy lifestyle and go beyond the fitness and typical healthy lifestyle so, begin living in a way that yields high levels of energy, health, and performance to achieve your desired success results, learn more here.

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