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Build Your Habits to Rebuild Your House, Career or Business

Re Build Your Habits to Rebuild Your House

As time marches on and the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic continues and its practical impact is felt; today’s Change Hero Insight is to build your habits to re, build your house.

As we all come back from COVID 19, you may need to rebuild your “house” — your family life, your career, or business. Start with this– build your habits first.

This always starts with your spiritual habits. Often we hear of mind-body-spirit, but the reality is that it’s spirit first; your mind, and body will follow. We / you need to build your habits in that order if you want to be a directed, intentional, and effective human being.

Spirit, is the God speed, the intelligent energy of the universe, the creative force, the Holy Spirit, the divine within, your true nature, the unlimited power within… however you speak of THAT; it’s what’s enabling you/me to accumulate wisdom and live it, communicate and share it, and you have to build your habits spiritually, as well as mentally and physically to be in the right relationship with your mind (brain) and body.

Habits like meditation, prayer, fasting, rest, and recovery get you connected to and regenerate this life force within you for your body/brain to work well and for you to function and perform well as a human being.

Recently, in a broader story that I will share at some point, my family and I needed to move from our home. And it’s been hard, but I have found solace in staying grounded in spirit, with psychologically neutral thinking–not making it a good experience or a bad experience; but rather, just an experience that I will learn from, and recieve clear insights from in retrospect and to just roll with. The good, the bad and excruciatingly hard in the process of this change, is training for life.

Moving is as they say very, very challenging, but I also don’t need to make more of it than it needs to be. I, like you who needs to build your habits, need to build my habits and I’m using this time to do that very thing.

Everything that is going to come in our future is going to be built on the habits that we create, maintain, and improve on right now. The future that will come will be based on every habit that’s in play in our lives right now.

So as I rebuild my house in some new ways while readying a new aspect of my business, and as you perhaps are doing in your own capacity; today’s insight is to build your habits first. Habits are the foundation that operationalizes everything. Build them even before the house is complete, and rejoice in the simple acts that you take that lead to big and bigger results.

No longer be one of those people who say they will believe it when they see it. You do in fact have to believe it first to see it, and not just believe it alone. But, In addition, to believing in what you are up to and want to see; you need to act on your belief, routinely, and that starts with habits. Habitual routines are what will give rise to what you want to see. And when you do that I can pretty much assure you – assuming you are not 4′ 11″ and trying to dunk a basketball – you will see it happen.

Start to build your habits today.

Build your habits around energy, build your habits around change, improvement, and optimization. Build your habits around every aspect of your lifestyle and you just watch what will happen to your results.

Remember, this is a no guru zone, we are all in training!

FREE CONFIDENTIAL CALL with JAM– Serious about change, improving, and optimizing the way you live? Let’s set a time and talk to each other about where you are and how I can help. It’s completely confidential. This call is the best way to get started, so your willingness to change meets expert support and guidance. You can call me right now at 862-216-7959 or choose a time for our call here using my online calendar>>>

About JAM.

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM” is an expert at helping driven entrepreneurs and business professionals achieve more through a balanced and healthy, high-performance lifestyle; those who feel distracted and held back in their business, maybe even their life because they don’t have the zest and zeal they used to, the support, and clarity they need to succeed in the way or at the level they want. They’ve gone from program to program each of which promises the solution to perform better, achieving their ambitious goals and living the “lifestyle” they envision, but something is missing, something they just can’t quite put their finger on, and they’re ALL-IN to resolve it once and for all.”

JAM is the founder of Performance Lifestyle® Inc—a leading-edge training and coaching practice that guides people on how to ultimately optimize their own lifestyle for energy, health, and performance to achieve their ambitions goals. Thousands of people have been inspired by JAM to make lifestyle changes starting with proactively recovering natural energy, to increase performance and quality of life.

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