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Become a Healthy High Achiever Who Thrives

I want to introduce you to the lifestyle approach for goal achievement and an ever-better quality of life, even as you age, as we become healthy high achievers who thrive together.  

We live in a historical period where burnout is at an all-time high[i]. While people generally live longer compared to a hundred years ago, they are now actually debiting their longevity[ii] because of coping with excess stress and fatigue in ways that create more stress and fatigue.

And that’s true mainly because most people have not yet adapted to our high-performance culture and the optimized lifestyle required to sustain it. 

We see people struggling to keep pace with life today, increase their energy, stay healthy, and perform better in their life, career, or business. And while there are countless so-called “solutions” available, there is only one you can depend on—Your Lifestyle. 

To make my point, I’m borrowing a page from the mindset of athletes, but for his article, understand that the term “athlete,” which goes back to the Bible and beyond (2 Timothy2:5 and Psalms19:5), does not need to evoke visions of grueling preparation for sporting events and psyche you out. As if it implies a way of life that’s out of your league. It’s not. 

Bill Bowerman, a founder of Nike, said, “if you have a body, you are an athlete.” So, when we learn what’s at the core of an athlete’s mindset, we know that we need to create a lifestyle that supports us and what we are up to in the world, and when we do, how we live and work will dramatically improve and so will our results.   

Interpret my use of the term “athlete” then, as someone with a lifestyle that enables them to manage their energy, stay healthy, and perform at higher levels in their life—family, career/business, art, sport, ministry, etc.  

Ok, let’s get into it. 

As a Professional Lifestyle Coach, I help people optimize how they live (and work) to achieve their God-inspired dreams and goals without burning out or trading their health for success. In other words, I help people become healthy, high-achievers people who thrive.  

That means I want people, myself included, to have and sustain health and wealth, not one or the other, and cultivate happiness. 

For that to happen, one must have a lifestyle that creates those results. And the way best way I’ve found to help people become healthy, high-achievers who thrive is to develop High-Performance Lifestyles. 

People who achieve their ambitious goals with vibrant health and peace of mind have high-performance lifestyles that fully support them and what they are up to in the world. 

Do you want to spend 20 years realizing that YOU are not thoughts and feelings, subjecting yourself to unnecessary stress, confusion, and emotional exhaustion?

Or how about just learning how to sleep, eat and exercise when you need optimal sleep, nutrition, and fitness to function and perform well right now in your life. 

There is so much more to how you live and what you are living for, so probably not. 

I’m here to say that changing, improving, or now “optimizing” the way you live does not need to be the struggle it used to be.

If you can see yourself as an “athlete” in your own life, someone who has a lifestyle that enables them to achieve their goals with their health and wellbeing intact, and, more importantly, you learn how to live like that consistently; you will be surprised at how quickly you can achieve at a higher level, and life gets better. 

It does not matter if you are into sports or even a fitness enthusiast; to be a healthy high achiever who thrives, you leverage your lifestyle’s power to achieve your goals and fulfill your vision. That means you “turn pro” or “living your life like a pro” and leaving “amateur” behind in your one precious life…

So I ask you: 

1. What if you genuinely treated yourself as if the game you’re playing in life is at least as compelling as any sports athlete’s game?  

2. What if you believed this so absolutely that you resolutely cared for your spirit, mind, body, and whole life following that truth, no matter how challenging your circumstances or busy your schedule is?  

3. AND, what if you were to superbly educate yourself on how to live-in balance—intentional about what you do and why, how to do it, and when, at the right level, intensity, and consistency for you to achieve the desired results you want? 

You’d be living a high-performance lifestyle, and on your way to becoming a healthy high achiever who thrives, that’s what! 

Who are the Healthy, High achievers, you ask? 

It’s driven people up to big things in their lives. Of course, athletes, but now entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals are also learning to live high-performance lifestyles because of the intense demands on their energy and time. 

Achievers are learning how to achieve their goals not only “while” living in balance (for starters, recuperating at least as much energy as they spend for vibrant health and peace of mind) but “by” living that way. 

No longer waiting until they’re completely and utterly successful to live a better lifestyle, healthy high achievers are those who understand you need to live a better lifestyle to achieve your desired goals. 

Driven people wake up to be successful, but they know that living unhealthy and then trying to get a little more sleep, eat better, and exercise more from time to time when symptoms arise, never works for long.

Athletes, for example, know they have to manage their energy, be free of distraction and stay healthy, or they won’t be able to perform well; if they don’t perform well, they won’t achieve their goals.

Healthy High Achieving people outside of sports act in the same way. They align their lifestyles with Performance Lifestyle® principles and take charge of the practices and strategies influencing their capabilities and quality of life. 

They learn and live the full spectrum of an energy-managed, spirit-driven, healthy, and performance-promoting lifestyle; as a result, they achieve at a higher level; and then live even better! 

 Instead of the premature downward spiral, most people are coping with, they upward spiral. 


Step by step, that’s how. 

First, you can go to my website and assess your lifestyle against The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance© and determine:

 a) What you are just waking up to. 

 b) What needs work. (maybe a lot?) 

 c) What is the status quo? (meaning, a passing grade but not improving?),

 d) What Is working for you, not against you, most of the time? 


 e) What is Optimal, 90% of the time or more

 I’ve then highlighted the five achiever types— 

The Potentialite

The Striver

The Overachieving Underperformer

The High Achiever 

The Healthy High Achiever

You want to know where you are on the path to becoming a healthy, high-achieving person who thrives because each stage or phase you go through depends on having more of The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance© working for you in your lifestyle. 

For example, how a striver achieves their goals is very different from how a high achiever or healthy high achiever fulfills theirs with a higher level of mindset development and more lifestyle skillsets. 

Each achiever type is a stage or phase of mindset development, lifestyle optimization, and “success.” 

That insight could not be more vital for you to know because your personal or professional growth, while important, is not the primary determinant of your performance in life; your mindset and lifestyle are. Combined with personal and professional development and a robust vehicle in an industry primed for success, the sky’s the limit. 

But suppose your mindset and lifestyle are not supporting and serving you. In that case, you’ll be distracted and held back by hidden lifestyle challenges such as fatigue, health issues, and inability to function fully. 

Have you ever noticed that you can still struggle no matter how personally developed you are? 

Have you also noticed “that person” who probably hasn’t picked up a book in a long time or ever gone to a seminar yet crushes it in their career?  

That’s so because they likely have a high-performance mindset, even if they don’t have the lifestyle yet. It doesn’t mean those people are “healthy” high-achievers who thrive; they could be just high achievers and still trading their health for success. But it’s still their mindset and lifestyle driving their success; all other development depends on your mindset and lifestyle.  

So it doesn’t matter if you’ve already achieved some of your biggest goals and are financially a success; it’s still hard to “live your best self or life” if you are tired, coping with poor health habits, and unable to perform at total capacity.

There are nuances around this, for sure, that I can’t get into fully in this article. But suffice it to say, for now, people who resoundingly and dramatically succeed in life—and yet maintain vibrant (meaning energy-abundant) health while doing it—know and live by The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance© and have all the requisite skills for wellbeing in their physical, psychological, social, community and financial lives. 

Either naturally or through training, healthy, high-achieving people who thrive have built in these crucial practices and perspectives. And live what has proven elusive for most achievers: a balanced, fully engaged lifestyle, regardless of how ambitious their goals. 

Sure, they have challenging periods, but because they have the mindset for high performance—with proper recovery and flow and an optimized lifestyle, they have miraculously low distress in facing those challenges.  

To learn more, go to and take The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance Assessment.

Nothing will inspire you to live better than knowing how you’re living is fulfilling the vision you have for your life! ~ JAM  


As “client zero,” entrepreneur John Allen Mollenhauer, known as John Allen or Lifestyle Coach “JAM,” was desperate to figure out how to achieve his ambitious goals without burning out, wearing out, and trading his health for success despite being proficient in nutrition and fitness. As a result, over 20 years, he shifted from a high achiever’s mindset to a high-performance mindset, enabling him to achieve at higher levels. Further, he learned how to manage his energy and be free to live and live healthily and successfully in any situation.

Step by step, JAM produced the never-before-assembled formula for living a balanced, healthy, High-Performance Lifestyle® that can enable anyone to be and become a healthy high achiever who thrives.  

Today, he’s still an in-the-game lifestyle entrepreneur and a pioneering Performance Lifestyle® Coach. To get started, Lifestyle Coach JAM delivers powerful free resources that will inspire you to optimize how you achieve your goals. 

Download This Ebook FREE: Become a Healthy High Achiever Who ThrivesUnlock Your True Potential to Change How You Achieve Your Goals and Watch Your Energy, Health, and Performance Soar!

Plus: Get Lifestyle Coach INSIGHTS Every Week to help you on the path. 



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