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“People are constantly tired in our modern-day performance culture. One of the biggest problems facing society is compounded energy debt. It’s more than sleep debt, the systematic over-expenditure of our vital energy, and it’s compromising human existence.

REGENUS CENTER” came about because part of my mission is to help ‘regenerate us.’ For that, we need a place to go, a tool to supplement our lifestyles and accelerate energy recovery in the market, our businesses and homes.” ~ JAM

As a High-Performance Lifestyle® Coach, I work closely with entrepreneurs, business owners,  professionals in growth organizations, and people who are generally driven and up a lot in their lives to resolve any hidden lifestyle challenges that may compromise their energy and health, performance, and productivity. 

If it distracts or holds them back from living and achieving their full potential, at some point, we address it as we go through the healthy, high-performance lifestyle blueprint.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, there is nothing more essential to helping driven achiever-types thrive than learning how to recharge, restore and manage their energy.

Vital life force energy needs to be regularly recharged and restored; otherwise, it’s easy to get worn down, and lost in coping with habits that create more stress than more energy. 

It’s why as a lifestyle entrepreneur, I started REGENUS CENTERS, a biohacking (regeneration) anti-aging and lifestyle center that unlocks your true potential and your body’s ability to be resilient in the face of relentless demand on your time and energy.

“I have been going to Regenus Center for 1 month and I can’t be more pleased and excited about my progress. I have more energy, experienced reduced inflammation, less back pain, positive skin changes, and better overall health. Their staff is friendly, knowledgable, and accommodating. I highly recommend Regenus Center!” – Ashley Perrino


REGENUS CENTER is for working moms and dads, entrepreneurs and executives, athletes, creators/influencers, etc. People who have a lot going on in their lives are prone to overexertion, overworking, and overtraining, resulting in tiredness, inflammation, fatigue, and potentially burnout.

Alternatively, the same technologies work for those who want to live their best life, with more energy, better health, and the capacity to function and perform better at higher levels. Those who are not suffering from fatigue, pain, or other conditions want to recapture the edge, zest, and zeal they used to feel.


“Biohacking” is really about regeneration and lifestyle optimization and starting with recovery technologies to enhance your energy, biochemistry, and physiology.

A biohacking center is where someone goes outside of traditional and medical institutions and even alternative healthcare to enhance their physical and cognitive performance. It’s a place where they focus on recharging and restoring their body’s energy and learn how to manage their energy while transforming their lifestyle for incremental improvements in their health, performance, and well-being.


Clients use a natural protocol of energy recovery modalities such as PEMF, PBMT (red light therapy or photobiomodulation), and Infrared Sauna to accelerate recovery and regeneration.

With lifestyle guidance, clients can learn and gain the confidence to unlock their body’s resilience, and get free of fatigue and pain to look, feel, and perform like better.


    • Visit Lifestyle Coach JAM on-site in East Hanover, NJ.

    • Want to put a REGENUS CENTER EXPRESS in your place of business to dramatically improve your employees’ energy, health, and performance?Download the PDF

  • Are you interested in licensing REGENUS CENTER to build your own?

Call me/us at 862-295-1620, or visit the Regenus Center website and reach out.

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