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Transformational Training Synopsis

Are you low on power, drinking cup after cup of coffee to battle your persistent fatigue? That’s how you inflame your growing energy debt that saps your body of its innate life force. Human energy is the foundation of health and performance. When you spend more than you recuperate, you can’t perform at the top of your game or close to it. In this monthly theme, you’ll discover how to overcome fatigue, increase your overall energy, and attain peak levels of vital energy when needed.

This is transformational training in a “Year in the Life” of living a Performance Lifestyle. It will provide you a complete in-depth strategy for creating the essential lifestyle habit of regenerating your life force energy.

Training Description

High-performing people in life—business and sports tend to have a lot of energy. They have a high “Action Potential.” But it’s not because they are naturally endowed with this energy. It’s because they live their lives in ways that ensure they can recuperate the extraordinary amounts of energy they expend to avoid constant fatigue.

Athletes and other high-performing individuals understand the importance of building and maintaining optimal energy and living at optimal energy levels so they can consistently achieve their goals without falling prey to fatigue and burnout. They secretly build their life around regenerating energy with a strategy that is nearly hidden from our modern society. We are so busy seeking stimulation through artificial sources to overcome the fatigue that we don’t leave space for healthy, sustainable ways of developing and maintaining energy.

Learning how to regenerate your life force energy is a critical first step to beating fatigue and developing a performance lifestyle. This skill will help you prevent fatigue from showing up in your life, minimize performance anxiety and depression, and enable you to maintain a positive disposition. It will propel your life forward, and experience the states that correspond to optimal levels of energy.

Understanding energy is the gateway to making the biggest lifestyle change you can make: altering how you see yourself, your energy, and your purpose in the world. This is the transformational inflection point on which all essential aspects of a balanced and healthy performance lifestyle depend.

In this Essential training, you’ll learn the Regeneration Energy Method® and how to get it working for you right now. With this method, you’ll learn important techniques for getting out of energy debt, and reclaim your quality of life while cultivating the energy to perform, like a pro.

What’s Included


In-depth playbook providing core training materials, including course concepts, educational content, and actionable steps


Live, virtual events delivering training on specific topics related to the course


Live, “Office Hours” for interactive Q&A sessions


Survey’s of Academy members so that you can learn from others.


Share your experience, tap into other experience

What you will learn and apply in this 30-day transformational course:

  • The key energy problem everyone is dealing with in modern society and what the whole answer is to resolve it.
  • The misinterpretation of fatigue and how it’s affecting your behaviors.
  • How to get free of the stimulant delusion.
  • Why even “8 hours” of sleep alone is not enough to maintain optimal energy levels.
  • What “regeneration” is and why it’s the real term you need to know if you want to get your energy back and maintain it.
  • The distinct differences between sleep, rest, recovery, relaxation, and rejuvenation and why none of these practices is really optional.
  • How to organize your life around regular and systemic regeneration practices and maintain it as a priority.


  • What Meditation Can Do for You – Simple meditation techniques can decrease stress, burnout, and a spiraling mind


When you join the Academy we may not be in the month where this is the present theme, but it will cycle around and you will be able to review this topic immediately.


With an annual membership to the Academy, you will receive access to a “Year in the Life” including all 12 of the Performance Lifestyle Essentials.

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