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9 Signals You Are Avoiding the Signs of Fatigue

9 Signals That You Are Avoiding the Signs of Fatigue

We don’t avoid stop signs; then why do we avoid signs of fatigue?

Let’s face it, the pace of life and the amount of responsiveness that is required of us in this tech-driven information age is enormous and wearing people down. And the traditional health and wellness approach barely acknowledges this, even though health professionals have also been subjected to it themselves.

People who are not immersed in health are often cynical about Self, Body, and Lifestyle change or improvement because they are worn down; they don’t have the energy to invest over and beyond their work and the basic routine of their life.

They know that there is a big gap between how they could or should ideally be living and how they can and are living for one reason or another. For many, the gap seems too wide to bridge. So, they don’t and just keep on in the way they usually do despite signs of fatigue.

I get it, we all need to do what we need to do to survive, but still, there is the law in a society, for example, that we need stop signs and cannot just keep driving our cars; else we’ll collide with other vehicles.

In parallel, biologically speaking, the same is true. You can’t keep pushing (driving) your body to perform and not collide with negative consequences. It’s inevitable. and signs of fatigue are predictable.

That certainty is what people en masse are running into today as we all experience the impact of today’s “performance culture.”

Gone are the natural boundaries due to technology, automation, and cost-cutting to stay competitive. We do more with less and now live in a society where it’s complete all-in responsibility for many people; you reap what you sow, or you don’t survive, let alone thrive.

So is there even time to take care of yourself, your body, and your life at the level you need? 

I hate to be the bearer of uncompromising news, but nature doesn’t care about the worldly game we’re playing. You either get your needs met to the best of your ability, or the consequences of not doing so will ensue as they do, evidentially, for so many people caught up in the astronomical rise in lifestyle-induced diseases.

But of all the lifestyle-induced diseases we face today, from obesity to cancer, the one that is only starting to get its due is the one that is the consistent thread through them all. And that is constant tiredness, which turns into exhaustion and chronic fatigue.



As a professional Lifestyle Coach, when I help people make changes, improve and optimize the way they live, the primary “transformation” is NOT in their diet, exercise, thinking, or managing their schedule. Let alone any of the other aspects of their lifestyle that enable them to navigate through the world better to achieve their goals and improve their health, performance, and wellbeing; all that follows.

The primary transformation in the lifestyle upgrade I’m talking about is moving from blowing right through the signs of fatigue to stopping and fulfilling your need to recharge, restore and manage your energy.

A little science that you as a business professional need to know. 

Your body runs on ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the “chemical” currency of energy that stores much power in its bonds. Your body produces and converts about 90 million, billion, billion molecules of ATP every day: about your bodyweight!


The thing is, aligned with that “chemical” currency view, most of us have only learned the “fueling” pathway of ATP production, where energy is produced through the combustion of oxygen and food, as it’s broken down into glucose to produce ATP. It’s also why people drink coffee.

But there are other energy pathways to make this ATP molecule in our cellular energy generators—the mitochondria. One of these and probably the primary path for energy production is light, which IS electromagnetic energy that stimulates electrons and protons in our nervous system, which powers an enzyme localized in the inner membrane of the mitochondria called ATP Synthase, which is a “turbine” that produces ATP.

It’s way more complex than that, but here is why you, as a relentlessly busy business professional, need to understand the science of energy at least that far. If you were to run out of ATP for even a few minutes, you would die (that’s inconvenient), but more practically, if you are depleted of energy during the day, one of two things is going to happen:

1: You will leave your ability to profit in the dust as you can’t act to succeed or at the level you need. And if you do, find a way to will your way through fatigue

2: You will prematurely and ultimately burn out and trade your health for success, playing into everyone’s instinctual wisdom that wealth without health is pretty much a letdown.

So, what do you do?

You start paying attention to the symptoms and signs of fatigue. 

Your body gives you fatigue signals; I’m listing nine below, but we have repeatedly been trained to roll right through them.

  1. increase negative emotions,
  2. tingling fingers,
  3. lack of flow and the rise of efforting,
  4. yawning,
  5. brain fog
  6. increase in pain
  7. limited thinking (as your brain shuts you down from
  8. spending even more energy)
  9. lack of sharpness and acuity
  10. Etc.

Until one fine day, you realize you have pushed it so hard that your body feels like giving up. I.e., your back goes out through spasms, you make a rash decision, respond in anger, don’t take a critical project across the finish line, and cause damage to your body that will take a significant time or a lifetime to recover.

That scenario is a big deal, yet we let motivational speakers and their quotes induce us to blow through the signs of fatigue every day!

Can you imagine a motivational speaker saying, “Stop signs are for lazy drivers; to be mentally tough, keep driving!” No, that would be ludicrous, but that’s what you are likely doing to overcome fatigue in your everyday activities, and it’s rediculous.

Those influences, in effect, entice you to burn out and trade your health for the very success they are trying to help you achieve.

Constant tiredness and fatigue are mostly the signs of overexerting, which tire you out and exhaust the same life force that is your power to succeed and sustain. And when that happens, you have to cope with what IS the original cause of lifestyle-induced diseases in today’s day and age because nothing will prompt poor behavior, decisions and results more than fatigue.

And the only way you can overcome that is to learn how to build your life around recharging and restoring your energy and make moment-to-moment and day-to- day, even week-to-week and month-to-month decisions to manage your energy better and proactively recover.

There are exceptions when heroic actions are needed, but they need to be few and far between.

Are you covering up the symptoms (signs of fatigue) and stimulating your way through the day with coffee, extreme work ethic, food, exercise, and obsessive planning?  

If so, because you are masquing the signs of fatigue so well and never face your actual condition, or convince yourself there is no other way, or you don’t know any other way; you are ratcheting down your capacity to function hour-to-hour and day after day, and you are “debiting” your longevity.

It’s not easy at first to face your actual condition. It can feel overwhelming, and it can be tough to map out a strategy for moving forward in a way that can resolve the whole problem.  I hear you; it took me nearly 30 years, but there is now a lifestyle upgrade solution that you can implement step by step that can take you a tenth of that time or less. It just depends on how far you want to take it.

And that solution starts by learning how to 1) master your body’s energy (control) system, manage your energy, and engage in proactive recovery to accelerate as the first steps.

Do that, and you will naturally begin to upgrade your lifestyle, which you can then take as far as you want.  #90-DayLifestyleUpgrade

There is plenty of runway to progress, but if you want to upgrade the way you live and work, you’ve got to learn how to live with optimal energy levels. 

If you are ready to stop being tired all the time and you want to live better, I know how you feel; I was there once myself. 

1) I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life and once defined myself by my capacity to not succumb to fatigue (it nearly killed me),

2) I became a nutrition expert and was already adept at fitness, having been in the gym business, thinking these were the solutions to better and more energy, when (at best) they are only (albeit significant) part of the solution, and

3) Over 25 years, I learned how to live a healthy lifestyle successfully in a performance-addicted culture, developed the performance lifestyle and high-performance lifestyle to make the essential changes I and other driven achiever-types need to make to go beyond surviving and thrive,

But, one core set of practices always seemed to elude me: those practices that resulted in the level of energy recovery I needed to do the bigger bolder (ambitious) things I wanted to do in my life . Eventually, I developed REGENUS CENTER because I found that unless you master the art and science of proactively recharging and restoring, as part of managing your energy, people like you and I will constantly be challenged by having enough power even if we are making great strides in other aspects of our lifestyles.

If you are prone to constant tiredness due to the level of responsibility you have in the world and are stimulating your way through the day using methods that give you no return on investment, are tired of the game face and crashing when you get home; you are ready for the first step of a lifestyle upgrade.

Reach out to me via phone, email, or DM, about The 90 Day Lifestyle Upgrade, which will teach you and get you into the practice of proactively recharging and restoring your energy to manage your energy like a pro!

It will change your life for the better forever.


As “client zero,” entrepreneur John Allen Mollenhauer, known as John Allen or Lifestyle Coach “JAM,” was desperate to figure out how to achieve his ambitious goals without burning out, wearing out, and trading his health for success despite being proficient in nutrition and fitness. As a result, over 20 years, he made the most significant lifestyle change one can make, learned how to manage his energy, and step by step, he produced the never-before-assembled formulas for living a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle. Today, he’s still an in-the-game lifestyle entrepreneur and a pioneering Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

Lifestyle Coach JAM delivers powerful free resources that will inspire you to get started on the path to upgrading your lifestyle, starting with the 90-day lifestyle upgrade that focuses you on recharging, restoring, and managing your energy like a pro so that you can achieve your goals at a higher level with an ever-better quality of life.   

Download: Upgrade Your Lifestyle for Energy, Health, and Higher Performance—The Toolkit at  





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