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The Rise of a New Lifestyle Part 3

One of the biggest challenges in the fields of wellness and health, even the emerging performance field, all of which are highly fragmented, is the focus on making goals out of improving various aspects of your lifestyle. Such as, but not limited to, eating better and getting fit (fitness challenges not included) and even getting more sleep!

The intentions are good, but this approach falls so far short of helping a person realize their potential and unleash their inherent greatness, it’s hard to state it without sounding critical.

Why? Because no aspect of living is a goal, we live to achieve our goals, and if you’re making goals out of eating healthy, getting fit and sleep, for example, you must NOT be eating healthy, fit or rested right now. So, what does that tell you?

It means you don’t yet have a balanced and healthy, performance lifestyle that’s what. You may have competency in some aspects of living but not enough across the board skill to avoid falling into the gaps where you don’t yet have the skills to make smart lifestyle significant decisions and act accordingly. And that is what usually what throws people out of whack; their lifestyle goes awry.

This is literally, not your fault. Most of us have never been trained in human performance let alone the essential lifestyle skills to sustain healthy, human performance.

Sounds so basic, doesn’t it? But the way most of us live is “caught up” trying to make a living, become or stay successful, but not living successfully; and that impacts our energy and health, which undermine our ability to function and perform, achieve and sustain the very success we’re seeking.

Each one of us wakes up to be successful. You can take that idea to the bank. No one wakes up to be balanced and healthy, we need to proactively take actions that maintain our health SO we can perform at the levels we need to succeed; and look that way too.

Which is why this is called a Performance Lifestyle, and not a “healthy lifestyle.” That your lifestyle is healthy is the given here; we’re focused on the goals—performance and success and to do that your lifestyle must be balanced, which means you know what to do, how to do and why you’re doinging at the right time, at the right level, with consistency, and getting your needs met. This result is “balance.”

When you’re living success, it’s a whole lot easier to live balanced and healthy. In a Performance Lifestyle transformation happens.

Who Lives Performance Lifestyle?

Learning the essentials of lifestyle, one by one can help anyone, but when you learn them all together, the full picture of human performance comes clear and the person who get’s the biggest benefit is the person who’s driven, goal and success-oriented. These people, like myself, have a tendency to overspend their energy and live outside their performance zone for far too long.

Feeling tired all the time and fatigued gives rise to a slew of hidden lifestyle challenges that people end up coping with for years, which distract and hold them back. And most people don’t realize this because they are not familiar with the level of performance they could be experiencing if they were living a Performance Lifestyle.

Performance Lifestyle serves achievers best because they are often super motivated to resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges, evolve with a new lifestyle mindset and skill set to achieve their ambitious goals inspired by living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind for probably the first time in a long time.

In a nutshell, Performance Lifestyle is for people who want to get free of hidden lifestyle challenges, in particular

  1. Living on a perceived downward spiral for some time, over spending their energy resulting from poor lifestyle habits.
  2. Needing to cut through the clutter in the market that is confusing, to learn how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle successfully.
  3. Wanting to achieve an ambitious goal in their life or their business with the added inspiration of an endurance activity or sport that promotes high performance.

So where do you start?

You start by getting your energy back, up and learning how to maintain optimal energy levels. How to do this is hidden in plain sight, and it’s way, way more than adding an extra hour of sleep. As Performance Lifestyle Adviser Ari Whitten talks about, living at odds with your biology is a big problem. So you need to understand the science, and the lifestyle solution.

The primary reason people don’t change is they just don’t have the energy; so instead of playing drill sergeant and calling you out for excuses, as has been the usual tact by people who make their living keeping you in motion; we honor this likely reality. We recommend The Energy Blueprint and teach you The Secrets of Optimal Energy we refer to as Performance Living 101, which you get in Performance Lifestyle’s PL365 Training.

Realizing your real energy potential will blow your mind. Most people know little about their power, it’s “whoo whoo” to them at best other than the fact that they know they must get at least some sleep.

If you don’t know how to maintain optimal energy levels, no amount of nutrition, fitness, or relying on sleep alone will ever help you increase and sustain optimal energy levels. The science alone will wake you up.

You can choose to improve any essential aspects of your lifestyle, like learning how to regenerate your life force, eating whole-foods nutrient -rich, and activate and strengthen your body for easy examples, but there are several more (12 in total). On a firm foundation of dramatically improved energy levels, you’re eating, and exercising behaviors and moods will follow suit.

We all know what happens when the opposite is true, it’s the very real downward spiral and no one likes it—overwhelm, over stimulation and under recuperation lead to exhaustion and fatigue, overeating and in most cases under nourishment, super busyness and physical inactivity, and weight and both physical and mental health complication are a forgone conclusion.

Matter of fact, few people realize they are in a downward spiral; they think they’re just gaining a few pounds, or getting older. For most, the dots leading to their fatigue have never been connected, they might say “I’m on a downward spiral, really ” but the now they can change it.

The Upward Spiral.

Now consider the learning how to change that pattern, correcting course, and now living on an upward spiral. The Lifestyle Optimization Process™ is all about the upward spiral.

This is where our signature training, PL365 really comes in. It’s great to improve one lifestyle skill at a time and no matter where you start this is always true. But when you string all of the essential skills together in an integrative way, you develop a Performance Lifestyle.

  • You can get your energy back.
  • Improve any essential aspect of your lifestyle one by one.
  • Or optimize your lifestyle, as a whole.
  • You learn to live success, perform and feel compelled like an athlete to achieve bigger goals.
  • Heck, at this point you may help others do the same.

What would it mean to your life if you knew you could correct course and rise again to look, feel and perform like the much younger person you remember?

That’s what happens when you start to optimize your lifestyle, in performance lifestyle training.


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