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The Rise of a New Lifestyle Part 2

Lifestyle Optimization

Most players in the wellness, health and performance spaces focus on just one element of lifestyle — like meditation, nutrition or fitness — but here at Performance Lifestyle Inc, we offer a “science-based, integrative view of the whole lifestyle,” with opportunities to have a deeply human connection with our team, trainers and coaches.

The 25-year process of putting together the Performance Lifestyle® approach during years of strong energy output as a fitness entrepreneur turned tech entrepreneur turned lifestyle entrepreneur has always been about the quest to move away from a fragmented, confusing and incomplete “first tier” market of weight loss programs, nutrition, and fitness plans.

That usual cast of characters all pose as lifestyle solutions, and they are, but only parts of one. To create a whole lifestyle training solution primed for the “second tier,” all essential lifestyle skills need to be included in the training.

What does second tier mean? There are several integral definitions, but basically, it’s when solutions are fluid, clear and complete (integrative) and in the case of defining lifestyle, nowhere is this more important.

Identifying “Performance Lifestyle” as the name of this approach, was a godsend.

You see, your lifestyle is the way you live. It’s your master routine. It’s not just how you eat or exercise, meditate or plan; it’s all of that and more. It’s every routine you have to help you function and perform well in the world.

All of your routines roll up into your lifestyle.

The thing is, there are many aspects of your lifestyle and most people don’t know them beyond nutrition, fitness and getting more sleep, which is less then 25% of the lifestyle equation.

If you’re trying to improve the way you look, feel and perform but are pulled in multiple directions trying to find compatible solutions, and you do not yet know the breadth, depth, and context of your lifestyle; the attempt itself can wear you down.

And that, in 2017, is what we intend to shed light on and usher into the public discourse in January. It’s the rise of a new lifestyle, a wholistic approach to living where you learn and apply all the essential skills that enable you to live with more energy, higher levels of health and performance or “like a pro” as we like to say given Performance Lifestyle was born in elite athletics.

That is our mission, and to live success in today’s world without having to trade your health and well-being for it, you need to live like a pro.

As the founder of Performance Lifestyle Inc., I had a proverbial Ph.D. in living like an amateur for an extended period in my life. At times I would go deep into aspects of my lifestyle, but never really brought it all together until I started Performance Lifestyle training.

This training will help you resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges that are holding you back from performing at a higher level, and evolve with a new lifestyle mindset and skills set so you can better achieve your goals.

The rise of the a new lifestyle is your lifestyle now optimed for energy, health and performance.

Bringing it All Together

Low and behold, it starts with learning the secrets of optimal energy, so that you have the power to maintain high levels of naturally- occurring energy, health, and performance.

Once you know how to harness and maintain optimal levels of energy, and the science behind it, the whole idea of lifestyle optimization kicks into gear because you’ll now know why you’re “optimizing.” It’s an inherently natural process, but like many life processes we engage in, few of us are conscious of them, and therefore we are not proactive about it.

Nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to human energy. There are reasons why millions of chronically fatigued people live on coffee and must stimulate their way to get through the day.

In a Performance Lifestyle, proactive is the name of the game, and that does not mean you’re physically active all the time. It means you know your present situation and circumstances so well, where you are and where you want to be that you are proactive about what to do, how to do it, and why you’re doing it, so you do it; even if that means going to sleep!

There are three primary phases of lifestyle optimization.

  1. Understanding your present situation and circumstances is were lifestyle optimization really begins,

  2. It then quickly moves learning how to harness and maintain optimal energy levels.

  3. It then progresses to lifestyle management so that you can sustain your performance and achieve your goals.

We call that whole-life performance because performance is a lifestyle and it’s way more than nutrition, fitness and getting more sleep, alone.

Quick example:

It’s completely natural for people to learn based on their experience. When you’re optimizing your lifestyle, you learn principles and practices and the lifestyle strategy based on the fundamentals of successful living and begin applying it all in your life in one seamless, fluid and forward moving lifestyle you can call your own.

You start where you are and move through the proven process that can take you from overwhelmed, exhausted and preoccupied with the weight and gravity of the past— performing poorly— to poised and energetic and performing extraordinarily, and soon enough looking and feeling the same.

You get grounded in experience and move through what we call The Lifestyle Optimization Process™, which I’ll be highlighting in my next post.

All of this can happen in a period that is usually within 12-24 months. PL365® is a year-round program that starts with Performance Living 101. After one year of building an essential foundation by making the macro changes one needs to make in their life to maintain optimal energy levels, by the end of year two, depending on where you start; a client is usually ready to take on their most ambitious goals. Sound like a long time? It’s a blink.

Why this Approach Works

It works, because this is how you created your present lifestyle, and it didn’t happen in 21 or 30 days. So you already have experience with this process, but if you’re like most people, you have it at a very low level, even if you’re a high achiever.

Few of us have ever learned second-tier performance lifestyle skills. We’ve mainly made slight improvements around small ideas that may induce weight loss, some muscle gain, a short-term performance improvement or a new burst of clarity, but not a whole lifestyle at the second tier where you learn how to pro’s do it.

Now, you will learn how to take your lifestyle not just to a new level (that’s always happening as you improve) but to a whole new tier. And this is what makes the difference.

This is a game changer and we know it. It’s bold, it’s a stretch, but it’s easier to live when you step up and take the best practice approach and then tweak and continue to optimize over time. Soon it will be your new normal.

The way we see it, you can save up to 20 years or more when you engage in the lifestyle optimization process.

There’s a saying we have here at Performance Lifestyle, Inc

When you focus on what enables you to function and perform “well,” you’ll inevitably be taking a balanced and healthy approach.

In a Performance Lifestyle, focused on your real goals in life, business and maybe even a sport, once you understand the lifestyle and the what, how and why, you’ll be the most motivated you’ve probably experienced in a long while.

Up Next, I’ll show you The Lifestyle Optimization Process looks.

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