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Managing Your Energy “Like a Pro” is the Greatest Life and Business Skill. 

How I Discovered that Managing Your Energy and Doing So “Like a Pro” is the Greatest Life and Business Skill. 

By John Allen Mollenhauer, Lifestyle Coach JAM 

Read and watch the free webinar training below. 

When I was growing up, there was a habit that my father ‘Allen Mollenhauer’ had that I admittedly loathed. He had this ability to get to the heart of a matter in a way that seemed to put the kibosh on countless other approaches as if to identify a particular truth or highest or deepest ideal that was essential to guide the process of achieving desired outcomes.

He was an engineer by trade, and a really good one, and while he was not focused as much on external goals and more on the design of tools one could use in the pursuit of achieving an outcome, in that sense, it was still an outcome, and he was brilliant at building them.  

He created tools in diverse fields, such as the world of music transposition (he loved music) and rehab by designing a tool to help paraplegic people learn how to drive and brake using their arms alone. He rose to that challenge for Kessler institute after Superman Chris Reeves broke his neck, among others. 

He could see these organizing truths in everyday affairs from language to mathematics and beyond and was quick to reveal the errs of my ways as his son when he saw that my approach was based on the wrong premise and taking me in the wrong direction. 

I was often reluctant to get on board with his thinking because it seemed too black-and-white and required too much responsibility. In retrospect, with so many seemingly more exciting options all around, requiring very little commitment and leading me astray on a path to lesser goals, I grew to see his wisdom.

My father was idealistic about this life approach, mainly regarding his creations and everyday functions. Yet, when it came to living his life and taking care of his body, non-arguably the most remarkable creation of all, he was far so far from idealistic, let alone ideal, and as a result, he was constantly tired and sick; and, I noticed this. 

Years later, I recognized this same pattern of “knowing your fundamentals” when I worked for Tony Robbins. Robbins would identify the “organizing principle” of a subject; in his case, human behavior and why people acted the way they did. He would then leverage that principle for all it was worth to help others achieve their goals and improve the quality of their lives. 

He did that with “the pain and pleasure principle” better than anyone. He even developed the science of Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC), which I still utilize today, 30 years later, when I want to instantly change a feeling or behavior. 

And it was those two influences, Dad and Tony, who put me on a path to clarifying what influenced human “behavior” more than anything else, and that is human performance and the lifestyle it all translates to. 

Remember when I said my dad was always tired and sick? 

It may have taken me a while to see the value in identifying fundamentals or organizing principles to live by. But the minute I realized I was heading down the same path as my father, it drove me to transform that once-loathed skill and probably the most incredible gift my father ever bestowed on me as a young man into what is today my superpower. 

That superpower is being able to get to the heart of a matter and define an innovative new way and tools that solve a big problem. In my case, I focused on the lifestyle fundamentals my father never identified. 

My primary concern is teaching people like me—entrepreneurs, business owners, and people in decision-making positions—who are up to big things in their life, learn how to overcome  chronic tiredness, exhaustion, and fatigue by managing their energy like a pro, in a lifestyle that fully supports them and what they are up to in the world. 

You may be familiar with my story about how as a lifelong entrepreneur, I was overspending my energy but didn’t know it at the time. I thought something was wrong with me as I got stuck in an unsupportive life narrative and turned to ongoing personal development, which on its own is good. But I did so to discover what was wrong with me, eventually realizing that my core problem wasn’t a lack of self-help and that nothing was wrong with me.  

I was chronically exhausted and fatigued by how I was approaching the achievement of my goals, and this was causing all kinds of human performance problems. The silver lining was that it forced me to understand the problem and illuminate the lifestyle solution. 

And as an outcome, I pulled together the never-before-assembled science of lifestyle optimization with the help of a world-class team of leading energy, health, and performance science luminaries that has changed my life and the lives of others at the level that personal and professional development never can. That is at the level of human performance and lifestyle where most people’s suffering stems from, including my own. 

I then discovered the “Performance Lifestyle” idea from the world of elite athletics and defined it for people who may not be into sports or even health or fitness enthusiasts for that matter, but want to live a high-performance lifestyle to achieve their ambitious goals and highest calling, without burning out or trading their health for success.

Today, I’m 20-plus years into teaching driven people how to recharge, restore their bodies, and manage their energy like the pros do. Ultimately how to develop a Performance Lifestyle® so they, we, can become healthy high-achieving people who thrive.  I also lead a company called Performance Lifestyle inc, which does business as Lifestyle Coach JAM; that’s me. 

In those 20 years, using my superpower, my team and I have assembled the fundamentals of successful living into a context-correct approach to goal achievement that dramatically improves health and human performance and ultimately onces level of success and quality of life.

And if there is one common characteristic, a theme of each fundamental, it is this: 

The Bottom Line of Every Fundamental of Successful Living is that it Helps You Manage Your Energy. 

In other words, every fundamental has a bottom line and a topline function. The bottom line is that it helps you manage your energy, and in doing so, it helps you achieve your goals, which are the top-line goals.  

Your Lifestyle is about how you achieve your goals, and that starts with getting grounded in God, the life force, the divine, or your true potential… however you like to refer to that, the intelligent energy of the universe that is acting in you, through you, and if you take it far enough, as you.

When you know what energy is, and how to manage that energy, you become spirit-driven. When you know how to manage it like a pro, you start living a performance lifestyle, or a high-performance lifestyle, which is the glue that binds every sound “lifestyle optimization,” “bio-hack “or “optimal living” tactic or strategy you could implement.  And that foundation is what enables you to become a healthy high achieving person who can thrive. 

You see, if you are tired, run-down, and coping with stress in ways that create more stress, not more energy, and, inevitably, sickness, as you push to achieve your goals and burn out your body, it doesn’t matter how much you focus on personal and professional development; you’ll eventually be distracted and held back by energy, health, and performance issues. 

Now you could say, as I did early on, that you don’t want the responsibility of living by the standards set by powerful organizing principles that work and work together to form the foundation of your lifestyle, and you would be free to do so. 

But after a while, you’ll realize that it will cost you a lot of lost time, energy, and money to do that, and likely your life, versus having a solid structure of organizing principles that guide your lifestyle so you can focus on achieving your goals. 

So, if you want a lifestyle that fully supports you and what you are up to in the world, it starts with learning how to manage your energy. 

I want to share the organizing principles with you right now. These are the five shifts to overcoming constant tiredness, chronic exhaustion, and fatigue that will steer you clear of all that old ways of increasing your energy that sell you short, and give you the power you need to drive your career or business forward, achieve your goals, and improve the quality of life for you and those around you. 

You can watch this free training here. <<== 

This presentation targets men who are particularly underserved in managing energy because men have a culturally dysfunctional relationship with energy to begin with. As a man who suffered from that dysfunction in his own entrepreneurial life as a business owner, I work with men primarily for that reason.

But this free training is no less valuable to women. So, watch this, learn and then share this with your spouse or partner. 


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