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Win the Second Half of Your Life

Win the Second Half of Your Life

Wanting to Win the Second Half of Your Life is driven by unfulfilled dreams, not yet realizing the life you’ve wanted to live, and the fear of not living and achieving your full potential.

You know you can be and do so much more and that you’re capable of achieving greatness in every area of your life… But you can’t quite get ahead of what’s distracting and holding you back from fulfilling your aspirations.

You don’t have the energy you used to, and you don’t know how to get it back. ​You’ve got brain fog, and the past is clouding your future outlook. ​

You’re exercising and think you’re eating “healthy,” yet your energy is drained. ​You’ve got so much going on that, at times, it feels like you’re barely hanging on. ​You’re sick of going from one fitness program or health hack to another, and nothing ever-changing for long.

You think to yourself; it’s time to STOP FLOUNDERING and set yourself up for success in the second half.

In the first half, you played hard. But maybe you didn’t quite know the game you were playing or the rules. Or, you didn’t play at the level you knew you were capable of for one reason or another. You may even have gotten roughed up and worn down.

NOW, you know, it’s time to do something about it and win the second half.

You want to fulfill your purpose in a bright, successful, and influential future…not a decline into debility, loss of function, and reliance on pharmaceuticals.


To win the second half, you can’t afford to be sidelined anymore.

You’re up to big things with your work, your purpose, your creativity. You’re committed to greatness. And you need to perform at your very best to be up to the task.

You don’t just want to be or stay successful—you want to be vital and healthy, too—but it feels like you’re always sacrificing one for the other.

You drive hard to meet your goals. You’re running as fast as you can to keep up with your life. But it never seems to be enough.

Maybe you’re making some headway in your work—but constantly feel like your energy and health are losing ground in the constant push.

If you manage to make a few healthy changes, they never seem to stick—or be enough to lift you out of the energy debt that makes your commitments a constant struggle.

You don’t know how you’d find the time OR the energy to do what you REALLY want.

And the values and purpose most important to you constantly get shortchanged—because you just don’t have the clarity and horsepower to sustain your progress.

You’re not alone.

It’s why I do the work I do.

I want to win the Second Half of my life. Whether it’s your work life, or life itself, the desire to do so also drives me.

All of the aforementioned is my story, too, as I aimed big and had some nice wins, some good times, and even some blissful periods; but overall, my first half challenged me to no end, at times, the life right out of me.

The silver lining of it all?

Each challenge I’ve faced has helped me learn how to live a lifestyle that supports me, what I’m up to in the world, and do the second half better, way better!

And while there’s a lot of time left – including 20 years of “prime” (even though most define the prime of their life much younger), the intersection of wisdom and complete functionality, there is no time to waste.

At 52, with a three-and-a-half-year-old and a 14-year-old, my wife who grew up in India and all of the challenges that brought her; we have learned to turn our liability into an asset to quote Grant Cardone and are fulfilling our ambitious goals.

I am leveraging the primary byproduct of the first half, which was learning how to live. You may be thinking, “don’t we already know how to do that?”

With fatigue being an underlying cause of nearly 800 million doctor visits every year, among other lifestyle diseases, either the world has gone crazy, or we have a lot to learn about living. I think it’s both, but how we are living is exacerbating the situation. And that’s an even greater reason we need to learn the core essentials of human performance and the lifestyle that enables us to manage our energy, maintain exceptional health and upgrade our performance capacity to fulfill our dreams.

To win in the second half of our work life, life itself, and fulfill our God-inspired dreams, that’s what has to happen more than anything else. In the second half, we have to get free of what’s distracting and holding us back without delay.

That is likely not limited to how you eat, whether you’re physically active or not, and whether you smoke or drink. It could be the shadow story not taking you in the direction you want, the accumulated fatigue, the deconditioned body, inflammation, and other health complications. Maybe it’s financial consequences or a relationship that has run its course, an unmanageable life, an unfulfilling business, or a job that is crushing your outlook.,, Whatever it is that’s preventing you from showing up as your best self, in the life you want, for it to change you’ve got to change, improve and optimize the way you live.

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Everything we do here at Lifestyle Coach is about how you win the second half of your life.


JAM (John Allen Mollenhauer) is a leading Performance Lifestyle Coach and authority on living the High–Performance Lifestyle® with an online training academy and community that teaches people how to manage their energy like the pros. He helps you get free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold you back from living your full potential as you optimize the way you live for the energy, health, and high performance you need to achieve your goals and flourish. Performance Lifestyle Inc is currently based in Florham Park, NJ, where he and his team run RegenUS Center to help you restore your energy for life. For a complimentary strategy session with JAM or a Member of the Lifestyle Coach team, click here.

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