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Upgrade Your Lifestyle and Achieve Your Ambitious Goals!

Lifestyle Coach is here to inspire, educate and support you on the Path to optimizing the way you live. We will help move away from the typical lifestyle and step into fitness and healthy lifestyles on the way to developing a balanced performance lifestyle you can call your own. 

That is, a lifestyle that fully supports you in what you are up to in your family, career, business, creative pursuits, or sport. 

On the Path, you’ll learn how-to live-in energy balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals. 

Here’s how to get started: 

1. Subscribe to our newsletter (Lifestyle Coach INSIGHTS),
The Performance Lifestyle Coach Podcast, and follow Lifestyle Coach JAM on our Social Media Channels so you can be making changes and improving where you are now. 

2. Schedule an initial consultation FREE to guide you.

3. Read the book on the hidden challenge to a balanced and healthy high achieving life and get The Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint.

The Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint clears the Path for you to take the way you live from theory to practice and then to mastery.

Then continue on the Path to live a better life. 

4. Take the courses on ‘The 12 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Know to Live Your Life like a Pro©’, one by one, to improve all the essential aspects of your lifestyle.  

5. At any step on the Path, you can hire a lifestyle coach to help you with any aspect of your lifestyle. 

In our advanced programs, you can engage in a year-in-the-life, with group training and coaching. 

How much better do you want to live? 

Lifestyle Coach Helps YOU Optimize your Lifestyle to Reach Your Goals

Imagine unleashing your most significant source of untapped potential within and developing a lifestyle to support that potential to go as far and high as you choose. Then knowing you have the lifestyle “blueprint” most experts don’t even have that will connect the dots, so you know how to change, improve and optimize the way you live.

Now imagine getting trained on every aspect of an optimal lifestyle at your own pace to become proficient, along with others interested in results and transformation. And knowing when you need it, you can secure the support of a coach who’s traveled the path.

Pretty soon, you’ll become a pro in your own right, as you discover how live-in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals.




The Curse of The Capable

Dive Deep on the Pivotal Subject

Not quite ready yet? Get the book “The Curse of the Capable,” and soon you will be prepared. Coauthored by Lifestyle Coach JAM, this book will help you get free of the story(s) preventing you from moving forward in your life the way you want.

You may think it’s a mystery why you are not acting on certain aspects of your lifestyle in certain areas of your life at the level you need to succeed, but it’s more than that. It’s either a curse of your own making or installed by someone else; it’s a story that you cannot live well with. 

The book will help you change that story so that you’re thinking, and actions are aligned. Uncover, discover, acknowledge, recognize, and change to live a balanced, healthy, and High-Achieving Life. Click the link to read more about the book.


The Performance Lifestyle Blueprint-1

Begin Taking the Courses

The Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint is what binds all your training, coaching, and event learning together here at Lifestyle Coach. It is the blueprint for living a better life, and it’s what you want to immerse yourself in to change, improve and optimize the way you live.   

If you want to establish a lifestyle that works for you, not against you, that supports you in every way and helps you achieve your goals, this is your manual. 

Most people spend a lifetime just trying to connect the dots that this blueprint will link for you in minutes when you get this in your hand and peruse that pages that you will build out on the path with the help of Lifestyle Coach. It will save you up to 20 years or more of your life, time, and energy.


Working with a coach for periods will help you accelerate your growth because a coach will help you take insights from theory to practice to mastery faster based on experience. 

Hiring a coach is a significant step in your growth. They help you understand your present situation, the stage you are in, and how to apply a particular strategy based on where you are towards where you want to be. 

A Lifestyle Coach will help you integrate principles and practices, develop strategies that work for your circumstances, challenge you to change your conditions, improve your environment, and more. 

Our coaching team is led by Lifestyle Coach JAM. Check our lifestyle coaching packages below.



I Want An All-Access Pass to Every to Training on Every Aspect of the Lifestyle Blueprint.

The Performance Lifestyle® Blueprint is comprehensive, and some people will only want to immerse themselves in aspects of it.

On the other hand, some high achiever types will want to take this all the way and engage every aspect of the lifestyle to support them and what they are up to in the world.

These are people who have a tremendous amount of demand on their time and energy and need to live as optimally as possible, to maintain the energy, the level of health, and performance capacities they need to sustain and succeed.

We do special event training throughout the year, that are not included the Club Membership, but if you are a member of MyPL365, you will get it all, when it happens throughout the year.

Plus, special events are only for those who want to be Healthy High Achievers who thrive.

I Want a Lifestyle Coach All Year Plus Access to Everything Including Deep Dive Support on The Greatest Lifestyle Change.  

Limited to 7 People Per Year with Lifestyle Coach JAM

By application only, this is a year-round coaching agreement with John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM,” which includes the highest level of service he provides as you change, improve, and optimize your lifestyle.

This includes one-to-one time each week with JAM, laser coaching as needed, all courses, special events training, access to the unique MyPL365 “year in the life,” monthly themes, weekly routines, and daily schedules.

Basically, anything we offer as a company, you get throughout the year.

Plus, you and JAM will focus on helping you allow the greatest change lifestyle change you can ever make become primary in your life, the change every other aspect of living depends on.|

Waking up to what you really are!

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Lifestyle Coach will help you LIVE A BETTER LIFE

The PATH to Change, Improve and Optimize Your Lifestyle Can Start With a FREE Intro Coaching Session.

$49 Value

- 15 - 20 Minutes

- Schedule anytime when it's convenient for you

- Get a game plan



Follow the steps outlined in any coaching session, or program, and show evidence of having done so, and if you aren’t measurably better after taking those steps, we’ll refund your cost.

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