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Life Force Energy—The “KEY” to Health and a Higher Level of Performance. 

By John Allen Mollenhauer “Lifestyle Coach JAM” with comments by Tony Robbins

There is a revolution going on; most aware of it call it the Life Force Energy Revolution. “Lifeforce” or “vital principle” Qi, or chi, Prana, Nerve energy, Spirit, etc., is translated as “natural energy,” “life force,” or “vital force.” It’s got many other terms (some slang like “mojo”) that used to be seen as a philosophical term, but as you’ll learn, all point to the same biomotive force in us all.  

The lack of it, aka low energy, ‘biologically speaking,’ is the primary cause of lifestyle-induced diseases, which distract and hold you from achieving your goals. The reason is simple: once you deplete what powers your person, everything downstream is negatively affected, from your metabolism to your attitude, habits, and outlook; your entire human performance.   

Ironically, depleted energy is usually the result of a high-performance effort. 

After all, you are a driven achiever type who’s up to big things in your family, career, or business, and you are putting out extraordinary energy levels each day. Contrary to the traditional medical model, it’s usually not something that afflicts you. You don’t catch it; you unintentionally earn it with relentless activity. 

Practically speaking, when too much stress is bearing down on you, a consequence is a low energy state as you respond to stress. But if you are not proactively recovering this energy and managing it through optimal living practices, before you know it, you’ll be responding to stress in ways that create more stress, not more energy. 

Excess stress in all of its forms leads to disease. The disease then distracts you from what’s most important to you. I’m talking about everything from constant tiredness to chronic fatigue and all its mental health correlates (which affect up to 45% of the population) and obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and beyond, which end the lives of 750,000 to 1.5M people per year. 

Whoa, slow down there, JAM, I have tons of energy,” you say. 

Most people are compelled to say that because low energy is associated with something wrong with you. When the truth is, we appear to have lots of energy when we’re stimulated and spending our energy all day long. But that also means you are depleting your body, too, “all day long.” 

You can self-assess how much energy you actually have by taking stock of how much power you have when you slow down or stop. That’s when your actual energy level shows up. 

If you start yawning a lot, you get emotional, feel somewhat depressed (even if things are good) and aches and pains get accentuated; you know you’ve been under extreme circumstances for far too long. If so, it’s time to get proactive about energy recovery and optimize how you live and work. It will transform your life for the better forever. 

lower energy level usually results from a body not producing enough energy during stressful periods; your energy generators, the mitochondria, shift to cell defense during stressful periods vs. energy production. 

That’s straight-up biology. Suppose you are not skilled at managing your energy well, such that there is not enough life force to regenerate your body. In that case, you can also understand why you don’t have the energy to invest in optimal living habits before, during, and after your work is complete. It’s the primary reason fatigue, weight, and health complications are rampant.

Just think about the last time you wanted to exercise or eat a healthy meal, but your bioenergy and brain fog left you opting for TV and a bowl of cereal. At that moment, you weren’t just lazy, you how depleted life force energy. 

There is no mistaking that people are awakening to this insight, where people feel the crush of excess stress on their life force energy level when Tony Robbins pens a book called “Life Force— How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love. 

After years of talking about unlimited power within, it’s about time we understand what that “unlimited power” is. It’s life force energy! 

I’m not highlighting the article’s regenerative medicine emphasis, which is vast, as much as what the book’s title’s pointing to—life force energy. 

The book starts with stories about how Tony, known for his seemingly endless reserves of vitality, wondered if he could bring it anymore. “After decades of relentless physical demands, it seemed like my body was falling apart. My life had always been defined by my energy and mind, by my constant drive to serve people and perform for them at the very peak of my abilities. But now, it looked like the whole edifice might come tumbling down at any moment.”  

I don’t know if you’ve ever had an experience like this—a time when you’re vitality was compromised. When your energy began to slip away, you started to contemplate the possibility of continued decline. If you can, you can imagine the uncertainty that I felt. But I wasn’t about to surrender and accept that the damage was irreversible. I refused to believe that any fate was sealed. So I did what I’ve always done. I kept looking for answers.”

Robbins then discusses how he became a full-time “biohacker” (someone who goes outside traditional medical institutions and even alternative healthcare to boost physical and cognitive performance.” He addresses the miracle of rejuvenation, how he recovered from a shoulder injury that brought him to stem cells, highlights many aspects of regenerative medicine, and lifestyle choices to improve energy, health, performance, and longevity. 

Why do I share all of that? 

No one can take consistent action, breakthrough limits and fears, overcome obstacles and deal with daily challenges without an extraordinary level of vitality (life force energy) and strength (which is defined by it) unless they don’t mind burning out and trading their health for success. 

Yet, for decades, in self-help and personal development, the central focus has been 95% “from the neck up.” Meanwhile, the body/brain that’s supposed to take all the action is overwhelmed, overexerted, and underrecuperated, leading to vicious cycle habits (poor sleep, thinking, eating, and exercise, for starters) that compromise the machinery and your capacity to act. 

That needs to change. Tony had to, and, likely, you do too. We all do. 

The life force energy revolution acknowledges that underlying all human performance is energy. It’s everything; it’s affecting and being affected by all of your human capabilities and capacities determined or reinforced by your lifestyle. 

Lifestyle is the common thread. Just think of a Harvard Educated Ph.D. or an elite athlete, on only a couple of hours of sleep. Their capacities and, therefore, their capabilities are diminished. 

The focus has always been on eating and exercising, more recently, sleep when it comes to lifestyle. But today, people are waking up to the bigger picture, the basic science, and physics of the unlimited creative energy that underlies every aspect of our existence and the corresponding “spiritual intelligence” that informs our lives. They are, in fact, two sides to the same coin. 

In addition, how to nurture and maintain both energy and spirit as primary in our lives. It’s a significant evolutionary cultural shift that yields the capacity to get in the right relationship with our body/brain, with which we have two proactive objectives: 

  1. We need to take care of our bodies and meet endogenous needs (of internal origin) every step of the path towards achieving our goals in life. 
  2. We need to make sure that we intelligently engage with all exogenous stresses (of outside origin) and not too much of them at one time, also on the path to living our best life.  

We need to understand energy and human performance and master each lifestyle skills that enable us to live our full potential. 

Yes, personal and professional development is still “in.” You can’t help but develop personally in all that you do, and being proactive about it through books and seminars is excellent, but we’ve got to make sure we cultivate the life force energy that gives us our full potential. 

Before you “unleash: your full potential, which is almost cliche these days, you better have a recharged fully recovered body; else, there will be little potential (energy is the capacity to do work after all) to “unleash.” 

You do that by learning how to “manage your energy” at two levels, the endogenous and the exogenous. 

  1. You want to learn how to manage your energy “for life,” meaning the life force energy you need to function as a human being (endogenous). 
  2. You want to learn how to manage your energy, like a pro, so that you are not overwhelmed by unnecessary stress. (Exogenous). 

When you come from the place where what you really are (this intelligent energy of the universe) is primary in your life, and you are no longer merely a “walking psychology,” that’s when the life force revolution will make complete sense to you. 

It’s undoubtedly a significant shift in your primary identity, (yes, I suggest you identify with the life force energy) like saying you are a person before a woman or an athlete. In this case, you are the life force energy, experienced as a spirit, who’s living as a person, who is female, a mom, a marketing professional, a weekend warrior, etc. 

When you make that shift, you will start paying attention to what is giving rise to all your personal power; hint, it’s not just your unique thoughts. It’s life force energy. When you manage your life force energy and know what that means, your life performance as a whole will soar. 

And that is critical to your success. 


As “client zero,” entrepreneur John Allen Mollenhauer, known as Lifestyle Coach “JAM,” was desperate to figure out how to achieve his ambitious goals without burning out, wearing out, and trading his health for success despite being proficient in nutrition and fitness. As a result, over 20 years, he made the most significant lifestyle change one can make, learned how to manage his energy, and step by step, he produced the never-before-assembled formula for living a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle. Today, he’s still an in-the-game lifestyle entrepreneur and a pioneering Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

Lifestyle Coach JAM delivers powerful free resources that will inspire you to get started on the path to change, improve and optimize the way you live to achieve your goals at a higher level with an ever-better quality of life.   

Discover The 3 Lifestyle Strategies for Performing at Your Body’s Best—WITHOUT BURNING OUT OR TRADING YOUR HEALTH FOR SUCCESS.

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