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Inspired by the writing of Robyn Landis.

Before we can answer that question, I have a question for you. What are you living for in your life? 

In other words, “what are you up to?” and are you clear on how you need to live to accomplish and achieve that?

That question reflects what matters to you, what you value, and where you’re going. Answer that question, and you will almost immediately be able to determine why your life and style of living is the way it is, the level you are playing at, and so much more.

Most people don’t expect that to be the first question a lifestyle coach will ask them. Most people expect to be asked about their food, exercise, and mindset, maybe their sleep and stress (And, of course, all of that, and plenty more is essential. At some point, I/we at Lifestyle Coach ask about and delve into your fundamentals—extensively!) But not as the very first thing.

When you’re a “performance” lifestyle coach helping people live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind to achieve their aspiring and ambitious goals, “What Are You Living For in Your Life?” is the primary question.

What’s so important to you that you have a fear of not realizing this in your life?

Here’s why. We’re interested in helping you develop the Lifestyle that will help you fulfill that or, as we like to say, your God-inspired dreams.

At Lifestyle Coach, we’re a champion for you to have the energy, the vibrant health, and performance capacity almost everyone dreams of but struggles with attaining or maintaining despite all the hacks you discover each day, jadedly hoping they will work. We’re also about you being inspired by what it takes.

The level of energy, health, and performance you want is attainable. Especially if you start with this profound question—what are you living for in your life? And then do some potent work with the answer.

That’s what Lifestyle Coaching is all about. 

I learned early on that intensely working with this question, and the questions it inspires like “What is most important to you? What do you value? “… is a highly overlooked “dynamic”—the secret sauce that drives a person to make changes and improvements that optimize the way they live, to last. And feel happy. Like it was a CHOICE.

How you live is transformative when you connect THIS (Your Lifestyle) with THAT (what you love and care about most). You experience doing what enhances your energy, health, and your body’s performance as a joy.

On the other hand, if you don’t cover that step, living optimally almost always remains a grudging bunch of scattered things— a drudgery of eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head “to-dos” and I-know-I-have-to’s that never quite come together. Sadly, that’s how it is for many folks. (Trust me, we’ve all been there.)

Here’s what we’ve observed: 

Most people have their lives divvied up, fragmented, and separated from the essential connections that make the difference between good intentions and a joyful follow-through.

Over HERE, you have what matters to you. Like, REALLY matters, so profoundly, it’s at once the tenderest and most potent force in your life (whether you give conscious attention to that every day or not). It’s your heart of hearts. Your highest aspirations. How you see life and what it is all about. It’s what you want to accomplish and achieve in your time here. What you ardently wish to give—to your family and the world. What you value, cherish, and revere.

And over THERE…. completely isolated, detached, in another compartment…you have your “health stuff.” Your “DIET.” Your “EXERCISE.” Your PLAN. Your PROGRAM. Your REGIMEN. Your trial (and error). (Plus, all the bio hacks, strategies, bells, whistles, doohickeys, and doodads you hear about and try, stabbing in the dark.)

Your LIFE, especially your most fertile and deep life, is over here. And your health “efforts” are over there. Things You Have To Do. Should Do. Want To Try. etc. They are just “things.” And the pair never meet. 

You never establish the “do this, get that” relationship that happens when you get a good night’s sleep so that you can function and show up as your most powerful self from eyes open to eyes closed.

You never link the whole of your Lifestyle with what it is you want to accomplish and achieve in your life, like the way an athlete would. There is a reason why athletes look, feel and perform the way they do. 

Until we come along and start talking about an idea called “performance lifestyle” that bridges the gap between your health and success by asking this question…. what are you living for in this life?

What we do that is different (and crucial) is we help you BRIDGE THAT GAP. Because that disconnect is the drain-suck of motivation, it’s what makes the difference between what you do and why, how you do it, and when, at what level, intensity, and consistency you need and will want to produce extraordinary results in your life.

We want to help you powerfully unite the do THIS, get THAT relationship that will no doubt take good care of you, your body, and your life for the duration, but even more exciting, enabling you to live a fulfilling life. 

You’ll come to see that any division between what you are up to in your life and your Lifestyle is false. This and that need to be a seamless whole. How you care for yourself, your body and your style of living are inextricably melded with your dreams.

Treat them as detached, and all the “doing” in the world (even IF it’s correct) will probably not be enjoyable, probably not work or make sense, let alone last as you hit the wall from constant tiredness, fatigue, and stress pain. And it won’t be long before you are coping with inevitable stress in ways that create more stress!

At Lifestyle Coach, we have a 3-Step, 36-month process that not only firmly roots you in what matters to you but CONNECTS that to every lifestyle choice you make. You build such a vital, vivid, profound link between how you live and what you MOST want in your life—what most deeply moves you—that you’re compelled to change, improve, and optimize the way you live, without resistance, in service to what you are up to in the world—with your family, your career or business, your sport or creative art. 

You begin to see that your body’s energy, health, and performance are your life. It’s not separate from what matters to you, and it’s interlocked, like links in a chain.

You develop these bonds between your awakened spirit and how you think, manage your energy, fuel, and condition your body, what you say yes and no to… and what you want most and are here to do. We’re talking about your real goals, not some inch-deep, “scattering of a bunch of stuff you have to do for its own sake” health goal. 

(i.e., eating “healthy,” “keeping the ‘pounds’ off,” and “exercising” are not goals) but preconditions to performing “well.” And those are just the most well-known aspects of Lifestyle. There’s more, way more. 

Those deeper reasons for why are naturally influential, and so you naturally begin powering, fueling, and conditioning yourself to realize those passions.

And that is how you achieve what many health authorities bemoan as impossible: to WANT what’s good for you because it delivers what you want!

When you master your Lifestyle, it’s a beautiful thing. A wonderful life—vital, energized, and expressly joyful, even when it’s doesn’t feel good. 

If you don’t believe that’s possible, don’t take my word for it. I’ve got countless testimonials from real people who say it is—spanning over two decades. 

What’s missing in most people’s lives is that they don’t understand human performance nor the Lifestyle that makes optimal human performance possible and enjoyable. There is nothing more than a haphazard approach to achieving their family, career, or business, goals; and unfortunately, it causes them (you) to wear out prematurely.  

But when you learn how to live a healthy, performance lifestyle, everything changes, for the better, forever. 

Sure, people who work with Lifestyle Coach learn a TON about “what to do, why, how to do it and when….” (all that’s relevant, meaningful, and actionable.) 

We figure out what you need as you go through the never-before-assembled Performance Lifestyle® curriculum. 

Year 1. Change to Resolve
Year 2. Improve to Evolve
Year 3. Optimize to Achieve More

You’ll learn what’s preventing you from preparing for the high-impact stuff that will make YOU look, feel, and perform better.

You learn how to distinguish aimless random “hacks” and other minutiae from vital foundational keys. Pillars from the puny tactics. Solid ground from over-the-top “maybe someday that would matter if you were doing the basics.”

You learn how to INTEGRATE the essentials of healthy performance for balanced living. And that includes but goes way beyond food and movement and sleep alone, the full scope of most fitness and wellness approaches.

  • You have a solid understanding of your present situation and circumstances, where you are, and where you want to be so that you can navigate the path.
  • You will move on from the weight of the past and move forward without all the resistance.
  • You’ll learn how to live from the absolute best part of yourself so that you can live inflow.
  • You will learn how to develop a healthy, performance lifestyle to support you and what you are up to in the world.
  • You will learn how to own the alignment between your life structure, Lifestyle, and goals.

As we deliver it, Lifestyle Coaching is all about learning how to align with the fundamentals of energy, health, and performance to live a better life, succeed, and sustain that success. 

Contrary to how most people understand “Lifestyle” as the byproduct of their success, “lifestyle coaching” is primarily about how you change to resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges that are distracting and holding you from living your full potential. 

It’s then about improving and ultimately optimizing how you live to achieve results and transformation.  

We learn all of that and more here at Lifestyle Coach because you’ve got to go through a complete lifestyle training; one or two trick ponies don’t get the results.

You’ve got to get the floorboards down. The foundation, the terra firma, the complete tracks need to be laid unless you want to chaise your tale for a whole bunch more years you’re never going to get back.

The “What are you living for in your life?” question reveals, what matters, what’s important to you, and what you don’t want to waste any more time avoiding because you don’t have the horsepower or the clarity to realize.

Figuring out what you most want to achieve in your life is kind of worthless if you’re not going to, then GIVE that to yourself—reliably— by developing the Lifestyle that supports it. 

Your Lifestyle, the way most people know it, is not the byproduct of your achievements; it’s what enables you to achieve the results you want in your life. And once you achieve your goals, you get to live even better! 

And that’s why we start with that question, not “what you should eat” or “which workout you should do,” or “how do I sleep better, more,” etc.

People have been telling you that stuff for years—plans, tips, lists, instructions, hacks, yadda—and it probably hasn’t worked out that great, other than accumulating a “word salad” in your head and a little experience.

It’s like getting showered with maps when you have no freaking idea where you’re even going—or you’re only vaguely, abstractly connected to where you’re going.

It doesn’t work. What it does is keep you chasing your tail, in operation money-suck, and life lack and I’m sure you’re both done with that and ready to get it and get on with your life.

All the what’s, why’s, how to’s, and when’s for you will all come at the highest level of effectiveness, step by step, as you recognize that your human performance is a lifestyle. And when you orient your life around the fundamentals for a near-optimal style of living, that will become your new “normal.” Something you don’t even have to think about.

Look—we don’t want people to chase peak performance. That’s a state, it’s not sustainable and not a way of life, and if it is, chances are you’re a performance addict, burning out and trading your health for success. 

What we want is for you to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals, and LOVE getting there. We want you to make it a series of choices and not a chore.

That’s our bold, audacious, and very inspired promise. 

Have you come to the realization that your deepest values, purpose, and passion in life are separated and segregated from all that it takes to realize it? 

If you have, you’re ready to address the hidden lifestyle challenges that are distracting and holding you back. 

  • Constant tiredness or fatigue?
  • Minimized sleep and minimal recovery?
  • Trying to work at peak all week?
  • Wrestling with a mental load, you can’t escape?
  • Living in the past, not in the present, creating a compelling future?
  • Reaching for anything to help you feel, think, look, and perform better?

Is “…sleeping, eating healthy and exercising (among all the other little-known
aspects of your lifestyle… a disjointed THING you grind away at, in a separate compartment from the “why” you’re inspired to sleep, eat and exercise…? Or do they “meet” in your life? 

Is your Lifestyle harmoniously one in a way that’s propelling you and supporting your family’s success, to becoming super successful on the corporate ladder climb, or building a business that’s super successful and gives you fantastic time freedom? Towards playing your favorite sport and maybe even being competitive, sharing a message or another creation that transforms the world?

That’s what Lifestyle Coaching is all about, and what we help you do here at Lifestyle Coach—we help you live a better life! 

To living your God-inspired dreams,

John Allen Mollenhauer, “JAM”
Founder, Head Coach.

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