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7 Strong New Years Resolutions for 2022

Whether you make New Years Resolutions or not, we all wake up to a new year and set new expectations.

It’s as natural, as time moves on. So this year get resolute to proactively increase your energy and improve your health, performance, and overall quality of life. There is literally nothing you can do that will ensure you follow through and achieve your ambitious goals than upgrading your lifestyle.

Here are 7 Strong New Years Resolutions for 2022

1. —Manage your energy better

Your body runs on two types of energy, power and fuel. Few people are running low on fuel (calories) but are depleted of electrical energy that powers the body. Your “cells” have the properties of a “battery” and are charged and strengthened when they are in sunlight via the red, near-infrared, and far-infrared light spectrum. When you experience (photobiomodulation) whole body light therapy and infrared sauna at Regenus Center, this is what you are doing—recharging and strengthening your cells. Both serve as a supplement to your outdoor exposure.

You experience the “charge” as energy. Food is fuel; it’s not power. No one drinks coffee because of a lack of calories; they drink it because they are depleted of energy. So, commit to learning how to manage your energy in 2022, and you can follow through far better on everything else. 

 2. —Eat more plant-based nutrient-rich foods

All nutrients come from plants, including protein, especially leafy greens and green vegetables, with the most nutrient-rich foods being cruciferous vegetables. It doesn’t matter what name you give your diet, make sure it’s based on plants because these are the foods that give you want you to need, not a significant amount of what you don’t need and when eaten in as close to their natural state as possible, you will build a foundation of health.

You don’t need to begin or be vegetarian but eat your way up to 90% or more whole-food, plant-based, “nutrient-rich” foods that have all the micronutrients that keep your body healthy. Micronutrients including vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals are rich in plants. Phytochemicals only come from plants, making a healthy food “healthy”!  

 Ref:, a site founded by Lifestyle Coach founder John Allen Mollenhauer. 

Master these first two aspects of your lifestyle and you won’t have to set a new year’s resolution around fitness, you’ll be in the mood!

3. —Practice telling a more optimistic-leaning story  

 What are you calling into your life? Words mean things, and when you talk about a problem, you get more of that problem. When you talk about the solution, you get more of the solution. Is it immediate? Not any more than an acorn can immediately create a giant oak tree, but that oak tree is in that acorn. Now, of course, not everything takes a hundred years to happen like the oak tree.

The solution for you may only be minutes or hours, days, weeks, or even a year or more away, but you’ve got to create it in words first; the actions will follow. And for that to happen, it does not mean you can’t talk about how things are. You can be objective about what’s happening but then optimistically lean towards what will happen and spend the bulk of your time there. Call it what you want, manifestation or creation, or simply a relentless solution focus, whatever you call it; call in what you want, not what you don’t want!

Resolve to do this, and you’ll develop the language for realizing new years resolutions.

4. —Prioritize self-care 

Prioritizing self-care means taking care of your body/brain, which you need to experience anything in this life and get anything done, accomplished, or achieved. If your body/brain breaks down, all of that is limited. So, in 2022, no longer accept the idea of waking up and going full tilt on all that the world (your family, career, business, creative pursuit, or sport) throws at you.

You’ll get to it and do it all even better when you build all that you need to do around a fundamentally sound lifestyle, where you are getting your needs met. If you orient your lifestyle around the world’s relentless demand, you will likely struggle with your energy, health, and performance and not fulfill your inspired dreams. This reorientation is a shift you want to choose consciously and honor to the best of your ability, and when you can’t respond accordingly.

That is one of your major new years resolutions!

5. —Educate yourself on ingredients 

Natural, or as close to it, is what works. It’s not just food; it’s cleaning products, cosmetics, even clothes. Almost everything else that’s artificial comes with consequences, either to you or the environment. So, in 2022, you want to educate yourself in ingredients and go as natural as possible. Get educated on ingredients because you control what you consume, use, wear, etc. In eating a whole-food, plant-based “nutrient-rich” diet, the food is the ingredient, meaning whole food can serve as a meal by itself or be an ingredient in a larger meal. And that’s hands down the healthiest way to eat. 

Ingredients determine outcomes, positive or negative, so know what you are putting in, on, and subjecting your body and make this a new years resolution. 

6. —Master Financial Health 

No matter how well you take care of your energy & spirit, mind & body, and live better if you suffer from poor financial health, it’s that much harder to stay healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically. Sustained stress, worry, and anxiety take a significant toll on the body. 

It also costs money to live well in today’s day and age, particularly if you want to be able to trade for more space and time in your life, unencumbered by the relentless demands on our energy most of us experience each day. It also costs money to engage the proper use of technology to augment natural living. 

So, look at your financial health as just an extension of your health and make this one of your new years resolutions.

Money is energy. 

New Years Resolutions are all about why are doing what you are doing. When the why is strong enough, and bigger than the what everything changes for the better.


7. — Know the game you are playing and realize all your new years resolutions

Why are you doing all of this “Living Better” stuff?

What are you preparing for? New Years Resolutions need to be directed at some bigger purpose. It can’t just be looking, feeling, and performing better because why do you want to look, feel, and perform better? What’s the bigger why? 

It’s your purpose in life that enables you to be on purpose and deliberate with taking care of yourself, your body, and your life. It’s because it helps you achieve your goals and fulfill your inspired dreams. What elevates results and transformation is when you make changes and improve how you live to play your game as a homemaker, career professional, entrepreneur or small business owner, creator or influencer, or athlete. 

 Get clear on what game you are playing, and all these new years resolutions and more can now fall into place, and you’ll do things for reasons that inspire you to live better, for life! 

Suppose you would like to learn more about taking these steps among others, if you are ready, let’s get right on it

More energy, better health, and higher performance capacity to achieve your goals in 2022 comes from making daily progress with a lifestyle philosophy you develop as your own. 

Upgrade Your Lifestyle for a Happy New Year. Of all your new years resolutions that one may be the biggest. 


As “client zero,” entrepreneur and Lifestyle Coach John Allen Mollenhauer, known as John Allen or by his initials “JAM,” was desperate to figure out how to achieve his goals without burning out and trading his health for success despite being proficient in nutrition and fitness.

As a result, over 20 years, he made the most significant lifestyle change one can make, learned how to manage his energy, and step by step produced the never-before-assembled formula for living a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle. Today, he’s still an in-the-game lifestyle entrepreneur and a pioneering Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

He is the founder of, where subscribers discover how to achieve even their most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind. Discover The 3 Lifestyle Strategies for Performing at Your Body’s Best—WITHOUT BURNING OUT OR TRADING YOUR HEALTH FOR SUCCESS.


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