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Less than 3 Percent of People Live a Healthy Lifestyle and It’s Crushing Their Success!

I want to share some sobering stats as we start 2020 about the percentage of people living a healthy lifestyle in the US and abroad, but understand; this post is not about convincing you to live healthier, it’s about the solution to this dilemma. That is optimizing your lifestyle, for your performance and success. If you do that, you’ll have all the energy you need and your health will be solid!

Only 1% of us are living a lifestyle that is optimized to support us AND what we are up to in the world (Pilar Gerasimo below says only 1% is living a healthy lifestyle!) only 3% of us is living a healthy lifestyle and 96% is getting crushed living the standard lifestyle according to our research. 

And that doesn’t need to cause alarm for you, especially if you are in the 1%; but it should cause alarm if you are in the 99% because the people in the 3% are only meeting basic “healthy” guidelines that are watered down and allow the 95% of all diseases to remain “lifestyle-induced.”
According to Michigan State University Researchers: Of the 153,000 respondents, only 3 percent participated in all four of what are termed healthy lifestyle characteristics, or HLCs. Looking at these HLCs individually, about 75 percent reported they didn’t smoke; 23 percent included at least five fruits and vegetables in their daily diets; 22 percent took part in regular physical activity, which is defined as at least 30 minutes of activity a day, five or more times a week; and about 40 percent maintained a healthy weight, which is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or less.
Instead, this can be a call to action, not just to your health, but to your success. If you want to be in the 1% read the Introduction to the Performance Lifestyle.
Our message is simple. 
You don’t just want to buy into “passing grades” for being healthy, meanwhile you burnout and trade your health for success. The old world, model and mindset. You want to harness your energy, health, and performance for your success by optimizing your lifestyle. That’s the new world, model and mindset. 
Pilar Gerasimo is the creator of Experience Life magazine (which currently reaches over 3 million people per year) and who recently wrote the book The Healthy Deviant, A Rule Breaker’s Guide to Being Healthy in an Unhealthy World.
The lead quote for her book perfectly captures the thesis of the book. It’s from Jiddu Krishnamurti. He tells us: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Yep. That’s about right. In a society in which the VAST majority of us are sick and tired and anxious and depressed and, well, blah… IT IS NO MEASURE OF HEALTH TO BE WELL ADJUSTED TO THAT SICK SOCIETY. 

Currently, we live in a culture that produces more unhealthy, unhappy people than healthy, happy ones. In fact, right now, the unhealthy-to-healthy ratio is arguably running about a hundred to one. … If you are currently a healthy and happy person in today’s United States of America (or in any one of a growing number of countries now following our lead), you represent a tiny and shrinking minority. You are, statistically speaking, an endangered species. …

In my mind, these facts raise a rather captivating question: What kind of society makes being healthy and happy so difficult that only a single-digit percentage of its population can hope to pull it off?

The answer is self-evident: A sick society. And within a sick society—one where chronic illness, obesity, drug dependence, anxiety, and depression are rapidly becoming the prevailing norms—what does it mean to be one of the few who buck those unhealthy odds?

It means that you have to be prepared to successfully resist your society’s standard way of doing business. You have to oppose its rules and defy its conventions. You have to make all kinds of inconvenient and unpopular choices. You have to become a sort of renegade freak—or at least be willing to think and act like one some of the time.
The great news is that this does not require superhuman willpower, single-digit body-fat percentages, buns of steel, or an endless parade of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. What it does require: A willingness to toss some official-looking rule books out the window, to suspend some self-torpedoing beliefs and assumptions, and to begin doing some things … differently. That starts with understanding one basic, disturbing fact: If you aren’t breaking, the rules, you’re probably breaking yourself.
~ Pilar Gerasimo from The Healthy Deviant 
One part about the above that I need to point out is this quote: “You have to make all kinds of inconvenient and unpopular choices. You have to become a sort of renegade freak.” This is not even true anymore, and once you shift your mindset. It might have been true a decades ago for most of us who were living in the old world, model and mindset of living a lifestyle with no context, standards or boundaries…
But once you shift away from the typical lifestyle, and go beyond just working out, and eating a little healthier, and not smoking (which shouldn’t even be on the list, to begin with), not only does body mass index take care of itself; you start living like an athlete in your life, even if you are not into sports or a fitness enthusiast and… 
You directly link your lifestyle with your success in life, and crush it, without getting crushed by excess, stress, and fatigue, poor lifestyle habits, which is how the 99% typically live. And now, you correct course and start living like a Pro
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