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Lifestyle Coaching – Why New 90-Day Plans Work So Well

Why do 90-Day Plans With Lifestyle Coaching work so well for improving outcomes and results?

It’s pretty simple. Everyone can focus on a 90-day plan versus an entire year. Yan set a vision for the year, but your focus will be on 90-day increments. And when you have a Performance Lifestyle Coach helping you navigate the period, providing accountability and “eyes” on your progress, you can do more in 90 days than you’ll likely ever do on your own.

90 Day Plans + a Performance Lifestyle Coach = Desired Outcomes. 

Every month you’ll break ground on a new lifestyle skill. Every quarter, you’ll ground one essential core skill into an experience. At the same time, you’ll stay focused on your actual goals in life–family, career, business, creative, or sport.

Here at Lifestyle Coach, we break down the year in February to February 90 day plans for a few reasons.

1. By shifting the year from February to February, we don’t have January 1st, fatigue, and give ourselves time in the fourth quarter of the year to ramp up for the new year, even though technically the new year has already started.

2. A big part of January (recovery, holidays, vacations, etc.) is essential to restore your body from the year before, so gearing up for a February ascension strategy makes more sense.

3. Often, significant conferences and year-ahead planning are going on in January. While your year-end planning may include the year ahead, it’s still happening in January for many.

There are four quarters in a year, so a 90-day plan is a simple strategy for breaking down the year into segments that the whole world aligns with; albeit, if your plan is a February to February strategy like we manage to, you’ll have a little cross over.

You’ll still operate on the fiscal Jan to Jan year for many things, but when it comes to managing your energy, and structuring your peak periods for forwarding movement and growth, the adjusted strategy herein, operates like a charm.

Now, when we develop 90-day plans with our clients, we’re focusing not only on career, business, or creative pursuits suited for this upcoming 90-day period but also the onus on developing a new essential lifestyle skill each month. The thing is, despite breaking ground on three lifestyle skills, you only have the onus to increase your proficiency on one per quarter.


In other words, every quarter, you’ll develop one new deep dive lifestyle skill. Meanwhile, you’ve at least broken ground on two others. It’s all part of our habit-building system for high achievers©, which you will discover as part of the Performance Lifestyle Blueprint.

When it comes to developing your lifestyle (not limited to the way you eat or exercise, or sleep) for performance, “deep dives” or “blocks” of development for each lifestyle skill, where you can build the habits and routines is essential, over a period of time.

You will go through the next 1-3 years anyway, so you might as well be living better every 90 days for life.

After a while, especially after you do the initial heavy lifting during your deep dive periods, you’ll realize how much more streamlined and simplified your life has become as you generate results so routinely and enjoyably. You’ll be wondering in amazement at how the rest of the 97%-99% live, which once included you!

And by the way, you won’t feel separate or exclusionary or better than anyone else; you’ll be free of most of the problems so many experience and have the admiration of others. 

A 90-day plan is focused on your real goals.

The idea of forming a 90-day plan is not to become the healthiest eater in the world; it’s to eat most healthily so that you can be free of the distraction of the effects of unhealthy eating. You are focusing more on achieving your real goals in your external environment.

Just imagine eventually having a mindset that supports your intentions so well and a skillset so strong that you know what to do and why, how to do it, and when, at the right level, intensity and consistency for you to achieve your ambitious goals without burning out trading your health for success.

If that’s happening, it’s likely because you’ve got 90-day plans that you fulfill each quarter, and your lifestyle supports you and what you are up to in a powerful way.

Learn more about developing a 90 Day Plan and hiring me as your Performance Lifestyle Coach.


As “client zero,” entrepreneur John Allen Mollenhauer, known as Lifestyle Coach “JAM,” was desperate to figure out how to achieve his ambitious goals without burning out, wearing out, and trading his health for success despite being proficient in nutrition and fitness. As a result, over 20 years, he made the most significant lifestyle change one can make, learned how to manage his energy, and step by step, he produced the never-before-assembled formula for living a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle. Today, he’s still an in-the-game lifestyle entrepreneur and a pioneering Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

Lifestyle Coach JAM delivers powerful free resources that will inspire you to get started on the path to change, improve and optimize the way you live so, you can achieve your goals at a higher level.  

Discover The 3 Lifestyle Strategies for Performing at Your Body’s Best—WITHOUT BURNING OUT OR TRADING YOUR HEALTH FOR SUCCESS.

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