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Get Free of Your Hidden Lifestyle Challenges

Get free of Your Hidden Lifestyle Challenges

Want to know the most essential thing you can do for yourself to ensure you have a breakthrough year in 2021?

Get free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that are distracting and holding you back, to the best of your ability. That’s every non-essential stress in your life to the extent you need to so that you can free and manage your energy for your breakthrough year.

Getting free of your hidden challenges, in and of itself IS the breakthrough, that enables you to have breakthroughs in everything else.

And the most important of these challenges is the one that creates freedom for yourself regardless of what’s going on in your world. That is, the number one challenge that by its very nature distracts and holds us back, which is the wrong mindset.

You can only resolve that lifestyle challenge by getting grounded in what you really are, before trying to work out all of who you think you are and think about. It’s getting in the right relationship with your brain and body.

If that sounds a little esoteric, for now, consider it as that place that we often call the “Zone” that puts you in a state of “flow.” Much bigger chat sure. For now, if you want a breakthrough year, Vicious cycle of hidden lifestyle challengesthis can’t be a place that you arrive at haphazardly; it’s got to be the place that becomes our new normal.

So what is a hidden lifestyle challenge?

A hidden lifestyle challenge is a way of life, situation, or circumstance that is us not working for you, and actually working against you, distracting and holding you back!

A simple example would be eating nutrient-poor food, vs eating nutrient-rich food; one works against you, and the other works for you. And that’s just one hidden lifestyle challenges that many of us get stuck in every day, and not even the most influential.

The very nature of a “breakthrough” means some underpinning is getting resolved. To have a huge breakthrough year, you want to resolve as many of your hidden lifestyle challenges as possible starting with the twelve below.

Getting people free of what distracts and holds people back is what I’ve made a career of, starting with client zero—me.


And, of course, the signature program I developed with a world-class team over 20+ years, can put you on the fast track to doing just that—getting free of your hidden lifestyle challenges across-the-board.

  1. Learn How to Increase Your Energy, Again, and Then Again
    Energy is the foundation of health and performance. When you use more energy than you recuperate, you can’t function let alone perform well – and you certainly can’t perform at the top of your game. Master how to regenerate your life force energy, and watch your breakthrough happen.
  2. Improve Your Body “Fueling,” and FREE Your Energy
    There actually is a way to eat that is best, and the most successful. It’s when you eat whole, nutrient-rich foods that are essential to energy, health, and performance, up to 90% of the time or more, in a way that works for you. Learn how to do that right and the eating game changes for the better forever.
  3. Develop Physical Stability First, then Strength, and Power
    A body that is fit for generating and regenerating the power it needs and burning what you consume is essential to your energy, health, and performance, so you can succeed amidst the physical and mental rigors of life and achievement. Activate and strengthen your body in a way that always works.
  4. Think, and Act on What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want
    Your personal story has been developing since childhood and is connected to your ancestral history, which can be self-fulfilling. If you want to change and transform your life experience, it’s time to telling real but optimistic learning stories that take you in the direction you want.
  5. Take Back What’s Really Yours, Your Time
    Energy and time are your two most precious assets. They are infinite and finite respectively, so it’s important to manage these resources effectively to optimize your health, performance, and productivity. Radically streamline and simplify your life and watch what happens. This takes guts so being part of a community and potentially having a coach is especially important here.
  6. Steer Clear of Overwhelm No Matter What it Takes
    It is easy to get overwhelmed by the numerous competing responsibilities flooding your life. The world is vying for your attention and wants to occupy it, monetize it and sell it.
    Get ready to own your schedule like never before.
  7. Know Your Motivations Through and Through
    At the most fundamental level, you are pure motivation. But without adequate energy to power your body/brain you can still end up sluggish. And that’s just the start. Get clear on all that is driving you and you will finally have a handle on how to change, improve behavior, and optimize your lifestyle.
  8. Discover What You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know
    Many people rely on the power of their individual brains and personas to navigate the world, but what if you were tapped into a higher source most of the time, and from this place learned how to wake up and grow up, on purpose. Your awareness and development would explode.
  9. Act on What’s Actually True for You
    Access to information and opportunity is greater than ever before in human history, but without a core strategy, it is ridiculously easy to be scattered in too many directions, leaving your energy diffused and ineffective. Have you declared your intention, direction, and strategy for what’s next in your future?
  10. Learn How to Play
    If you don’t know your objectives and goals and vision—and the difference between the three—then you probably don’t have a game plan for how to succeed. Knowing your game and how to play is pivotal here. Getting through this process with a purpose that guides your lifestyle is a beautiful thing.
  11. Acknowledge, You Can’t Do it All Yourself And Take Action Accordingly
    A lifestyle can only be successful if you have enough support to mitigate common setbacks and challenges. So building financial support and a team structurally and functionally changes the game here. Life is incredibly difficult when everything is dependent on you.
  12. Get In-Service, or Into Higher Levels of Service, Right Now
    Few acts in life have the potential to build momentum faster than the intentional act of serving others. So engaging and serving others before you look good, and have it all together is the way to look get and get it all together.

These are some of the essential lifestyle habits you need to know to live your life like a pro, and taking them from theory to practice to mastery is literally worth its weight in Gold.
But it doesn’t stop there.

You see, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to changing, improving, and optimizing the way you live. There are even skills you need to know that enable you to practice the most essential lifestyle habits.

One, in particular, is managing your energy. So get ready for the most comprehensive deep-dive course on the management of personal energy to kick off your Performance Lifestyle [PL] 365 experience.

There’s even more, but I’m not going to overwhelm you here; you can learn more about the PL Approach here.

Just know this, if you are going to have a breakthrough year ahead, don’t just tighten up one or two of your spokes, tighten em’ all and make sure you are rolling with momentum!
You don’t want unnecessary challenges on the road to realizing your God-inspired Dreams.
Click here to learn more.

JAM is a leading Lifestyle Coach and authority on living a Performance Lifestyle® with an online training academy that teaches people how to manage their energy like the pros do and optimize the way they live for the health and high- performance they need to flourish. Located in Florham Park, NJ, he and his team run a Performance Recovery and Wellness Center.

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