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Our New Normal Can be Better

Our New Normal Post COVID 19 Lockdown- It’s Not Worse It’s Better

When I started this year I had a different outlook, hence the saying “people plan, God laughs.” Like you, I didn’t see what was going to happen with the COVID 19 lockdown in any way. US Markets shutting down? Science fiction. 

I was looking at “2020” as a year like no other. And frankly, and I think you will agree; it’s been a year like no other!

But while on the surface from the passing of a sporting icon and his daughter which seemed to alter a month of our lives to the COVID 19 lockdown, which has changed the course of our lives; 2020 on the surface, so far, looks to be pretty grim.

Yet there are so many silver linings, in particular with this COVID 19 lockdown, despite the tragic backdrop of COVID-19 triggered sickness and deaths and the initial impact on markets, that I can’t help but talk about them.

After suffering from COVID 19 + sickness myself, which led to me starting and starting a popular Facebook Group called No Fear COVID Clear during this lockdown that shut my RegenUs Center just a few days after its grand opening; when I look back on this past month I think these are the two biggest silver linings.

After asking hundreds of people about the silver linings of this lockdown—

1: By far everyone needed a break and in many ways is enjoying it— It’s a change of pace to take stock of their lives, to recover (with the “cover” of a broader shutdown), spent time with kids they wouldn’t have had and the like; also to correct course and ultimately take new steps in their life.

2: This was not as visible as the first, but especially those who were affected by this virus and it’s effects; people woke up the the fact that they have to take care of their own health like never before. Medicine, vaccines etc, will never outdue the power of having a healthy, resilient body. 

While many people are using this time unwisely, at once concerned about social distancing, and hygiene, they aren’t making the most of this time, and are instead binge-watch Netflix, overeating fast food, not getting out into the elements and resorting to inactivity as they watch the fear evoking news. No doubt there are many who are suffering in this COVID 19 lockdown, not only from sickness and tragedy; government assistance has been anything but forthcoming particularly for the micro-businesses and service businesses that don’t have 10 employees or more and privileged relationships with their banks.

Yet, there is a segment of the population, that is taking in just enough news to stay informed but are focusing on making the most of the mandated COVID 19 Lockdown, that opened up space as few things can.

For instance, as a health and performance lifestyle trainer/coach to high achievers who are prone to overexertion, exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout, and basically trading their health for success as they/we/I are prone to coping with excess stress in ways that create more stress ( ie. the stress we all face in modern life, with kids, careers. businesses, and gravity of constant change (let alone huge changes like the impact of COVID 19 on every aspect of our lives); I am confronted with clients who build up to epic levels of energy debt that undermine their endeavors all the time.

Energy debt is by far the biggest pandemic out there. It’s the build-up of fatigue we experience because we are going all the time and don’t recuperate our energy regularly or systematically enough. With access to more information and opportunity, and more demand on our time and energy than in any other time in history; the busier we get and stay, the less time we have to take care of ourselves, our bodies and lives, leaving many people with enervated and anxiety-filled lives, despite their level of success.

I lived that life myself, and as part of the group that is making the most of the COVID 19 Lockdown, I am using the time to make sure I recovery from any built-up energy debt from the recent past. I know the overexerted life first hand and have evolved from attempting to wedge in healthy lifestyle practices into an overwhelming life, to now living a performance lifestyle as a result. In other words, I optimize the way I live so I can achieve even my most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind. The same fundaments that help you get out of a crisis, will help you live healthier, and perform at the highest levels depending on how you apply them. 

So, the COVID 19 lockdown, while challenging us all in new ways, is a blessing in disguise. With full acknowledgment that it has been devastating to so many, (this post is not about that) the nature of the term “silver linings” is that even the worst situation can provide a beautiful opportunity to slow down while others do too. It’s not easy to slow down while the rest of society is in a hyper gear, especially with our societal ‘performance addiction’ so prevalent; and the ‘addiction to performance (different) being so high.

Most of us are still working, but right now there is unusual flexibility during this COVID 19 lockdown due to CoronaVirus that I hope you are taking advantage of to feel the fatigue and recover. It’s not going to last forever; you working say 40 hours vs 50-60+ hours a week, so again take advantage of it!

This shutdown is the perfect opportunity to reset or reboot. Or, simply change the course of your life if you steer clear of fear, and get focused on the fundamentals of successful living that you now have the time to learn and align with. This can be the start of something great as you begin to optimize the way you live, which means you approach the achievement of your goals with a commitment to taking care of your Self, your body, and your life in the process.  

Here are some of the other silver lining of the COVID 19 Lockdown…

  1. You spent more time with your kids, who spell love T I M E. (I’ve had more time with my daughter than ever before in her 2.5 short years of life.
  2. The stigma, any that remained, of working at home now just got erased! Get good at it because it offers a new quality of life which you may be experiencing for the first time. 
  3. The realization that with virtual technology, which the masses are now adept at, you don’t have to be always on the road or traveling for in-person meetings are building the awareness and skill that they can conduct business over Zoom.
  4. You have more time and space to build the lifestyle habits that promote your energy, health, and performance capacities; you have the opportunity of the century to get out energy debt and renew your approach to life and goal achievement. “Think like an athlete.”
  5. You can focus your attention on what’s next for you and your career or business. Many things have changed as you well know; what do you need to do set your self up for success?
    • The new intention, direction, and strategy?
    • New game and need to learn how to play it?
    • Build your financial support and your team
    • New ways to be gage and serve others?

Many people got sick, and many have died due to COVID 9 Lockdown but it was not the virus alone that caused that sickness or death, and medicine alone will not solve the problem now or in the future. That was true for me as well, as I allowed myself to get worn down and be susceptible just as this virus was hitting. 

COVID 19 is not the last virus we will face, and unless we face the fact that it was mostly those who were susceptible to contracting this virus that fell prey to sickness and more; the emphasis will stay on “solutions” outside of your lifestyle when it’s your lifestyle that is driving and determining most of the personal and professional results you and I experience.

Here are the 5 suceptiblities (not including genetic etc…)  

  • were worn down with depletes energy and therefore their immune defenses were low…
  • had poor lifestyle habits and were therefore in an unhealthy condition, with an unhealthy terrain for COVID 19 to exploit, even if we looked healthy by societal standards on the outside…
  • has pre-existing conditions like immunosuppressive and autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease, and cancers …
  • did not have the faculties or the skills to respond to this virus in ways that were effective, and were taken over by fear…
  • And had an over-reliance on medical modalities to solve a problem that can only truly be solved in the end by a genuinely healthy lifestyle… * note, which is not to say that emergency medical care was not needed at some point.

You don’t want to be susceptible in the future, to start right now while this COVID 9 Lockdown is still in play to build momentum towards an optimal lifestyle. If you haven’t gotten it; look at the above and don’t think for a second because you didn’t get it, your previous usual way of lifestyle was just fine.

No fear, just a reality check. In a global economy, COVID 19, etc will be in our lives. It’s part of the new normal we are living in.

But for our “New Normal” to be better, it’s time to optimize every aspect of the way we are living; that is one protection you can count on to achieve your goals in life with your health and well-being intact.





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