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Performance Lifestyle is an idea that was born in professional athletics and the performing arts, that was developed by John Allen Mollenhauer to serve driven people who want to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind. 

Athletes and creative artists live performance lifestyles to ensure they are prepared for the events of their life, with the energy and health they need to function and perform at their best. But you don’t need to be an athlete or an artist to live a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own. 

Discovered by Performance Coach and Lifestyle Entrepreneur  John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM,” Performance Lifestyle has become the solution to every day working parents, entrepreneurs, and small business owners and executives who want to:

  1. Resolve the hidden lifestyle challenges of the past that are distracting and holding them back from living their full potential
  2. Evolve with the lifestyle mindset and skills to live a healthy lifestyle successfully. 
  3. Achieve even their most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind. 

Performance lifestyle is s philosophy for change, improvement, and optimization.

At it’s most basic level it is the-never-before-assembled fundamentals of successful living,. As an idea it bridges the gap between health and success, ending the age-old dilemma that one needs to risk burnout or trade their health to be successful. 

When you have committed the principles, practices, and lifestyle strategies for healthy performance, lifestyle success is what follows. 

Performance Lifestyle

In a Performance Lifestyle, you learn how to manage your energy like a pro, across every aspect of your lifestyle including but not limited to the quality of the food you eat and your activity levels in order to achieve your goals, No aspect of your lifestyle is a goal, you change, improve and optimize the way you live to achieve your real goals in life-business, sports or creative pursuits.

Whereas most people achieve their goals to live a better lifestyle at all costs, people who live a performance lifestyle, optimize the way they live to achieve their goals and therefore live a better quality of life. 

You do not need to be into sports or even a fitness enthusiast to live a Performance Lifestyle. 

If you no longer want to be tired all the time, you want to live a healthy, driven lifestyle, then learning the performance lifestyle philosophy for change improvement and optimization is for you. 

If you no longer want to be living a disjointed life, trying to stick to heroic diet and exercise programs to make up for a lifestyle gone awry, divorced from your real goals in life, then performance lifestyle is for you. 

If you want to live in ways that support you and what you are up to in the world with the time tested and proven methodologies that all healthy high achieving people know and live by, which you can implement in your life at the pace that works for you. then the performance lifestyle is for you. 


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John Allen Mollenhauer

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Lifestyle Coach JAM will help you live live your true potential by coaching you on how to change, improve, and optimize the way you live.

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