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Blog 15 Oct

Why I started Regenus Centers?

At the end of 2017 after years of periodic and accelerating back pain, and recovery from an accident in 2015, I decided to add to my life’s mission of helping driven achiever-types (working parents, entrepreneurs and small business owners, executives and managers…) learn how to live in balance, with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even their most ambitious goals, by also helping people recover from the excess stress of the past.

You may know that I am a leading advocate for the integrated lifestyle approach to goal achievement, called Performance Lifestyle® that supports you and what you are up to in the world, so people don’t have to burn out or trade their health for success anymore.

I have been ushering in that approach not only for myself but for the countless others who suffer from tiredness, fatigue, back and other chronic pains that sidetrack their life, lead to poor lifestyle habits and never fully resolve until you resolve them.

Based on years of prior experience, both great, and ugly during those times when I’ve suffered the same; I became the founder and head trainer at Performance Lifestyle Inc., a company I founded to deal with this problem as the primary reason why even the highest achieving people get stuck in ruts.

I already knew the solution, which required that we get free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold people back from living at their full potential, wasn’t one answer or modality, tactic or habit; and that it takes the unleashing of the full potential of your lifestyle to look, feel and perform well in life.

But there was something bothering me, literally and figuratively. When you are in a position of suffering from the excess stress of the past, as I was in 2015-2017, that alone can put the kibosh on the future you know is in there, but you just don’t have the juice to materialize. And neither therapeutic solutions or addressing just one aspect of your lifestyle the same is a complete solution. They may dramatically help, but alone they are not the solution, just a pivotal part of it.

So, after years of searching and testing, and the inspiration from that previously mentioned rut I was in; I concluded that it wasn’t enough to do kinetic therapies alone, such as effective chiropractic, therapeutic massage or bodywork techniques, all of which are solid therapies, but alone never fully resolved my pain.

I also concluded that to really inspire sustained lifestyle transformation and improvement, in myself and others, people need a real boost; and not from caffeine or stimulants. Rather, from a genuine approach to regenerating one’s energy, freedom and outlook.

Behind the scenes, in my own life, there was a cycle of excess stress, and lack of enough recovery due to a seemingly relentless demand on my time as a family man, entrepreneur, author and weekend warrior, and compounding effects that would consistently result in back pain yet again; only each time, it was getting progressively worse. Sure, I was living better than ever and continuing to get better at that, but I was getting older too. So maybe it was inevitable?

No, there is no rule in the book that says, ‘as you get older you need to be degenerating and falling apart.’

The world is full of people who get better with age, even though that is more challenging than ever in today’s performance culture that can easily wear you out; so, I had to go deeper and get the whole solution in place.

Having studied the regeneration of human energy as the crux of any successful approach to living; I am no stronger to performance living. But one thing was always eluding me; while I have been living ever better year over year, it felt like I was never able to recover long enough to resolve the excess stress and the damage it caused from the past.

So as part of the rise of a new lifestyle, I finally came to terms, that to really heal from chronic pain resulting from the excess stress of the past (including injury), there needed to be what I began referring to as a “regeneration transformation” — a time period where performance recovery becomes a priority, not accumulating more compounded stress, so the body can both regenerate at the cellular and tissue level combined with bodywork and lifestyle re-training for sustained positive results.

The primary challenge to doing this IS TIME, hence the reason I was always so challenged by it. But now with the rise of regeneration technologies like red and near-infrared laser, whole body light therapy (Photobiomodulation) and IR sauna, along with Cryotherapy, compression therapy and other technologies that can speed up natural regenerative processes, all that could change.

Thus, Regenus Center™ powered by Performance Lifestyle® was born with the intention to provide easy access to the best, clinically proven, non-invasive and non-addictive, pain-free recovery services (previously only available at NASA or in elite athletics, at an affordable price, to everyday driven people (parents, professionals…).

Once I had a taste of what these technologies could do for me, the right technologies applied in the right way, as part of a whole, balanced and healthy approach to performing well and achieving one’s goals, I knew I had to share them.

Regenus Centers are now an emerging leader in performance recovery for every- day people who suffer from mild to excess stress, fatigue, and the aches and pains that result; those who want to leave all that in past and start living a performance lifestyle they can call their own.

We are based in the North East region and we’ll grow from there.

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