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Wearable Recovery Devices with Performance Lifestyle Training

One thing that’s always been true here at Performance Lifestyle is that we are always our first clients, starting with me, John Allen Mollenhauer, who founded Performance Lifestyle.

As a driven business professional for many years, fatigue has always been close by, often times too close for comfort. As a lifestyle-based performance training company that helps driven goal and success-oriented people develop performance lifestyle’s that enable them to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind so they can beat fatigue (for at least 30-50% of one’s life) and better achieve even their most ambitious goals, you can be for darn sure we’re practicing what we preach.

For example:
We actually test the results of different habitual lifestyle routines and see what results we’re getting, in addition to those of our clients. In particular, we do this with respect to the need to maintain an optimal daily strain and recovery so we can maximize our energy for performance.

Using a wearable recovery device we’ve been experimenting with for some time called the Whoop strap, and others like Fatigue Science,’s Readiband, which is central to our corporate training; we’ve been measuring the impact of our Performance Edge™ Workshop and Experience, and Essentials Training Regenerate Your Life Force Energy, on people’s ability to fully recover for the next day, weak ahead etc.

Here are some of my results in a two-day span; the second of which had a huge objective impact (most people’s experience of energy is perceived and subjective) on my next day’s performance capacity, both in terms of productivity, but in how well I took care of myself and my body in the process. I was operating at a semi capacity in day one and closer to full capacity on day two.

I am using slightly vague language like “semi capacity” and “closer to full capacity” because I know one great night of sleep does not restore someone to full capacity and I have a serious trailing energy / sleep debt at the moment, following a weekend leading my son’s Cubscout Pack at the Weboree!

See this two night sleeps comparison side by side.

Day 1: Day 2:

Measuring Daily Fatigue. measuring daily fatigue

The amount of time a person will spend in each sleep stage varies night by night. In general, a healthy break down to aim for is the following:

The difference in next day performance was profound due to the extra time in bed, increase REM and SWS Deep sleep. I could feel it, I was experiencing it and now I can quantify it.

In particular, my REM Sleep improved by almost 2% and my SWS Deep sleep improved 5.2 % in one night based on a longer night sleep, and total by time in bed. So, while it’s not a fixed change, as few lifestyle changes are (meaning, they need to be maintained); don’t discount those small % increases, as they can have a profound and noticeable impact on your day as they did for me.

Wearable recovery devices may be wearable fitness devices, where they track more than one stat like the daily strain or cognitive fatigue, and calorie burn and get into all types of other stats that are available. Some are super deep in terms of features, but here’s the reality; what does it matter if you’re taking 8745 steps, but burning out?

The “motherload metric” is understanding fatigue and recovery, and when you have a wearable recovery or fitness device combined with Performance Lifestyle training, watch out! You’ll soon be in serious danger of becoming the most energetic, healthiest best-performing version you have known in a while.

You can save $50.00 off the Whoop Strap here.

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