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The Concept of the Plus One Solution

The Plus One Solution is just about the best method of change that I have ever learned.

It’s right there with the “step-up” or “step forward” concepts, which most of us have heard about and use in everyday language.

What is a plus one or a “+1” like the Optimize + 1?

It’s a micro idea, a “tool,” that can help you through a situation (any situation) one small step at a time. Especially, when you are in a “fight thru” period in the process of change.

One of the best libraries of +1’s in existence is the Optimize +1 series, which, distills some of the world’s best wisdom into inspiring, impactful and practical micro-lessons you can apply to your life TODAY. (And… EVERY (!) day.

I have invested over 500+ hours consuming Optimize information to better learn the language of optimization as I coach people through the change, improvement, and optimization of their lifestyle, which we call a Performance Lifestyle. [PL]

It’s also one of the reasons why I am that much more effective as a Lifestyle Coach; I along with the coaches I train, am skilled at bringing the world’s best wisdom to supplement the PL Approach and framework, in short bites that we call Change Hero Insights.

Where does a Plus One Solution apply in Your Life?

You apply them to develop tiny habits, that aggregate, and compound over time. They are insights that drive action, like the Change Hero Insights we provide here at

They apply beautifully in every situation in your life and style of living it, but they apply best, or most noticeably, in what Jason Selk refers to in Organize Tomorrow Today a Fight thru periods.

When it comes to the change, improvement, and optimization of your lifestyle, all so you can live more energy, dramatically improved health, and higher performance to achieve the ambitious goals you set; you are going to go through various types of “periods.”

For example “honeymoon periods“, “fight thru” periods, and “second nature” periods. When you are developing the lifestyle habits highly successful people use for getting through these periods, plus one solutions enable you to perform behaviors consistently that breed success results.

The 3 Phases of Habit Formation.
Most people believe that they can form a habit in 21 days if they consistently perform the desired behavior consistently for approximately three weeks. However, this is not necessarily a realistic view of how habits are formed and that time frame is anecdotal at best. That said some habits can be formed in 21 days or shorter.

But let’s step away from time frames and get into the phases of change as these are what matter most. The formation of habits actually takes place through three distinct phases, the honeymoon phase, the fight thru phase, and the second nature phase.

  1. The Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase of habit formation is often characterized by the feeling that it’s easy. As most married people will tell you, at some point, even the greatest honeymoon must come to an end. The honeymoon phase of habit formation is usually a result of being inspired by something. For example, you might attend a highly motivational personal development conference, and for the first several days afterward, you are determined to make positive changes in your life.

2. The Fight Thru Phase

Once the honeymoon phases end, your inspiration will fade, and reality will set in. This is the phase where you might find yourself struggling with completing the positive habit and your old habits are just waiting around the corner for their chance to move back in. The key to successfully getting through this phase is to win two or three “fight thru’s.” To win a fight thru you should use the following techniques.

  • Recognize that you are in the fight thru a phase.
  • Ask questions and bring your emotions into the equation.
  • Imagine how your life will be in five years if you don’t make the necessary changes.This is where Plus One Solution (s) such as Optimize +1’s and Change Hero Insights come in.

3. The Second Nature Phase

When you enter the phase of second nature, you start to feel as though you are getting into the groove of things. Once you find yourself in this phase, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the following common interruptions.

  • Discouragement
  • Disruptions
  • Seduction of success

If you end up experiencing one of these interruptions it has the possibility of sending you back to phase two. By winning two or three of the fight thrus, you will find yourself back in the second nature phase where you can continue to move forward in forming more positive habits, and positive addictions.

Most people do think that forming positive habits is a simple as completing a new task consistently for 21 days. Unfortunately, that’s often more marketing, than reality; it takes a bit more time than that. Good habits require commitment and hard work, and you want to get so good at them that you don’t get it right, you can’t get it wrong.

Keep these three phases in mind the next time you want to form a good habit to help you reach a higher level of success.

Makes sense right?

Every step of the way you are going to need a plus one solution especially as you get the fight through and second nature phases, and maybe for a while. That’s why we publish Change Hero Insights the include +1 Wisdom.

Change Hero Insights like this one, are a plus one solution. You employ this insight when you are in a fight-thru situation; gauge where you are, and act accordingly.

PS: It really helps to have access to a plus one solution when you need it, so it makes sense to learn the many lifestyle insights that will help you in challenging situations. A plus one solution will help you make the life “style” adjustment you need to make when you need to make it, moment to moment.

So collect them!

When you are stuck, implement a plus one solution. See the Blog for Change for plenty and access to many more!

About JAM.

John Allen Mollenhauer is known as John Allen or by his initials “JAM” is a leading lifestyle coach and entrepreneur, and an expert at helping other entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals achieve more through a healthy performance lifestyle—free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold most people back; such as, pain and fatigue, overeating under-nourishing food, super busyness but physical inactivity, and unsupportive thinking among several others. Ultimately, he’ll help you align the way you live with your most important goals in life.

JAM is the founder of Performance Lifestyle® Inc in Florham Park NJ. With his team, he leads an online training academy and community that starts with helping achievers learn how to manage their energy like the pros do; and then, optimize the way they live for the energy, health, and high performance they need to flourish.

Also, an expert in Performance Recovery—the restoration of physiological and psychological processes—thousands of people have been inspired by JAM to proactively recover their natural energy and apply lifestyle-based strategies to regain the zest and zeal they’re used to having and more to increase joy, productivity, and of course their quality of life.

He is married with 2 children, loves to learn, apply, improve and share, read the Bible, and watch movies!


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