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3 Big Insights You Discover Before Developing a Performance Lifestyle

A Performance Lifestyle is an optimal approach to achieving your goals because you align the way you live around the fundamentals of energy, health, and performance in a lifestyle you can call your own focused on your success.  

It’s a long way from living the unhealthyfitness, or even healthy lifestyle because being healthy and fit, while no doubt essential, doesn’t necessarily ensure you’ll become a healthy, high-achieving person who flourishes and thrives. 

By “Flourish,” I mean to grow or develop successfully, and “Thrive” to achieve your goals, be successful and prosper. 

It takes more than merely eating healthy and exercising to flourish, thrive, prosper, and ultimately perform at the top of your game, climb the proverbial mountain, and sustain the ascent. 

It takes a performance lifestyle

So, what are the three big insights you discover before developing a performance lifestyle? 

  1. You’ve got to get free of the unhealthy lifestyle as fast as you can.

Most people do not realize they are living as unhealthy as they are, as they live caught up in mainstream culture, which for the most part does not support your health even though today it can if you recognize how. But most don’t.

At this stage, you are tired of hearing from your doctor that you need to reduce your cholesterol, lose weight, and lower your blood pressure… from what you are eating, not exercising, and lack of sleep, etc.

You recognize it is not only about fatigue, weight, health complications, and all lifestyle-induced diseases from diabetes to heart disease and cancer that are crushing your life, and you desperately want to get free of it as if that wasn’t enough. 

It’s also about how the typical unhealthy lifestyle that most people live (97% of the population) leaves you challenged with energy, health, and performance issues that distract and can hold you back from achieving your God-inspired dreams. 

At some point, you realize that’s not acceptable anymore, and it’s time to leave this whatever, whenever, if-ever lifestyle of just doing the bare minimum to take care of yourself and your body and, for some, life itself because it just doesn’t work at the level you need to succeed.  

You get tired of being so caught up with making a living but not living well, with technology and all the shiny objects the market dishes up to consume your attention, digestion system, and life force energy.

And while you’re used to wedging in whatever you can from your doctor and the latest magazine into your life to deal with the symptoms of coping with excessive stress in ways that create even more stress and fatigue… instead of more energy and freedom, you conclude that has to change and fast. 

So, one by one, you start learning lifestyle fundamentals like a child realizes gravity, which is pretty slow, I might add, so that you can live more of your true potential. 

Deep down, you no longer want to fail at making the connection between your lifestyle, the achievement of your goals, and your quality of life, which go hand in hand.

 And what do you do first? 

 You start to work out. 

  1. You Can Be Fit and Not Be Healthy.

A fitness lifestyle is a significant step up, but you soon realize it’s not the healthiest way to live, and it’s not exactly the solution to living your true potential either, but it’s a good step. 

When you finally come to terms with the fact that your body is taking a beating from life, and you want to look, feel, and perform better, most people realize that it’s time to get in shape. 

So, you start working out and eating better but not necessarily a healthy diet. All kinds of diets are designed to help you lose weight and build muscle through manipulation but don’t promote health and longevity. Just look at bodybuilders!

When fitness is the scope of your lifestyle, you can get seriously caught up in unhealthy dietary practices. Nonetheless, even for a while, you are content with your progress as you start improving and graduate to a healthier lifestyle. 

     “You can be fit and not healthy, but you can’t be healthy unless you’re fit.” ~ JAM

  1. Health Is The Result Of Healthy Living.

When you get this insight, you get more excited as you discover new ways to live healthier that the world of fitness alone did not reinforce, in part out of the need to recover from living the typical unhealthy lifestyle or from weight loss or muscle-building diets alone that also left you unhealthy albeit a little better off.  

It’s here where you naturally start to broaden your lifestyle concept to include optimal nutrition (not just weight loss and muscle-building nutrition), improve your sleep, get sun, hydrate more often, breathe better, maybe think differently, etc., 

You may get your fitness tracker and the latest bio-hack or health optimization strategy inspires you. But it can be overwhelming with so many different points of view, new technology, supplements, mindsets, testing, and more… 

But this is also where the confusion grows. Since there are so many definitions of “healthy,” and most are not, you can ironically stay stuck, thinking you’re living healthy when you are not. And the lackluster results can leave you wondering if it’s all worth it. 

And it’s here that many people, especially as they age, start to retreat to the typical “whatever, whenever, if ever” lifestyle again, despite the upgrade of a few healthy habits that stick for one reason or another.  

I hear from countless people regarding healthy living how confused they almost always are, and the reason is simple. 

You have not yet learned how to develop a Performance Lifestyle.

You’ve never learned the principles of energy, health, and performance that help you steer clear of all the pseudo-healthy tactics that often sell, but keep you caught up and stuck. 

You also need to learn how to connect the dots between those principles and practices to develop a lifestyle strategy, which you need to practice at a high enough level to unlock your best energy, health, and performance.

That is also essential; because while you may still be making improvements, you likely feel fragmented and overwhelmed by all there is to do to live at your best if you don’t start with a whole lifestyle concept and understand The 3 Levels of Lifestyle Optimization©.

Your lifestyle like an iceberg is one thing, but it’s made up of many different aspects of and levels of living that address your energy, health, and performance, and most of it, like the bulk of the iceberg that’s underwater, is hidden. You can’t see it, so you must address what you see and don’t see.

Now is when you start developing a Performance Lifestyle, even if you don’t call it that initially. It’s a new term, I get it. It was for me, too, at one point.

You resolve to live a lifestyle that works for you and is no longer against you; that’s practical and fully supports you and what you are up to. And like a person whose hair is on fire, seeking a lake to jump into, you start learning the fundamentals and taking them from theory to practice to mastery. 

You resolve your hidden lifestyle challenges, evolve your mindset and skill sets, and begin achieving even your most ambitious goals by living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.

Very few people are selling you a lifestyle strategy you can adapt and call your own; they are selling you an aspect of lifestyle or one nuance of one aspect of a whole lifestyle that depends on other parts working for you to succeed.

But when you realize there is so much more to living successfully than exercising and eating healthier, you now discover how to live your true potential.  

Understand that most experts don’t even know these fundamentals, so if you want to stop bouncing from one thing to another and resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges that are distracting and holding you back, selling your quality of life or cutting your life short, then it’s time to start developing a performance lifestyle. 

Today we live in a performance culture. Life is good, but it’s also super full and can easily wear you down. And the world is full of impotent solutions that will only work for a little while or never work at all.

To overcome that, you need to live optimally if you’re going to sustain the pace and steer clear or recover fast from overwhelm and exhaustion; for some, fatigue and all that gives rise to poor health and performance issues. 

Obviously, the typical lifestyle does not work; but we also need to go beyond just working out, eating a bit better, and getting an extra hour of sleep here and there to achieve our goals with our health and well-being intact.  

We need to learn how to change, improve and optimize our lives, which means developing a Performance Lifestyle based on the fundamentals of energy, health, and performance.

Equate the fundamentals of energy, health, and performance, which ultimately become a lifestyle, to something like miracle pills; the benefits they deliver are unparalleled.

But the secrets to optimal living are hidden, and it can take decades to learn them if you’re being dragged through the mud I call “operation money suck.” You have to seek out the truths amidst the morass of confusion.

Yes, there are a lot of very cool goods and services out there, and you can use some of them to supplement the way you live, but at some point, you need to make sure your lifestyle is good and serves you. 

So, if you’ve been through enough and want to resolve all your hidden lifestyle challenges, start developing a performance Lifestyle you can call your own. 

Go beyond the typical unhealthy lifestyle, fitness and even a healthy lifestyle alone, and learn how to live your true potential, where healthy and fit are the given, not the goal, and where you have the energy, health, and performance you need to succeed at the level you want.

Step up and into a Performance Lifestyle.

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Also, take the free masterclass training, by the same title, a webinar that is essentially an on-ramp to developing a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own.  

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