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Breakthroughs Require Breakthrough Energy

A healthy high-performance lifestyle is based on living your true potential, which is what you really are (energy) at the most fundamental level before who and how you think you are (psychology), and then regularly and systematically making sure you recharge and restore your source energy so that you can function and perform well.

The dissipation of your life force energy, the source energy powering your body/brain through over-exertion and coping with unhealthy attempts at high performance, leaves people (particularly high achievers) constantly tired, sometimes exhausted, and eventually chronically fatigued. And there is nothing you can do to override this condition that will work, work for long, or at all until you address your life force energy through regeneration habits.

These habits are your foundation, and Regenerating, Your Life Force Energy, is the crux of a high-performance lifestyle.

We talk about the 5 Core Lifestyle Strategies that thriving high achievers know and live by to free their energy from the constraints and consequences of the unessential demands and drains on their energy. 

  1. They Take Total Ownership of their situation to resolve anything in their life that is consuming energy unnecessarily, including letting go of it.

    This frees up an enormous amount of energy and enables you to evolve and achieve at a much higher level.
  1. They get grounded in their true potential, what they really are, before who they think they are or how they think they should be.

    And that is a pure intelligent energy you are conscious of and the essence of the spirit-driven life.

    In a high-performance lifestyle, you depend on that because you can’t have your psychology and memories getting in the way of flowing into new possibilities. You don’t lose any of that, though you aren’t grounded or defined by it either. 

    Many would call this the zone and flow, but when most people talk about those terms, which are excellent, they are often still firmly rooted in their psychology the other 90% of the time, which is not where the zone and flow emanate from.

    So, if you want to perform better, take a step back and get grounded in what’s primary in your life, the indwelling intelligent energy that flows in, through, and as us, and get into the right relationship with your brain so that you are using your head and your head (brain) is not using you.

  1. They master the Performance Energy Blueprint and regularly and systematically recharge, restore, and manage their energy (each builds on the previous).

    They are clear on the principles and practices at each phase.

    They then master the 12 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Know to Live Your Life Like a Pro, which we refer to as Performance Lifestyle®. See below. 

  1. They manage their 24 cycles to ensure High-Performance hours (with some peak hours), Buffer and regeneration hours, a 3-part cycle of which you need all three for any, one to be experienced fully.

    In other words, you can’t go from high performance, let alone peak performance, to regeneration (sleep, for instance) without a buffer period in between, and vice versa, for the most part.

    That’s why most heart attacks happen on Monday AM as people go from 0-60. So, we must respect these cycles and go through them daily for high performance.

  2. They invest in Performance Lifestyle® Training, Coaching, and Support, which starts with implementing the Performance Energy Blueprint in full—mindset and skillset— so that you can achieve even your most ambitious goals “by living” in energy balance at the very least, for vibrant health and peace of mind and achieve breakthroughs because you know how to create breakthrough energy surges. 

    It starts with learning how to Regenerate Your Life Force Energy and then learning performance lifestyle habits.

    Get the recharge, restore, regenerate and manage principles of energy down, and working together. You will have the breakthrough energy you need to perform better than ever and achieve a much higher level with your health and well-being intact.

Click this link, and you can hear a presentation on these strategies.  If you’d like to schedule a meeting with Lifestyle Coach JAM to discuss your performance lifestyle strategy, please schedule a time with us here.  

If you want to achieve your ambitious goals in the year ahead, get to the core of what distracts and holds you back more than anything else. Which, for most people, is at least low-grade biological fatigue.

Learn how to get very proactive about managing your energy, and then learn how to do it like a pro with the 12 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Know to Live Your Life, Like a Pro©; you can learn more about a performance lifestyle® here.

Ultimately a high-performance lifestyle is when the structure of your life, your lifestyle (all aspects), and your goals are in complete alignment.

If you want help implementing any one aspect or all of this, you can reach us at, which is the home base for everything I do. We can meet with you and help you map your step-by-step strategy. You can schedule with Lifestyle Coach JAM here.

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