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HPL Coaching is initially about changing and improving your health, performance, and life for the better. 

When you string together the lifestyle mindset and skillset practices together and get proficient, you will ultimately develop a High-Performance Lifestyle aka HPL Life. 

We start with an introductory call. If you haven’t already scheduled that when you became a subscriber, see the email “Schedule Your Introductory Consultation.” or contact JAM here

In your initial session, the focus is on what’s happening in your life; your present situation. When that’s understood, and the circumstances you are facing are clear, the next best steps for you can clarify.  

You’ll understand your present situation so well that the lifestyle solutions you need to succeed in transitioning from your current circumstances to new and desired future circumstances will become clear and on purpose. 

I’ll ask you to read the ebook that Lifestyle Coach JAM provides free: Become a Healthy High Achiever Who Thrives Unlock Your True Potential, Get Out of Energy Debt And Start Developing the High-Performance Lifestyle You Need to Achieve Your Ambitious Goals. 

Lifestyle Coach JAM will help you leverage the power of lifestyle optimization to achieve your goals, free of the distractions holding you back and with a better quality of life. 

We’ll leverage insights from The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance© Assessment to help you get your lifestyle working better for you. 

Starting where you are, we’ll fill in the gaps so you can manage your energy like a pro and be free to live a spirit-driven life.

You’ll learn how to live healthy “successfully” and make success routine in a Performance Lifestyle, and ultimately become a Healthy High Achiever who thrives in a high-Performance Lifestyle, where you own your alignment.   

Start where you are:

What’s you’ll receive and the details: 

  1. If you are local to my REGENUS CENTER, we can discuss helping you engage in proactive recovery for your best results based on your individual needs.

  2. Devise a strategy to reduce your energy debt so that sleep, rest, and recovery can deliver at the desired level.

  3. Receive a bioenergetic scan with a review (only included in the $200.00 package) to measure improvement.

  4. Assess where you need to manage your energy better, including the quality of the food you eat and your activity levels so you can focus more. 

  5. Dramatically improve your performance and goal achievement.

Then, pending your level of engagement with Lifestyle Coach JAM and our methodology, we’ll continue to chart your course and use the resources available to help you on your path. 

Our whole aim is to save or add up to 20 years of time, energy, and healthy, productive time to your life so you can reach your goals and enjoy the rewards.  

* No, or partial refunds due to low cost and pre-set time commitment.   

* 30-day written “I’m finished for now” notice must be emailed before your billing for the coming month, which will happen automatically. Contact Lifestyle Coach JAM

Lifestyle Coaching for HPL Blueprint Owners


Identify and resolve your biggest block that is keeping you stuck in 1 area of life.
$ 50 Monthly
  • Two 25-minute coaching sessions each month on site or by phone


Identify and resolve your biggest 3 blocks that are keeping you stuck in 1 area of life.
$ 100 Monthly
  • Four, 25-minute coaching session per month on site or by phone


Identity & resolve all blocks in 1 area of your life where you are stuck
$ 200 Monthly
  • Four 35-minute coaching sessions on site or by phone with email access and a Bioenergetic Scan Monthly
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Lifestyle Coach JAM, founder of REGENUS CENTER, is a leading expert on energy, how to manage it, healthy living and human performance.

To schedule your next appointment at REGENUS CENTER to Unlock Your Body’s Resilience, click here, or on the icon below.


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