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‘How You’ Achieve Precedes ‘How-To’ Achieve Your Goals in 2020

For many of us, when it comes to success, we’ve always focused on how to achieve our goals and the success that comes with that; even more so, when we are realizing a vision for how we want our lives and the world to be. But in keeping with the focus on achieving goals, few of us have focused much on how you achieve your goals. 

I know that was also true for me; why I do what I do today, was because I used to stay hyper-focused on crushing my career and business goals, but it led to getting crushed under excess stress and fatigue… 

But aren’t ‘how you’ and ‘how to’ one and the same? 
‘How to’ is focused on the specific actions that achieve the goal and they are industry-specific, whether that’s landing new accounts or scoring baskets…
‘How you’ is based on the fundamentals of living guiding your accomplishing and achieving. 

We talk a lot about how your lifestyle is how, or “the way” in which you achieve your goals; ultimately determining your success, your sustainability and the quality of your life, both in the process and as a result/outcome. This points to another trait of living a Performance Lifestyle and that is—no aspect of your lifestyle is a goal; your lifestyle is how you achieve your goals.

Now I know many people might then refer to optimizing the different aspects of your lifestyle as we do in PL365 Training, as “process goals” — A process goal is what you will actually have to do to achieve a larger goal; process goals focus on the process of achieving your goals, instead of on the big, audacious goals themselves— and I can understand why, but we refer to process goals as process objectives or simply objectives for one simple reason: 

Goals are “out there” to be achieved; an objective is to be accomplished “right now”  or very near term and then ongoing. You want to emphasize an objective, and you want to keep you focus on your goals. 

The reason how you precede how-to is then pretty straight forward; because it’s literally what you do, in the process of achieving your goals to maintain your energy, health, and performance. And what else could that possibly be pointing to other than Your Lifestyle

You see, at every stage, our achievements are based on our productivity, which is determined by our fulfilling our responsibilities; but that now depends on our own response-abilities, which are based on our capacities, determined by our human performance; which, is only made possible by the health of your body/brain, and enough energy to power all that you are up to in the world.

And again, all of that depends on your lifestyle. 

Hence, the reason this is called a Performance Lifestyle, not the “charged up lifestyle,” simply a “fitness lifestyle” or a “healthy lifestyle,” all of which are givens. A performance lifestyle focused on your goals, requires that you be charged up (literally, like a battery) and healthy in a genuine way, else you’ll never fully dial-in your performance or maintain the high-performance that enables our capacities, giving us the response-abilities to fulfill our responsibilities and be productive at the level that achieves our goals and realizes the success we want in our lives. 

Do you see the logic I’m laying out? This logic is what helps explain upward spirals and what’s happening when we are in a downward spiral. What you learn in PL365 Training, is what keeps you in an upward spiral.  

Hopefully, you can see why living a performance lifestyle is essential to your success because IT IS the “how you,” that precedes the “how-to. It’s what differentiates healthy high achieving people who thrive, from all other achiever types, who strive, overcommit, and maybe even achieve high, but burnout and trade their health to do so.

They, in 99%, obsess on the how-to but forget about the how you, and then get distracted and held back as they face all the hidden lifestyle challenges that emerge along the way from overwhelm to exhaustion, from fatigue to weight gain, to mental and physical health complications because they don’t get their needs met, and are relegated to a life of coping with worsening symptoms. 

Only optimizing your lifestyle can resolve that. 

So, in the Standard American Dream, which we refer to in Performance Lifestyle® philosophy and label as the SAD because it focuses you only on that you want to achieve your goals to live a better lifestyle. The SAD does not touch how you, and only gives you a high-level view on how-to. Ultimately, both are up to you and how you engage and serve in the world.

Bottom Line: Hyperfocused on how to achieve your goals, lends itself to the typical lifestyle of whatever and whenever habits; and turning to fitness and healthy lifestyle concepts are incomplete lifestyles for achiever types who want to crush their ambtious goals, without getting crushed by the excess stress and fatigue which leads to downward spirals.

We want to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind with the full support we need to succeed. Of course, that’s why we’re drawn to Performance Lifestyles. 

So in 2020, resolve right now, that you are going to emphasize how you are going to reach or achieve your goals, which goes a long way towards the how-to achieve your goals (more than you might be thinking right now—much more) and it will be a year like none other. 

To quote financial guru, Dave Ramsey… “live like no one else, and soon you’ll be living like no one else!”

Start where you are, and dive in with me for the next year-round PL365 training, in February.  There are some fast-action bonuses for those who join up in the next 6 days as we start in 2020.  

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