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Performance EDGE is our sleep science-based training solution designed to reduce optimizing for the most vital component of human performance – SLEEP.workforce fatigue at its source, and proactively prevent burnout by first

Help your people sleep better with Performance EDGE

Sleep is often a critically overlooked factor in employee performance.

Performance EDGE is a ground-breaking training solution designed to address the issue of sleep and fatigue for all levels of a corporation or organization’s workforce regardless of the hours they work.

With an objective and validated personal fatigue management system including sleep education, your workforce will get trained to optimize their lifestyle for sleep quality, quantity and consistency to support sustainable health and productivity.

Empower your workers to understand their own fatigue and sustain positive habits based on real data and training.

At the end of this Training, participants will have learned the following:


Delivered on-site or by webinar with a live trainer.


Prior to the workshop based on F/S Assessment.


Fatigue Science Readiband™ for 90 days or 1 yr.


Printed or digital workbook to accompany.


Daily / monthly summaries to highlight your goals and progress.


Get your questions answered by experts 24/7 online.

Sleep Performance Training is proven to help elevate performance, increase productivity, and drive engagement through sustainable sleep improvement – so individuals, teams, and organizations can perform at high levels without burning out.


Prior to the workshop, Day 1 participants receive deployed bands, so they can start to benchmark on their daily fatigue based on their effectiveness score. They also receive a detailed summary prior to provide focus heading into the workshop.

Workbook / Guide

When it comes to lifestyle, sleep is often an afterthought, following nutrition and exercise; when the truth is, it’s the foundation of your lifestyle and your performance.

The Performance Edge starts with sleep performance, and few of us have had any training other than “get your 8 hours of sleep,” but unfortunately, we’re just not getting it. This guide will change that. As participants go through the workshop. They will have a guide to follow along with the presentation in a captivating way. This guide will also serve as a reference throughout the course period, and beyond. 

It answers: What is fatigue, what is its impact; and how do you improve sleep quantity, quality, and consistency by optimizing the way you live?

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