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The 7 [2020] Optimal Living Resources That Will Change Your Life for the Better, Forever

To make this list of the 7 [2020] Optimal Living Resources That Will Change Your Life for the Better, Forever; it’s got to be epically good.

I’m sharing them with you because that is what I do, and because they have been immensely influential in my own life, my own development; and, they will be influential in helping you unleash the full potential of your lifestyle to achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind. 

So let’s get right into them, in order of the layer of your life that they influence… these are resources that have either inspired, educated or supported me in the process fo developing performance lifestyle. 

1. High-Performance Lifestyle®—, ok, this is, of course, the big idea that  I have been ushering into the world over the past 20+ years. The reason why it’s first in this list is not self-serving. It’s here because at the end of the day; this is what everything rolls up to. It’s an optimized lifestyle (optimal living) that fully supports you and what you are up to in the world. I will be releasing the roadmap or blueprint to living a High-Performance Lifestyle (the practice of all essential lifestyle practices) soon, and it’s linked to the PL365 Year-Round training that compliments it so you can start living in the 1%. This will save you up to 20 years or more! 

2. Eating Nutrient-Rich food— Most people are familiar with hearing the idea of diet or nutrition and lifestyle as the solution to living a disease-free life, but very few people understand the cornerstone of nutrition, so they hop from diet to diet to diet over the course of their lifetime, but never really really learn how to fuel their body and eat “healthy”…If you are ready for that to be a thing of the past so you can get it and get on with your life, then learn how to eat in a whole food nutrient-rich way. Even though we publish the site above as pioneers of high nutrient density eating with Dr. Fuhrman, we teach how to eat whole food nutrient-rich as part of PL365, because one of the top three aspects of lifestyle you want to get right, is how you eat. 

3. Blue blocking glasses This is a tactical resource, not necessarily fundamental,  but when it comes to managing your circadian rhythms, you can’t be in the dark during the day and in the light during the night. So blue-blocking glasses are very important. You don’t need to learn anything other than why you are wearing them and put them on. Once you do, you will never go back.  

4. Optimize—Ok, so you probably don’t have the time to read the best science-backed wisdom books to help you further optimize the way you live. It’s also likely, with me talking all about optimizing the way you live, you probably don’t have the new “Optimize” language. The world is created with words, so this is very important. So, start +1’ing yourself every day and soon your momentum around lifestyle optimization will surpass your wildest imagination. This wisdom helps me, helps me train and coach my clients who are learning how to go beyond fitness and healthy lifestyles, and now live a high-performance lifestyle. 

5. The Energy Blueprint—Energy is THE subject. Everything is energy and energy is everything and this by no means is a subject the energy blueprint will completely cover, but when it comes to learning the cellular science of beating fatigue, getting your energy back and living with optimal energy, there is no better resource than The Energy Blueprint. This is important to know as learning how to ground yourself, harness and manage your energy is the second greatest human performance skill you can learn, so understanding the science of superhuman cellular energy is useful. All of this information is factored into PL365, and high-Performance Lifestyle training and coaching.  

6. RegenUs Center—Full disclaimer, this is another solution that I founded, created and own along with my wife Mariahna Suzan. This resource will guide you on how to build regeneration into the core of your life and engage in proactive recovery, whether you come to our center or not. Of course, I teach this as part of High-Performance Lifestyle training and coaching. 

7. The Practice of No Problem— catchy idea indeed. It does not mean that you have no problems in your life, but it will lead you to a meditation practice, which IS the practice of no problem; radical acceptance of what is. It’s living from the very best part of yourself as we say, in the right relationship with your brain/body, not your psychology which tends to make problems out of everything. Optimal living as a whole is not possible unless you learn the practice of no problem because if you just keep making a problem out over everything new, then, well, you’ll give up halfway up the mountain.I found Jeff Carriera who was a fellow student and leader of evolutionary enlightenment. I recommend it, because if you want to learn what you really are before who you think you are, the change that changes everything else; then, you’ve got to tune into the great story of us. You’ve got to discover and get comfortable at the ground of being, align with the evolutionary impulse and then get into a practice that’s “practical.” and Jeff is awesome at this.  

So, there you go. The 7 “2020” resources that will change your lifestyle and your life for the better, forever. It could take you 20 years just to discover what’s in this email, so use the contents of this email wisely. This is not a haphazard list, it’s a bonafide path. And when you are on the path to living a Performance Lifestyle, and then a High-Performance Lifestyle, you will be gaining insights from all of these resources among others. They are all factored in. 

That said, it doesn’t hurt for you to go through these great works as well for even deeper dives alongside PL365


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