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Human Energy and Lifestyle. It's Time for You to Become Expert.

The next PL Podcast will be #9. In this podcast, I will be talking about Energy, “beyond the woo woo,” “beyond the motivation,” beyond simply saying “get more sleep”… It’s understanding energy as the key to the kingdom when it comes to living a performance lifestyle—the lifestyle that works for you.

Human Energy.

It’s not just food. It’s electrical. Your body runs on a cellular engine that uses both battery power (electric power) and food energy.

In the West, we have a very mechanistic view of the world, usually for productivity purposes, with a reliance on psychology and willpower divorced from our primary source of human energy and ultimately who we really are. As a result, we suffer from at least a low-grade fatigue if not constant tiredness, fatigue, and burnout at epidemic levels.

It’s why Starbucks are on every corner and seen as staple features now for strip centers, office, and apartment buildings. For too many who are “running on Dunkin—” both stimulants and sugar to keep going this is wreaking havoc on their health and human energy, and it’s not only creating chronic biological stress, this stress is on underlying and causing us to react to external stress in ways that are creating even more pressure.

I’m not beating up the periodic cup of coffee here. I’m talking about reliance on stimulating behavior to keep going through the day, every day as you try to keep up with it all. It’s not about caffeine addiction; it’s about our individual and collective performance addiction that’s depleting our life force energy, costing many of us our health and wellbeing, and compromising our function and the very human performance we’re relying on to produce and provide and maintain our sense of aliveness.

The solution to this common scenario is not one thing, it’s multiple things (lifestyle skills and in some cases material objects you wear, consume and use) all stacked and working with each other so that you can thrive in our modern world.

It requires you to adopt some “systems” or “integral” thinking, letting go of both the past and the pervasive “shiny object syndrome—,” which is thinking that there is one answer.
Anything less than your entire lifestyle as the answer is not a complete answer.

Ingesting energy from the outside is an ultra short term solution (to say the least) to an overwhelming life situation that requires your real attention, and can only be resolved through lifestyle intervention and mastery, but we get it; it takes energy to deal with overwhelming circumstances.

That is why the emphasis in any transformation process from where you are to where you want to be, starts with understanding energy and learning how to live with optimal energy levels first and foremost. Everything else depends on it, especially in the “performance culture,” we are living in today where you need an edge; and coffee or any other excessive stimulating behavior, including exercise, won’t give you an edge for long.

To realize a performance edge in your life, where you have more power supply available to you than the demands you have acting upon you, you must learn how to increase energy genuinely, by working with your biology, not against it.

To have a supply of human energy that is actually unlimited and positively affects all of the lifestyle decisions you face every day so essential to your attitude, resilience, decision making, recovery, and more; you must know more than only eating less, better or healthier, exercise more, and get more sleep.

You must go beyond limited surface understanding and understand what’s becoming known as Performance Living 101, the science of living with optimal energy levels.

Nothing is responsible for giving rise to a new lifestyle more than learning how to live within around the boundaries of your biology, (not too far over your edge) and strengthening your biology for a noticeable edge by learning how to maximize your energy for health and performance.

We are going to help you do this in the coming weeks and months as we launch our Performance Edge program to driven, goal and success oriented people working in companies of all kinds. We will provide the opportunity, if you are not part of a group, a trainer or a coach, to take these individual courses on your own at your pace.

In the meantime. I am going to share again, The Energy Blueprint by Performance Lifestyle Advisor, Ari Whitten. This course is one of the best, if not the best compilations on the science of energy and overcoming fatigue, in existence.

I want to you sign up for the free video series right now, so you can begin your training.

Anything you want to accomplish regarding your energy, health, and performance will be greatly enhanced by your understanding of the energy blueprint; that is to say, a better understanding of your biology, and what you need to know to live better.

Fatigue is a big issue in today’s world even if it’s not chronic for you. Learning how to live with more energy is essential learning, and is the foundation of Performance Lifestyle training.

It’s not enough to say eat healthier, exercise more and get more sleep, or rely on your trainer or coach alone for “tips and advice and motivation.” You’ve got to become an expert yourself by learning through essential courses and training, so you get grounded in experience, with the help of a trainer and or coach you rely on but don’t become dependent on in the process.

You’ve got to fully self-actualize.

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