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It will guide you on how to

In this Lifestyle Guide, You will discover:

The 3 Lifestyle Strategies for Performing at Your Body’s Best—WITHOUT 🔥 BURNING OUT OR TRADING YOUR HEALTH FOR SUCCESS. 

Learn why “Traditional Healthy Living” is not enough to help you reach your goals— and WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. 

If you’ve ever heard yourself thinking or saying to yourself—or others…

  • I’m so tired all the time trying to keep up. I feel like I’m on a treadmill.

  • I wish I could do what I REALLY want to be doing, or more, but I just don’t have the energy.

  • I feel scattered and confused. I don’t know which thing is really going to help me get healthier, or more energy, or meet my goals.

  • I’ve tried (x, y, z hack) and it’s not making any difference for me.

  • I feel like stress is killing me.

…Then listen up because this is what you need to read.

About John Allen Mollenhauer "JAM"

  • Founder Lifestyle Coach—Live a Better Life

  •  Co-Author of the book “The Curse Of The Capable” The Hidden Challenge to a Balanced and Healthy, High Achieving Life, with Arthur P Ciaramicoli Ph.D. and Superbowl MVP Phil Simms.  

  • Leading Performance Lifestyle® Coach

  • Co-founder of Regenus Centers with his wife and partner Mariahna Suzan

  • Founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc. 

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