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What is Your Full Potential?

What is Your Full Potential? Do you Live it, Unleash it, or Achieve it? 

Most would say your full potential is the full expression of your talents and gifts, making the most of them, achieving your goals, and fulfilling your dreams. 

This phrase represents an amalgamation of several potential definitions no matter who you talk to. But one thing is most assuredly accurate; look up “achieving” or “unleashing” your full potential, and the focus will be on you, personally and psychologically, and the professional development to improve in what you are up to in the world, which is your goals; but won’t reveal what your full potential is. 

If you stop and analyze that statement, it’s pretty chock full, and you would benefit significantly from its unpacking, but none of that matters unless you know what your full potential actually is. 

Despite countless gurus talking about “unleashing” or “achieving,” the primary definition associated with your full potential is “living” it. Unleashing and achieving are secondary and tertiary definitions after living your full potential.

But even before living it, there is one more concept you need to know. You’ve got to unlock it! 

So let’s define these terms in their inverse order.

# 3. Achieving your full potential is fulfilling your highest aspiration.

Some examples of what helps you fulfill your highest aspiration:  

  •  Develop a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. 
  •  Combine reflection and action to build momentum. 
  •  Focus on the big picture. 
  •  Time management.
  •  Develop goals. 
  •  Big Dreams and take small steps to fulfill your potential.
  •  Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  •  Practice discipline.
  •  And so forth…

As you can see, it’s very personal or professional development focused, which is great and needed to “achieve” your full potential. Still, there are other aspects you also need to emphasize that make achieving possible.

# 2. Unleashing your full potential is releasing yourself from what is holding you back from the life you want and helping set yourself up for success – whatever that might be for you.

Here the emphasis is on lifestyle and how you achieve your goals.

Here are some examples of hidden lifestyle challenges: 

  • Lack of clarity on what you are up to.
  • Overwhelm,
  • Conflicting intentions
  • Undernourished body
  • Lack of endurance
  • Pessimistic thinking or learned helplessness.
  • Not enough support
  • Inefficiency
  • not enough energy or fatigue

and so forth.

Unleashing your full potential means “taking the leash off” to express your full potential, and it’s essential. To take the leash off, you resolve the hidden lifestyle challenge itself through a new lifestyle skill. We do a lot of this in our training because, as a performance lifestyle coach, I am mainly helping you get free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold you back. 

But one of those distractions, and the primary one, is not being able to operate at total capacity because you are not fully recharged and restored.  

And that is what points to the primary definition of your full potential.  

#1 Living your full potential is about living fully charged up and restored from the energy which we experience as “spirit.” 

Your full potential is the amount of life force (battery charge) you’ve got to work with and apply effectively towards what you are up to. It’s operating with a body full of potential energy. It’s partly why your spirits are high when you are fully charged, and our spirits are low when our energy is low. We experience energy in the body as spirit, and you live from spirit when you live from what you are. 

Notice the above quote says the amount of life force you’ve got, which means how much (energy/spirit) you’ve got first, and before it’s effectively applied ref, (mindset, psychology, strategy, timing, field, etc.) in the world.

When you are rife with energy, notice how well you can stay grounded in spirit, with a clear mind (the opposite of “brain fog”), and live from a state of flow, in the zone, with Grace, etc.
When you are depleted, you will almost always go into your head, relying on stories, and defenses, get caught up in bad thinking, depression, etc.

The simple depiction of this is the battery symbol we use in the “that was then, and this is now” pictures we use on our home page. 

That was then and this is now with lifestyle coach JAM

“That was then” is a picture of a person operating without the charge and restoration they need to be healthy, fully functioning, and performing well.  “This is now” is a picture of a person operating with the charge and restoration they need to be healthy, fully functioning, and performing well. 

I include “spirit” in the definition above because life force “energy” and spirit are two sides of the same coin. When you realize that the intelligent energy creating the Universe is coursing through you (as you), you will experience your life force energy as spirit.

That’s why you would be very wise to make sure that you manage your energy like a pro, starting with understanding your bioenergetics.  

Unlocking Your True Potential and You Can Live, Unleash and Achieve It.

Here at Lifestyle Coach JAM, we don’t start with living, unleashing, and achieving your full potential; we start with unlocking your potential and helping you understand what it is and how it works. Unlocking it? C’mon, JAM, another term? Yes, another term.

Unlocking answers the question of what your potential is at the most fundamental level, which, if at full capacity and lived as what’s primary in your life (full potential), combined with the lifestyle skills that enable you to unleash it and leash it at will, will enable you to achieve your full potential.

Of course, achieving your full potential, which is where all of this started, also requires you to understand the external world and the opportunities and execute wisely, and that’s why personal and professional development based on a high-performance lifestyle makes you a force to be reckoned with.

But first and foremost, my goal as a High-Performance Lifestyle Coach is to help you understand your potential, which starts with energy and how to manage it like a pro.

Bringing it all together.
  1. Unlocking your true potential is about discovering what you are, your energy, and how it operates in your life such that it becomes primary for you before who and how you are in the world. 
  2. Once you know what you are, “living” that, at its full potential, is next, ensuring you take care of what’s primary in your life. a. energy, and b. spirit. 
  3. Next, you want to unleash your full potential, and you do that by practicing next-level or second-tier living principles and practices or what we call a healthy performance lifestyle. 
  4. A healthy, performance lifestyle enables you to unleash your full potential and inspires lots of personal and professional development. When combined with industry-specific methods, you can achieve SMART or “SMARTER” (acronym) goals, as they are called. 
  5. But it doesn’t stop there; own your alignment between your life structure, lifestyle, and goals, and you will start living a healthy, high-performance lifestyle! All in total, you are unstoppable. It should not be a surprise to you that these map perfectly to The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance©


As “client zero,” entrepreneur John Allen Mollenhauer, known as John Allen or Lifestyle Coach “JAM,” was desperate to figure out how to achieve his ambitious goals without burning out, wearing out, and trading his health for success despite being proficient in nutrition and fitness. As a result, over 20 years, he learned how to manage his energy and made the most significant lifestyle change one can make. Step by step, JAM produced the never-before-assembled formulas for living a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle. Today, he’s still an in-the-game lifestyle entrepreneur and a pioneering Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

Lifestyle Coach JAM delivers powerful free resources that will inspire you to get on the path to upgrading your lifestyle. Download: Rise of the New Healthy—Are You Ready to Achieve Even Your Most Ambitious Goals
While Living in Balance with Vibrant Health and Peace of Mind? Develop a High-Performance Lifestyle; You Can Call Your Own.



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