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Mindset—This One Shift Changes Everything

The Mindset of healthy high achieving people who thrive is very different from those who try to live healthier and struggle with distractions that hold them back.

Mindset; it’s vital to how you take action, to how you live your life, work, accomplish, and achieve.

But there is one mindset shift that changes everything for the better, and most people miss it altogether and it’s this:

While it’s completely understood that people achieve their goals so they can live a better lifestyle in terms of economic wherewithal—what they can afford, do, travel to, etc… all too often people burnout and trade their health for success in that process. They attempt to crush it but get crushed from excess stress all because they never understood the core definition of lifestyle, which is all about “how you achieve your goals.”

In the process of achieving their goals, they don’t manage their energy well, limit sleep, eat poorly, are super busy but physically inactive and so much more, in effect coping with stress in ways that create more stress.

So the shift occurs when they adopt the primary definition of lifestyle as their approach and live a better lifestyle (a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle) to achieve their goals and when they achieve their goals, they can legitimately live an even better lifestyle.

Now, knowing that distinction they can move from a typical lifestyle, maybe a fitness-oriented with a little health and wellness wedged in, a fitness lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle and eventually have that fully supportive Performance Lifestyle, which we are moving people towards her at

You’ve got to this right and one of the most widespread mistakes business people make, who may or may not be into athletics, sport, health, fitness, etc, is that they never really establish the lifestyle that enables them to perform at high levels in balanced and healthy ways.

They think eating healthier or exercising, or getting more sleep, etc. is something they do after they achieve their goals, meanwhile, it’s what enables them. This is a mindset shift that changes everything; and when you make this mindset shift, how you take care of yourself, your body and your life will all fall into line.

It also changes the level at which you are able to achieve because you now differentiate between objectives and goals, and it’s really important, essential, and vital you get this distinction. It’s the key to establishing a lifestyle that works for you and not against you and gives you the energy health and performance you need to succeed, free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold you back.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing a series of videos with Mike Stanzillis VP of Membership and Government Affairs, also the Mayor of Mt Arlington NJ, from the Morris County Chamber of Commerce in the coming weeks simply highlighting “some” of the pillars of how to live a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle.

But it starts with the Mindset that all healthy high achieving people know and live by.

What does an entrepreneur or business professional want more than anything else?

1. Flow, things happening getting done, growing, serving, adding value, etc.

What does an entrepreneur or business professional dislike more than anything else?

When #1 is not happening, and when they get distracted and held back by things, especially those within their control.

In particular, low energy, lack of stamina, poor health and diminished performance.

People set goals to i.e. eat “healthier”… etc (of course only one aspect of your lifestyle) but what we are saying in the performance lifestyle mindset is that you eat healthy to achieve your goals.

Your lifestyle as a whole (given people wake up to be successful, not healthy) is fundamentally and practically about how you achieve your goals and that is about performance, and performance is a lifestyle.

If you want to be an unstoppable leader in 2021 you’ve got to make this mindset shift away from making goals out of things that are not goals, but are in fact what enables you to achieve your real goals.

No aspect of your lifestyle is a goal, they are all objectives you need to accomplish to enable you to achieve your goal in life, your business or career, your sport, or creative pursuit. Those are goals.

Eating healthy is not a goal, exercising is not a goal, getting sleep is not a goal, managing your energy and time are not goals.

They are lifestyle objectives.

The reason why this is the mindset shift that changes everything is this: When you get into the lifestyle mindset, anything and everything in your way can change.

Learn more about becoming unstoppable in whatever it is that you are to in your life, career, or business in 2021.

About JAM.

John Allen Mollenhauer is known as John Allen or by his initials “JAM” is a leading lifestyle coach and entrepreneur, and an expert at helping other entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals achieve more through a healthy performance lifestyle—free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold most people back; such as, pain and fatigue, overeating under-nourishing food, super busyness but physical inactivity, and unsupportive thinking among several others. Ultimately, he’ll help you align the way you live with your most important goals in life.

JAM is the founder of Performance Lifestyle® Inc in Florham Park NJ. With his team, he leads an online training academy and community that starts with helping achievers learn how to manage their energy like the pros do; and then, optimize the way they live for the energy, health, and high performance they need to flourish.

Also, an expert in Performance Recovery—the restoration of physiological and psychological processes—thousands of people have been inspired by JAM to proactively recover their natural energy and apply lifestyle-based strategies to regain the zest and zeal they’re used to having and more to increase joy, productivity, and of course their quality of life.

He is married with 2 children, loves to learn, apply, improve and share, read the Bible, and watch movies!

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