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Living Your Life, Like a PROfessional.

Living, it includes work, etc.  In this post, I’m going to suggest you learn how to live “your life” like a pro.

What do I mean by like a pro? I mean, optimally.

You see, about 13 years ago, after more than 10 years of being on a conscious path of giving rise to a new lifestyle, I discovered an idea called “Performance Lifestyle.” I didn’t invent the idea, but I did develop it. I discovered it in elite athletics and learned that professional athletes don’t just live healthy lifestyles to avoid getting sick, they live performance lifestyle’s to ensure they can sustain their training and win in their sport. Healthy is a given, not the goal; success is the goal. 

I had learned earlier from my mentor (famed physician, nutrition, and natural healing expert) Joel Fuhrman MD., also a world-class athlete (figure skater), that one of the reasons athletes live healthy as a given is that they can’t afford to be sick. Just imagine you are a pro athlete and you can’t play even 1 game; you can lose your starting position (or worse miss a season and that can kill a legacy. Just ask Drew Bledsoe who lost his starting position to Tom Brady.  Granted it was from an injury, but it could just as easily been from getting sick; so athletes, don’t chance not taking good care of themselves and their bodies.  They live performance lifestyles.  

Now, of course, I don’t think for a second that all athletes all live “optimal” lifestyle’s but their culture as a whole leans towards this. Combined with talent, it’s what gives them the performance edge. They are healthy, which means they dial in the absolute essentials of sleeping, eating better than most, and of course, they get plenty of exercise in their daily schedule, but they go even further. You can imagine that their level of performance is not from those three absolute essentials alone

Pro’s have complete alignment in their life. The way their lives are structured, their entire lifestyle (including aspects of living that you might not even think as part of “your lifestyle;”) and, their goals are all completely aligned making them so energy-efficient. In a word, they have “support,” across the board. 

Now you may ask, “well, I’m not a professional athlete, I don’t have that level of support and I don’t make the kind of money a professional athlete makes, so how can I do that?”
Well, you can, in your own way, at the level you are capable up, and that capability will increase over time when you yourself learn how to live a performance lifestyle and ultimately, a high-performance lifestyle, where you learn how to achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance (click this link to know what that means) with vibrant health and peace of mind. 

I’ve learned how to do this first hand and I might add, under a great deal of duress at times. As an entrepreneur, who got into the game of owning a business very early in my life, (12 Years old, I’m 51 now) during one of the greatest entrepreneurial times periods in history from 1980-2020; I have been part of several ventures or “adventures” that were at once an amazing experience, but at times so stressful I thought I might die. I’ve faced some seriously tough dragons on the journey, and the only way to handle them was to learn how to cope, change, and eliminate stress as needed rather than the harbor, tolerate, and hold on-to-what-might-have-in-fact-killed-me strategy. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the process and what I and my teams have been able to create, and achieve, but I will say this; “how you get into things” is very important. I used to just get into things without the necessary planning that would take care of me and my teams well, in the process, in terms of financial and human resources. It seemed everything I was up to, always required a heroic effort, “always.” And I assure you, no one can sustain that for long. Not even the best athletes in the world.

Probably one of my biggest lessons learned thus far is that you need to have as much support in place as possible. I know, that sounds like common sense, even though it’s not because your lifestyle is the biggest support there is and too many of us think we can cut corners; like, eating fast and poorly, skipping sleep, overbooking our schedules, jumping into things without enough planning, etc., all to save time and make money. I bet, more than many would like to admit, all in service of trying to keep pace with life, constant change, and the relentless demands that are on us as parents and professionals, maybe athletic enthusiasts, and creatives.

The thing is, it can seriously wear you down, and as the father of modern-day stress says in his book “The Stress of Life,” Dr. Hans Selye, who coined the term “stress;” “at the end fo the day, when you die, you wear out your body.” Some of us are just doing that way faster than others. That’s what I was doing and that’s what I want to prevent you from doing while helping you achieve big things in the world, by living like a pro.  

You can see my hero’s journey here. 

There is much more to my story; for example, what drove me so hard, so early, beyond my basic nature and the times, such as psychological factors; but that is not the focus of this post. What is, is the silver lining; it’s what I discovered in the process of living such a highly responsible, under supported life that challenged me with such intensity and ferocity. 

What I discovered was that there was so much more to living than meets the eye and that I could “step up,” the way I was living, in more ways than nutrition and fitness–the two most common aspects of lifestyle. Literally step up to a whole new tier of living, to where fluid forward motion even in the face of chaos and the potential for overwhelm was possible. I discovered that every day people even they are not world-class athletes can optimize and leverage the way they live for a huge performance edge that can make the difference between energy and burnout, health and disease, and success, or you seriously coming up short. 

I spent time on that track and it’s no fun, so I didn’t want to live “worn down” anymore. That had become my status quo and began to manifest as playing not to lose vs playing to win, short temperedness and a decreased desire to want to commit and go all-in on things; at one point anything. I didn’t know life, for almost 3 decades, as a genuinely energy-rich human; overstimulated yes, genuinely energy rich? NO! I was on a chronic path of energy depletion, saved only by youth, but that was dissipating. 

That’s when I discovered “Performance Lifestyle,” a perfect context to learn how to bridge the gap between health and success, (healthy performance ==>>lifestyle success). If I optimized the way I was living to support not just health, but now “healthy performance,” I would surely maintain lifestyle success. Which, I imagined at the time, and have realized today, would also result in the finer things of life, with a better quality of life, as I was now able to achieve my ambitious goals, without burning out and trading my health for success as I had done so many times before. 

As I began to step up, and living in balance, I notice myself staying on mission, harnessing my energy in the right ways, and focused; no longer distracted and held back by hidden lifestyle challenges. 

Somewhere along the way, I tuned in to a new possibility, that we would develop our work culture to a place where people could live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even their most ambitious goals and it’s clear; it happening. Even though today, we hear story after story about burnout, and how people are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and the risk/rise of Alzheimer’s disease and more. and about your percentage chance of getting these disease which ranges from 10% (Alzheimer’s) to 255 (diabetes) to 40% (heart disease) to 50% (Cancer); at the same time, the march of optimizing the way we live is on and I can save you a lot of time. 

What is creating all of those maladies? It’s coping with stress in ways that create more stress and falling prey to a diet style as part of a whole lifestyle that is not supporting you; let alone what you are up to in the world. The world is full of so-called solutions that take away the very thing they are supposed to be giving you, starting with your energy and health. And if you want a great life-performance, you had better make sure you are not falling for the hype, and being sold short on how you live your life. 

So, I am recommending you get on the path of optimizing your life and style of living it. That’s what I teach you to do and I can save you up to 20 years or more of your life-time and energy. So to get you started on the path to living a performance lifestyle you can call your own, and ultimately a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle where every (and I mean every) aspect of the way you are living is in support of you, your body/brain, and what you are up to in the world; I want to introduce you to The Lifestyle Boost Formula — 7 Steps to Supercharge your Immunity, Health and Resistance

This is the “on-ramp” to learning how to Manage Your Energy Like a Pro in a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own because a performance lifestyle is simply your lifestyle, optimized!

I’m going to be running these two-week programs monthly going forward because it’s these 7 steps that everyone must learn how to take, amidst a busy life; that is if achieving your goals without trading your health for success, is going to be possible. 

Why am I so bold in that statement? 

If fatigue builds in your life and your immune system is weakened, and you’re eating nutrient poor foods that further compromises your body;  it doesn’t matter if you are active, and work out; combined with too much stress in your life, an unmanageable life with poor responses to stress, WILL ensure you become one of those statistics. 

So, if you want to be a healthy, high-achieving person who thrives, to make the most of your life-performance, then you want to begin making sure your lifestyle is built around the steps that ensure you will have the energy, health, and performance you need to succeed and sustain it with quality of life. 

That’s what PROfessionals do. It’s likely you are a professional too, so welcome to living your life, like a pro. 


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