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You, an Athlete? Part 3

What if you could see yourself as the star athlete of your one precious life…and more importantly, live like that, consistently?

It doesn’t matter if you’re into sports or even a fitness enthusiast.

What if you truly treated yourself as if the game you’re playing in life as an entrepreneur, free agent, or corporate leader is at least as vital and compelling as any famous athlete’s sport or game?

What if you believed this so absolutely that you resolutely cared for your body, your mind, your spirit, and your whole self in accordance with that truth?

What if you were naturally inspired and motivated to feed, fuel nurture, rest, and train every part of you to support your biggest game?

AND, what if you were superbly educated to know exactly how to do it?

You’d be living a Performance Lifestyle.

You’d up level everything, without the struggle.

And you’d be as supremely healthy AND as outrageously successful as you ever dreamed.

What EXACTLY is a Performance Lifestyle?

There are 12 lifestyle skills you want to master in living a Performance Lifestyle, which gives you a performance edge in life…

They include the principles and practices and the overall lifestyle that functionally address all the key aspects of lifestyle so you can perform, look and feel like a pro. Such as energy, flow, psychology, nutrition, exercise, support, time management, knowing your direction, strategy, game and more.

People who resoundingly and dramatically succeed in life—and yet maintain vibrant health and well-being while doing it—have all 12 of these master skills working for them.

Either naturally or through training, healthy high-achieving peoplebusiness professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs, executive and managers know and live by these crucial practices and perspectives.

They live what has proven elusive for most would-be achievers: a balanced, fully-engaged, fully-alive existence, regardless of how ambitious their goals.

They’re optimized in every way for consistent periods of optimal energy so that peak performance is more consistent in their life—with flow, proper recovery, and miraculously low stress.

They live to take advantage of and express their gifts and capacities.

Sadly, only 3 percent of the population has yet reached this “holy grail” of dynamic, supercharged success alongside shining health and well-being.

But with the right information, guidance, and context, you CAN do it too.

How does Performance Lifestyle help you make this shift—and master these lifestyle skills?

It starts with a profound, wholesale shift in how you see and understand the concept of lifestyle.

Then, by completely restructuring your lifestyle to align with the core lifestyle practices—consciously and meticulously closing all the gaps—we turn your downward energy spiral into fluid forward motion.

We provide the information, program, coaching, and tools that teach you how to think, see, and act like a performer or athlete—and build a lifestyle that thoroughly serves your game.

You figure out what game you’re playing. And then you get everything you need to play it at the highest level possible—to the height of your potential.

You learn to act like an athlete or performer with something serious to show up for, who’s preparing for an event. It’s that what entrepreneurs and business professionals need to do every day?

You align your true direction with a wholistic, across-the-board strategy for achieving your goals—and begin to live a life in which you stay fit for that.

Not for the sake of it. Not out of guilt. Not because your doctor told you to. Not because a magazine or your sister said you should.

Instead, out of joyful, focused, intentional ambition and alignment with your highest purpose.

Everything is informed by and oriented around that: managing energy, eating, exercising, planning, clarifying, serving and more.

Because your lifestyle is aligned with your goals, everything falls into place.

You know exactly what to do. You know how to do it. And you know why you’re doing it. So you do it.

Fully, powerfully, consistently—to every finish line in your life, and beyond.

And you win, again and again.

How do you get started with thinking and living with the identity of an athlete?

You start optimizing the way you live for more energy, high-level health, and performance.

Read You Are an Athlete Part 4 > to learn how.

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