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Why Living a Healthy Lifestyle is Hard

Only 1% of the population lives an optimal lifestyle for energy, health, and performance. 

A healthy lifestyle is defined by having health eating behaviors, meeting basic exercise guidelines, not smoking and maintaining a healthy weight. Meanwhile, less than 3% of people actually meet these super basic guidelines, that don’t even have high standards. 

And that means that pretty much nobody in the US lives a healthy lifestyle.  

So there are 4 reasons why 96% of the population thinks living a healthy living is so hard that they don’t even attempt it. 

These are the primary reasons below, but there are others. But perhaps the biggest reason why healthy living seems so hard is the fact that they don’t know that there is more to lifestyle than what they are taught. 

It’s not until you take the leap to live a Performance Lifestyle (most of the gurus are living more like this) that living healthy becomes sustainable, enjoyable and your new normal; also, the primary driver of your success! 



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