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When the World is Switching Off

With the World Switching to Off Due to Coronavirus, Here Are 7 Proactive Tips Within Your Control, Part 1

Normally, and for the most part, when I write a blog post helping to solve a problem, I am on the other side of the problem; meaning, I have already solved that problem for myself and others, and now I’m sharing the solution.

In the case of the world switching off to a noticeable and measurable degree due to coronavirus, I and those in our community who are listening and taking action, may, in fact, be on the other side of this problem. I say “may,” as many are not, in that, they are or are not yet taking steps daily to build immunity, through regular and naturally routined lifestyle practices that regenerate energy, health, and performance; with emphasis on the steps that I will outline below. I’m talking about steps within your control that are powerful and recommended even when there is no coronavirus to contend with. 

The problem we are all contending with, which none of us is on the other side of yet, is the virus’s impact on our society.  According to Joel Fuhrman MD, “this could linger around for up to a year or more” with a negative health impact; that is, the dis-ease called Covid 19, caused by Coronavirus. The effect on people, businesses, and markets; the whole economy, as schools, businesses, events, etc, are all canceling; is one big domino effect. 

So, what do you do to stay energetic, healthy and fully functioning with a strong immune system to fight disease; so that you can fully respond to the challenges ahead? (And there will be challenges ahead as our economy takes a hit.) 

Well, I don’t promote or deliver magic. I live in the real world and I’ve learned not to be at odds with reality because, I, like you (to borrow from the witty wisdom of the work of Byron Katie); when I do, I “lose, but only 100% of the time.” 

So, as the Stoics are known for, you can only respond to what you can control and or influence; the rest, you just have to roll with. So what do you always have a great measure of control over? Your lifestyle. That’s what. Literally, your style of living and in particular, alignment with the fundamentals of healthy and successful living, that we refer to as The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance©.” These are the fundamentals of optimal living that fulfill the promises in most marketing. 

While others (most) will respond to stress in ways that create more stress, you need to do the opposite; respond to stress in ways that make you stronger. We teach these fundamentals, in my year-round PL365 training, our coaching and at our RegenUs Centers. 

So the question becomes what can you control that will keep you strong, disease-free and fully capable to meet the challenges ahead? 

    1. Viruses don’t thrive in hot, cold, red light and PEMF environments. Proactive Tips Within Your Control — Even with The World Switching Off Over CoronavirusBy John Allen Mollenhauer CPLC.
      1. Right now, immunity is the name of the game, so build it up!

      This past Saturday night, my team and I held the Grand Opening of RegenUs Center in Florham Park NJ. Only forty-five people out of 145 that signed up, showed up. This was about 1/3 of what was expected.

      Had the event been planned for this week, it wouldn’t have happened at all. We would have had to call it off because of curfews, social distancing and not being able to congregate in groups larger than 10 people.

      So, you may be wondering why we continued to hold our event in the face of all that was, and is still, happening.

      When we met to discuss whether to cancel the event or not we asked renowned nutrition and natural healing-based physician, DrFuhrman, who was the Guest Speaker for the event, what he thought.

      While Joel Fuhrman, MD. said he was concerned about the coronavirus, he was more concerned about how people were dealing with it, and people building up their immunity via nutrient-rich diets, which provide adequate amounts of micronutrients, and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and plant-only derived phytochemicals that protect your cells and build immunity.

      With Dr. Fuhrman’s words in mind, we felt it was essential to get this message out to the public and at this time. Therefore, while the attendees were able to learn about this nutrient-rich style of eating in person from Joel Fuhrman, MD, we also taped his talk and live-streamed it for the public to hear.

      So, now you know — that’s why we held the event during this pandemic.

      If you missed the event, you are in luck because, in this video, Dr. Fuhrman provides a revealing expose on the Coronavirus and what it takes to build super immunity from a nutritional perspective. Super immunity can help stave off viruses or at least lessen the severity or duration of these types of illnesses.


      1. Don’t retreat and stock up on nutrient-poor foods.

      I had “almost” no problem stocking up on healthy food over the past couple of days, while most people were stocking up on toilet paper and complaining about empty food store shelves. This is because the super healthy stuff, beyond chicken, steak, chips, and eggs, was still on the shelves! I watched in amazement as people in droves pushed overloaded carts of nutrient-poor and nutrient-barren foodstuffs as if their lives depended on these foods.

      I thought to myself, “Ironically, those full shopping carts will do nothing but further compromise those peoples’ immunities, all while they are “social distancing” and diligently washing their hands. You see, eating a healthy nutrient-rich diet is at least equally important and should be paired with these other states- and federally mandated health practices. It’s our secret weapon (and now yours) — yet none of our fearless leaders are even mentioning it!

      While the curfews kick in and you are “off” from work and countless other commitments, which might, in some subtle ways, be welcomed, don’t turn this period of time into a food fest at home. Rather, this is the time to get ahead of the game by leveraging the broader recovery. Now is the time to get better, stronger and to ready yourself for a very different world as all of this shakes out.

      During tough times, people need to get back to basics because it’s only when you are aligned with the fundamentals of healthy and successful living, that everything can function correctly, and you can perform “well.”

      In this case, you should stick with eating whole, plant-based, nutrient-rich foods. Your diet is not nutrient-rich if you are eating nutrient-poor foods more than 10% of the time. You want to be eating up to 90% or more of whole, plant-based, nutrient-rich foods. To learn more about this eating style, I urge you to read Dr. Fuhrman’s best-selling books, “Eat for Life,” and “Super Immunity.”


      1. If you are home, now’s a great time to catch up on sleep, rest, recovery, relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation.


      You are worried — all of our brains are on high alert. But while eating like a pro to build up your immune system is very important; one thing is even more important. It is managing your energy like a pro — starting with having a more stoic approach to life as we know it right now. This requires spending some time being calm and catching up on sleep.

      At my RegenUs Center, I see people daily who come in thinking that proactive recovery technologies, like infrared Sauna…, will make up for having gotten only 4 hours of sleep, living in constant fight or flight, and an all-out assault on circumstances that are outside of their control. Noble, yes, but effective? No!

      Right now, and always, you must keep your personal power levels up as high as possible. To do so, you need to sleep, rest and to recover proactively during the busy periods of your day. You can’t just do so at the end of the day when you are tired and exhausted.

      Case in point, as we were preparing for our Grand Opening, we had more to accomplish in a given period of time than we had time for, which, for a period of one month, really put us under excess stress.

      What enabled us to get through was proactive recovery and the fact that we were getting about 7-9 hours of actual sleep per night (not total time in bed). But nonetheless, we still spent more energy than we recovered during that time. Like any major effort, outside the norm; after you are complete you will feel somewhat run down, so we needed to take a number of days off following the event just to get back into energy balance.
      This is that time!

      And, while it’s true you can’t really catch up on lost sleep, no more than you can make up for lost money — you can actually get more sleep, rest and recovery, and your future will be better in the same you way that you can earn more money and life gets better. 

      Get as much sleep, rest, and recovery as you need, especially, during this difficult time. While it may sound easy to do these things — to do them right is an art that can be learned as you learn how to manage your energy like a pro. Ask us how!

      For now, keep these two thoughts in mind:

      1. Sleep is not about sleep; it’s about what happens in your body during your sleep periods that make your waking hours possible and sustainable.
      2. Sleep does not exist in a vacuum. It connected to the rest of your 24-hour, 7-day, 365-life, so you need to optimize other aspects of your lifestyle if you want to optimize your sleep.


      1. Source energy at the highest levels.

      Energy does not come from food alone, and neither does immunity. Rather, our immune system, just like everything else, is powered by voltage from electrons, sunlight, and the interactions with air, water, and food. In fact, it probably happens in that order because without sunlight there is no air. Now you should be able to understand how essential it is for you to stay connected to the elements. Right now, you have the time to be mindful and enjoy the elements on purpose!

      Go for a walk, or just sit outside for ten minutes basking in the sunlight, without sunblock, so your body can actually absorb what is way more than a source of natural vitamin D alone. Meditate, so can maintain that stoic calm, do some deep breathing (through your nose). Perhaps you can take a brisk walk, bike ride or a short jog, just to receive the benefits of the natural elements—your energy depends on it.

      Don’t just retreat right now because you want to stay safe inside. Nature needs you in it to be strong, and you need nature — so go outside and enjoy the cold, the heat, the sun, the air and being in touch with the earth.

      If you are calling me a “tree-hugger” right now, just keep that up. Soon, you’ll be hugging trees too when you have depleted yourself from unnecessary stress caused by things outside of your control.

      I’m a performance lifestyle guy who knows when to hug the trees because that’s how you speed up recovery.

      If spending time outside due to allergies or the intensity of the elements makes is not possible for you, come to a place like RegenUs Center or another type of recovery center (see the Chamber Directory) because, PEMF, Red Light therapy, air, heat, and cold therapies, not only prompt the cells to recharge but if done regularly and systematically, you will restore your bodies’ “batteries” back to high levels.

      And yes, your body is a battery. When your body/battery is at high levels, the body’s immune system, which is powered by increased energy and restored energy reserves, can heal faster and ward against foreign viruses. In effect, you build super immunity.

      If you combine proactive recovery with nutrient-rich nutrition and spending active time in nature wherever you can fit it in, you will be getting stronger during a time when most people are feeling weaker!

      Right now, Morris County Chamber’s own Health and Wellness Committee, which may soon become a centerpiece of your life, is working to help Morris Country Thrive. It is doing so by helping people optimize their lifestyles for healthy performance.

      As a group, we provide a host of opportunities to learn, participate and build these lifestyle fundamentals into the way you live, including the way you work…

      Stay tuned for more information on that.


      1. Embrace fatigue and you will become more energetic.

      What? You are probably thinking, “Shouldn’t I just cover up my fatigue by staying stimulated—drinking a lot of coffee, and eating, exercising, and working hard?”

      Sure, there is a place and time when covering up fatigue makes sense, and that’s usually in emergency situations. However, the key phrase here is “cover-up.” You can never really cover-up fatigue, and you do so at your own future peril.

      Instead, you must face fatigue; regularly and routinely; feel it and let your body regenerate and recover. Notice I didn’t say recover “from it” because fatigue is what the regenerative process feels like. If you misinterpret fatigue, you will inevitably cut your recovery short and will rarely ever feel fully rejuvenated. By giving into fatigue, I mean you should know your body. If you feel fatigued, it’s time to stop, slow, and resource yourself. Once you do, you will feel recharged and ready to take on the day…

      If fatigue is constant, it means you are under chronic stress, which needs to change. Especially now, when you are trying to maintain high levels of energy and immunity in a world full of the coronavirus. This is that time!

      And while that’s a far bigger subject, as most of these subjects are, than I can cover in this article; energy conservation will increase the feeling of fatigue. But the reality is that once you start spending your energy again, after a period of time you will be stronger, as long as you are practicing the steps above.

      1. Viruses don’t thrive in hot, cold, red light and PEMF environments.

      Bryan Meyers, the author of the book, PEMF, the fifth element of health, is way out in front of this Coronavirus. I have studied Meyer’s work for a while, and know of consensus across the board, which is this: to be safe in the face of flu-inducing viruses, build your immunity and do not compromise it in any way.

      That’s not a bad general philosophy for life!

      So, when I’m working with people at my Center, using proactive recovery technologies including PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) where you sit in a chair next to a plasma, frequency generator that mimics the outside world; or engages in therapeutic doses of red and near-infrared light; or 100-140% oxygen in a hyperbaric oxygen tank; or in the heat of an infrared sauna, it is important to know that viruses don’t thrive or survive in these types environments.

      These devices accelerate recovery and enhance energy and tissue regeneration, which ultimately builds up your immune system, making a recovery center one of the safest places around to be at assuming you are not around a lot of people and are able to be one to one with modality.

      Of course, you must also be maintaining your hygiene at the highest levels possible since sometimes the simplest consensus level stuff is our best defense. We are doing so at the highest levels possible at our center.


      1. Control what you can control or influence, don’t worry about the rest.

      I too am a concerned small business owner and family man. I am worried about how things are going to pan out with the Coronavirus.

      But I can’t control that outcome right now. However, you and I can choose to control how we can make the most of this time period

      The curse of the capable person is to get caught up and lost in a story that is not supportive of what you want. This is not a time to retreat. This is a time to respond! So, ask the right questions to get the answers that you need.

      When the world is switching to off, due to coronavirus, you have to make sure you are preparing to turn your immune system on brightly. You need to be paired with proactive recovery and a nutrient-rich diet, as part of a mindset and lifestyle skillset for managing your energy like a pro, so you can fully function and engage in the world.

      Lastly, keep your focus on what you are up to. Listen to your higher power, ask for guidance, and act accordingly. Without that, you are all alone, and on your own and it doesn’t need to be that way.

      John Allen Mollenhauer, CPLC, is a leading performance lifestyle author and coach. Known professionally as John Allen or by his initials, “JAM,” he is a former worn-down entrepreneur turned lifestyle entrepreneur, who teaches people how to manage their energy like a pro and become fully capable of achieving even their most ambitious goals, while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind, in what’s becoming known as a High-Performance Lifestyle®. Learn More >


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