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You, an Athlete? Part 1

You’ve got a lot going on in life. Not just the crush of day-to-day busy-ness that we all experience as entrepreneurs, business professionals, and working parents. You’re up to big things with your work, your purpose, your creativity. You’re committed to greatness. And you need to perform at your very best to be up to the task.

You don’t just want to be successful—you want to be healthy. You don’t want to sacrifice one for the other.

And yet, that seems to be exactly what’s happening.

You drive hard to meet your goals. You’re running as fast as you can to keep up with your life. But it never seems to be enough.

Maybe you’re making some headway in your work—but constantly feel like your health and energy are losing ground in the constant push.

If you manage to make a few healthy changes, they never seem to stick—or be enough to really lift you out of the energy debt that makes your many commitments a constant struggle.

And the values and purposes most important to you constantly get shortchanged—because you just don’t have the clarity and horsepower to sustain your progress.

You’re not alone.

There’s an absolutely critical reason your efforts to stay fit and healthy and meet your life goals don’t ever seem to “jell.”

And most of the world is missing it completely.


All of our diets, fitness plans, health-care interventions, and personal-growth/success programs aren’t nailing the core issue.

But the good news is there’s a vital shift you can make that will connect your healthy well-being with your highest goals—and feed them both—for a balanced and vibrantly healthy, fully-engaged and successful life.

This is a mindset shift so radical and powerful, it can transform your physical and mental health and fitness—to resolve every obstacle that stands in the way of achieving your real goals in your business and life.

The result is a comprehensive, integrated, flourishing lifestyle that thoroughly supports your deepest or highest aspirations.

We call it Performance Lifestyle and it’s vital to people up to big things in their work and life.

It works because it heals the painful, chronic disconnect between health, performance and success that plagues almost every achievement-oriented business professional and entrepreneur today.

Solidly and completely, it lays down for you the crucial foundation that other approaches have never fully covered—and fills the gaps that have kept you chasing your tail in frustration and exhaustion.

The health industries, the fitness industries, even the personal growth and professional success fields—each give you only a nearsighted, partial view of the landscape.

And your health, your success—your life itself—keep falling unwittingly into the gaps.

You end up flying half-blind, ungrounded and fragmented, trying to follow rules for a game that you’ve never fully figured out.

If you don’t know what game you’re playing, and the role you’re playing in it…you can’t train for it properly, and you aren’t really motivated.

And your lifestyle won’t support your goals or your game.

On the other hand…

When your entire lifestyle is oriented around your performance in the arena of your life—and you treat yourself as worthy of that performance mentality—incredible change happens.

It works because it heals the painful, chronic disconnect between health, performance and success that plagues almost every achievement-oriented business professional today.

Lifestyle means a lot of things to a lot of people. Traditionally, it might refer to what you can afford, what you wear, what you eat, how free you are to travel, how you work, what your house is like, who your friends are, your activities and hobbies, and many other preferences.

But a Performance Lifestyle is another lifestyle approach entirely.

It wholly addresses how you spend, manage and recuperate your personal energy, your time; take care of your Self, the quality of your food and your activity and maintain the direction and clarity… all in service of your goals and your well-being.

And in turn, your well-being beautifully and resoundingly serves your goals; enabling you to set your preferences for how you want to live.

So who lives a “performance lifestyle?”

Read Your Are An Athlete Part 2.


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