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A Personal Story About Fatigue Part II – The Rise of PERC

I often ask…

Have you ever wondered WHY, even though you’re currently on a fitness program and currently eating “healthy” foods for your well-being, maybe even getting that “extra hour” of sleep here and there, you’re still run down, tired and all-out exhausted beyond belief at the end of the day?

I did. Matter of fact, I was well into the development of Performance Lifestyle, training and coaching clients all over the world, and I was still asking that question. It left me mind boggled as to why I was doing so much to optimize my lifestyle, yet I was still seemingly tired all the time.

First I thought, it was just the state of modern day affairs. With technology and all, maybe it was just the new status quo and there was no completely successful solution to this epidemic of low-grade fatigue and tiredness so many people are experiencing today.

Don’t get me wrong, with performance lifestyle training, my life and the lives of thousands of people have improved for the better in dramatic ways for all kinds of reasons. It’s just the top-of-mind problem people experience that we wanted to solve when developing this idea, was to help people increase their naturally occurring energy and overcome fatigue.

Well, the big wake up call was when I realized, it doesn’t matter what I/you do to make a living.

It doesn’t matter if you’re steeped in health, fitness, lifestyle or any human performance related field for that matter; if you are still overspending your personal energy you will struggle. And this is when, I realized that I needed to know more about personal energy— it’s renewal, balance, management, periodization, and focus— if I was ever going to stop the struggle with constant fatigue and feeling feel tired all the time.

I needed to master the science of personal energy management, and as a lifestyle- entrepreneur, I saw the opportunity.

For me, I was already talking about personal energy; but as I’ve learned over time (myself included for a long time); personal energy is a subject a lot of people are talking about but don’t really know how to talk about. It’s a big subject, that touches everything, is behind everything, and get’s to the very essence of who we really are and how we operate in the world.

It’s easy to teach personal energy management and still be divorced (well, maybe separated) from the primary source, and the practices that renewing and managing this energy in your life really requires. In addition, we need to learn how to fuel and activate our minds and bodies in ways that are energy enhancing as well.

If it’s just one more thing on your plate, personal energy management will stay something you dip your toe into here and there, over and beyond sleep, but that you’ll never really, fully align with. It will be a something you learn about, a program you go on, but it will never be core to your lifestyle as is should and needs to be. And therefore, you don’t and won’t get the full benefits that proactive energy renewal delivers.

Believe, me I learned this first hand as a performance lifestyle advisor whose ambitions were still outpacing my ability to renew my personal energy, and I was feeling constantly fatigued. Healthy yes, energetic, sometimes, but not enough of the time. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.

This is where my personal story of fatigue changed.

Fatigue is a big problem in the world today. I learned recently, from an associate named Ari Whitten, that over 50% of people today experience low-grade fatigue every day and consider this their number one concern and the solution seems anything but easy.

Professionals like us are simplifying the solution greatly for people who are committed to overcoming fatigue and dramatically increasing their energy but to do so, I agree, we need solutions that go beyond the basic recommended cast of commercial characters. For instance, like convincing us to get more sleep, or simply eating healthy, the pseudo-science like

For instance, convincing us to get more sleep by itself implies to some degree that sleep is the solutions. Good start, but sleep alone is not a complete solution for managing your personal energy. Or, saying we need to “eat healthy;” healthy has so many definitions, it’s mind boggling and most are not healthy.

Blaming fatigue on pseudo-science like adrenal fatigue only to then sell supplements may be a great business model, but it’s not a solution either. Neither is going to your doctor, who’s just as tired as you are, for answers. Granted, fatigue may be a symptom of a medical condition, in which case you most certainly need to see a physician; otherwise, you might as well ask someone on the street.

Even going to the increasing number of alternative health practitioners today, doesn’t necessarily solve the problem, since they work on the same model as most doctors, only instead of drugs, you’ll be sniffing essential oils and taking herbs.

This is not to say that many information-product promoters, medical and alternative health practitioners and coaches, don’t have some really good answers (I’m a coach); it’s just that most practitioners of any kind have not yet tapped into the second-tier lifestyle solutions that are whole, integrated and refined based on principle-centered science and practice that is practical for people. Their advice is based on first-tier, fragmented, industrial, non-wholistic models that often don’t solve the real problem.

I can’t begin to tell you how many rabbit holes I’ve traveled down just to give the benefit of the doubt, to further convince myself and prove an actual solution that works. And 9 times out of 10, these trips down the rabbit hole yield nothing.

The solution to a big problem such as fatigue is no small undertaking, and the answer is not one thing. It’s a layering of several answers, which we need to become aware of and put in place, at the same time, and or when the time is right.

Here’s are 5 of the biggest Insights I’ve learned in my work as a Performance Lifestyle advisor >

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