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Change Your Energy and Increase Your Motivation

Change Your Energy to Dramatically Improve Your Motivation

Change your energy and you will truly transform your level of motivation and your life.

Life itself and all of its functions depend on Energy.
Personally, that means every human function you can possibly come up with, but let’s get specific.

For starters; let’s just take your everyday attitude: a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically a settled way of thinking that is reflected in a person’s behavior.

Just think about your attitude when you are tired, when what’s happening in your life is challenging, threatening, and or not going right. If your adaptation energy is high, you can deal with that challenge from a position of strength, not from weakness; which, is ultimately not about a poor attitude, but about not having the actual energy to have an uplifting attitude.

Energy expended to cope with one type of stress, such as staying up late, results in less being available for other stresses, such as training and working. When adaptation energy is low, a person is more likely to suffer from stress-related diseases and conditions known as burnout and rundown and that, of course, will directly influence one’s lifestyle, which will reinforce any present (and usually poor) behavior.

The reason I tell you about adaptation energy is that for decades human energy was and is still all too often divorced from all forms of human motivation and performance. According to the thesis written by Catherine Pastille, Ph.D., on Personal Energy Management Styles and Their Influence on Work Performance; in 1943, none other than Abraham Maslow in his theory of human motivation rejected the idea of any, one physiological drive being the central point of any theory of motivation. Rather, all physiological states are themselves motivating according to Maslow.

Change Your Energy: Personal Energy Management Styles and Their Influence on Work Performance.That was a big conclusion and one that has influenced human performance study and training ever since; virtually relegating human motivation to a from-the-neck-up experience for decades to come and it’s not, alone. It’s both how you think (information) and the power that thought can stimulate (energy).

But that’s not what most of us learn. When it comes to motivation we learn half the story (as we do in many things); and cultivating human energy was relegated to a by-product of food intake (calories), which is not the kind of energy any of us is deficient in and sleep, which we are deficient in.

Meanwhile the topic of “energy”, was also written off as just a health and wellness concern; largely because the researchers setting the pace for motivation and performance theory did not understand physiological energy (which is the same energy powering your brain and nervous system so essential to work performance) or how to change your energy at the time.

For instance, do you think in 1943, let alone the year 2000, understanding electrons in biology was understood?

Any understanding of human energy, that does not have you sourcing and producing energy from the ground up, is limited.

Likewise, any theory of human motivation and performance that does not address how to source and produce optimal levels of energy is therefore an incomplete theory. ~ JAM

If you look at the copy clip to the right, you can see that physical energy was divorced from human motivational theory early in the game and this is a huge reason why most of us have no understanding of why changing your energy, will increase your motivation.

High energy / unmotivated and negative people is an oxymoron, but low energy / unmotivated and negative people with a poor attitude are common.

This is why is so important to learn how to change your energy for increasing motivation and human performance.

No human capacity can function fully when energy levels are low, and the energy that powers your attitude is the very same energy that powers all of the following and more:

  • Digestion
  • Memory and recall
  • Speech
  • Clarity of mind or brain fog
  • Communication
  • Cellular Function and healing
  • Eyesight
  • Motility
  • Immune system defense
  • Think and mental processing of information
  • Growth and development of every kind

Notice these are not in descending order. They are all vital, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what improves when you change your energy, by learning how to source, produce, and manage your energy like a pro.

It’s time to break the silence on this and bring proactive, personal energy renewal to the forefront of the human experience and certainly personal energy management styles and their influence on work performance.

My clients are primarily entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals, who have a tremendous demand not just on their time, but also their energy, and you can’t address their health and human performance very well unless you are addressing their energy to perform.

So while the key to change is to feel good, without enough energy, you will not feel good and that is why it’s essential to know how to change your energy—learn how to source and produce more energy, and manage your energy like a pro—before you take on big changes in your life and for making essential changes in your life.


FREE CONFIDENTIAL CALL with JAM– Let’s set a time and talk to each other about where you are and how I can help. It’s completely confidential. This call is the best way to get started, so your willingness to change meets expert support and guidance. You can call me right now at 862-216-7959 or choose a time for our call here using my online calendar>>>

About JAM.

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM” is an expert at helping driven entrepreneurs and business professionals achieve more through a balanced and healthy, high-performance lifestyle; those who feel distracted and held back in their business, maybe even their life because they don’t have the zest and zeal they used to, the support, and clarity they need to succeed in the way or at the level they want. They’ve gone from program to program each of which promises the solution to perform better, better achieving their ambitious goals and living the lifestyle they envision, but something is missing, something they just can’t quite put their finger on, and they’re ALL-IN to resolve it once and for all.”

JAM is the founder of Performance Lifestyle® Inc—a leading-edge training and coaching practice that guides people on how to ultimately optimize their energy, health, and performance to achieve their ambitions goals. Thousands of people have been inspired by JAM to make lifestyle changes starting with sourcing, recovering, and managing natural energy, to increase performance and quality of life.


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