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REGENUS CENTER Has Moved to a Convenient Location Where You Can Recharge Your Body After Running Errands on RT. 10.  

Previously located in Florham Park, REGENUS CENTER, a lifestyle coach-guided, personal “regeneration” or “biohacking” facility, has moved to a sunny, conveniently located facility right on the RT 10 service Rd. (37 Mt Pleasant Avenue, Suite #3, East Hanover) right in the mix of one of the most prominent shopping areas for North Jersey’s Essex and Morris counties. The company that helps driven people who are worn down from relentless demands on their time and energy bounce back stronger will be offering open houses throughout May 2022 for private groups and a public open house on Saturday, May 14th, from 9-5. RSVP to schedule a private group or you and a friend for the public open house by emailing for an introductory red light therapy session. Call with questions at 862-295-1620.


REGENUS CENTER is for working moms and dads, entrepreneurs and executives, athletes, creators/influencers, etc. People who have a lot going on in their lives are prone to overexertion, overworking, and overtraining, resulting in tiredness, inflammation, fatigue, and potentially burnout.


A “biohacking facility” is where someone goes outside of traditional and medical institutions and even alternative healthcare to enhance their physical and cognitive performance. It’s a place where they focus on recharging and restoring their body’s energy and learn how to manage their energy while transforming their lifestyle for incremental improvements in their health, performance, and well-being.

Alternatively, the same technologies work for those who want to live their best life, with more energy, better health, and the capacity to function and perform better, who are not suffering from fatigue, pain, or other conditions but want to recapture the edge, zest, and zeal they used to feel.



Clients use a natural protocol of energy recovery modalities such as PEMF, PBMT (red light therapy or photobiomodulation), and Infrared Sauna to accelerate regeneration.

Complete with lifestyle guidance, clients can learn and gain confidence to unlock their body’s resilience to get free of fatigue and pain to look, feel, and perform like a much younger person.


You’ve earned it. It’s time to prepare for the next chapter with a new surge of energy for an even brighter outlook.

Give us a call at 862-295-1620 and become an exclusive member of the REGENUS CENTER in East Hanover or another emerging location.

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