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I Had Coronavirus and Here’s What I Learned— Part 1

Yes, I suffered for weeks through the CoronaVirus and I am grateful to have not only survived but to have thrived with optimal health practices 

Despite the fact that I had to use an inhaler, take prescription cough syrup and more, lost my sense of taste and smell for more than 10 days, and had difficulty even taking a walk for a while there; what enabled me to get the virus, get symptom-free and come back stronger was simply to ratchet up, even further, how I was already living. 

The doctors, throughout the process, reinforced one central message. A message that I already knew, but was amazed at how clear and strongly worded they were as the told me… ==>>there is no solution to Coronavirus.  Optimal Health is the Solution to CoronaVirus. <<==

How ironic, it was to hear, as I’m usually railing against the default to medicine (unless in an emergency or unusual situation) and training and coaching around insights into optimal lifestyle practices people need to get in play in the way they live that the only solution to the virus was health. In this case, I was seeking emergency care, the docs, in response to my questions about getting virus-free,  were telling me the only answer was to be healthy.

I’ve shared 7 PROactive Tips Within Your Control as The World Switches off Due to CoronaVirus.   

Now, I am on the other side and doing something to help others by explaining what it really means to have Optimal Health. Talking viruses and immunity… is usually not my thing; I usually leave that to deep dive healthcare practitioners. I usually talk about energy, health promotion, and performance to driven, high-achiever types who don’t just need to live a healthy lifestyle, but rather, a broader “performance” lifestyle. But given the times we are in, it couldn’t be more relevant to talk about these topics. 

As an optimal health advocate and professional performance, lifestyle coach, where I teach that healthy living is the given, not the goal; I thought I would be one of the lucky ones to avoid the virus, but I was run down (longer story here) due to needing to accomplish too much in too short a period of time for our Grand Opening of RegenUs Center (another irony) and was exposed at a stressful time.

If you have not had the virus, be grateful but also get VERY prepared to take your energy and health to a whole new level; the level you are going to need here-forward in a global economy where breakouts like this can happen at any time, and stress on you, will be high. 

So, fitting for the time, I am inviting you to a fast-growing Facebook group I created called COVID 19 Prevention & Recovery Network. I want you to click the link and join now. It’s free and very important that you participate or at least check-in. Over 90% of the hundreds of members have never had the virus but want to alchemize this situation for all it’s worth in preparation for the future.

The group is all about helping people prevent getting Coronavirus free or any future “COVID” and helping those that have it by harnessing the wisdom and insight of those that have recovered from the virus. 

If Hleathy living spread as fast as this virus, there would be no curve to flatten!

I know you are busy, and I don’t make a dime doing this. I’m busy too, but I’m doing this because it needs to be done; we all need to CoronaVirus Free. We don’t need another group or source of information about the virus itself, the science behind why it’s taken hold, or on hygiene. We need to know how to prevent and recovery and get on with our life with the vitality, optimal health and performance needed to meet all the challenges ahead. So, I think this it’s worth checking in on periodically because I/we are covering topics here that I usually don’t get into at a time when we all need it most, at no cost to you but your attention.  

We not only want you to join us, but we want you to engage and participate in any part of the discussions or ask your questions. 

The goal is to eliminate fear, get the facts, and stay COVID clear. Join us now right here on or 

After you join, please invite anyone you feel would benefit from this powerful free resource.

This will help you make the most of this time during the shutdown and prepare you for what’s ahead. 

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